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A few days ago, I finished Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.
What can I say... I never had so much fun with a shooter!
The basic structure is precisely the same found in the First Encounter: the game is an arcade shooter with maps mostly composed by sequences of small rooms and giant arenas, every single one of which presents a new and different challenge, hundreds of crazy enemies that relentlessly aim to your death and large number varied, always useful and powerful weapons (with a few great addtitions, like the flamethrower and the sniper rifle). No cover, all man! It might seem repetitive, but the gameplay never gets stale, and you could continue for hours and hours without feeling bored. When I saw the ending credits, I was already starving for more! Moreover, in single player the combat is surprisingly tactical, forcing the player to find an optimal solution for every problem: nobody can save-scum their way trough, and a mindless "run'n'gun" tactic will be often proven useless.
Croteam really surprised me with the variety of the environments: the game is set in three widely different areas (an unspecified part of the Aztech Empire, Babylon and medieval Poland – a nice change of pace from the beautiful but overused ancient Egypt), each divided in several enormous levels (5-5-3) full of hilarious secrets and unexpected peculiarities.
Among those, I can mention a few just to give you an idea of what you could be up to: a "bouncing alphabeth room" where ignorance is punished with death, a tube-shaped corridor where you can move like a spider, an aztech chamber full of traps like in Indiana Jones, the "Secret Rocket Festival", Santa's rescue immediaely followed by hordes of suicide bombers with cannons while THIS MUSIC plays in the background, the Lumberjack Song, the world of inverted proportions, the revenge of Binky's Brothers (the one who "oh my God you killed" in the first game), auto-phone calls from the past and dozens more!
I wholeheartedly recommend SS:TSE to everyone, especially to the FPS fans – it is probably the funniest videogame I had the pleasure to play until now, and a true shooting masterpiece. Everything it does, it does with charisma, design brilliance, humor and a kind of well-balanced challenge that respects the player. A true must-buy: you WILL be satisfied, trust me!
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Games finished:

- one campaign of Age of Empires 2 (classic)
- xcom: enemy uknown for the 13th time (xenonauts, here I come!)
- machinarium for the 2nd time (
- borderlands 2 (mindless shooting mayhem!)
- chronicles of riddick (good & bad at the same time, but mostly good and quite enjoyable)

Currently playing:

- Nexus: The Jupiter Incident (great game!)
- Carmageddon 2 (nostalgia)

Next in line:

- alpha centauri, master of orion, galciv

...and when the winter comes, it will be crpg-fest (icewind dale, baldur's gate, nwn, original sin, drakensang, fallout etc)
12/7/2014 Magicians and Looters: After a long time, I did sit down and finish another game this year. Fun metroidvania, took me about 9 hours to be "Done with this game". A few achievements missing, as well as the speed run achievement, not sure if I'll go back to it or not.
Now to continue with Xenonauts.

Full list here
Shadow Warrior 2013...sort of.

This game was fun but to damn long. The bosses(?) were a little stupid but not too bad. I got to chapter 12 and was ready to get this over with. I looked for some console commands and saw that the devs disabled them because of the leader boards that no one cares about. (Reminds me of achievements.) I just uninstalled it. I have a backlog to get through and won't suffer through any more of this game than I have to.
JustSayin: Shadow Warrior 2013...sort of.

This game was fun but to damn long. The bosses(?) were a little stupid but not too bad. I got to chapter 12 and was ready to get this over with. I looked for some console commands and saw that the devs disabled them because of the leader boards that no one cares about. (Reminds me of achievements.) I just uninstalled it. I have a backlog to get through and won't suffer through any more of this game than I have to.
Psst...I believe you're looking for this thread over here.
Thief 2 (13th July 9:20am)

Aghrffruybfeo My god the end of the game is hard. Lets pass this bright room filled with robots and humans. If I had 100s of water arrows it would of been easy. Start of the game was fun but later on you can see that Looking glass was under pressure to get it released (empty rooms and untested levels). Some of the AI is off, they can't see things is the light. I also hated those giant robots.

Fun little turn based RPG, but rather short an basic - there's not really very much to it. I guess that explains why the dev didn't bother putting it on Desura or Greenlight.
The Wolf Among Us

I wouldn't call it a game. It's more a "game-ified" animated comic-book. Compared to The Walking Dead, I felt less implicated in the story. But I must admit it was technically more polished than the TWD. I know what I wrote can seem negative. But I really enjoyed TWAU. It's just that those looking for a game might be disappointed.

So far in 2014:
Games can be finished?!? J/K

Seriously, I just finished a trip through Baldurs Gate from 1 to Throne of Baahl. It only took about a decade.
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Just won Teslagrad with all the cards. Awesome game is awesome.
Borderlands 1

A pretty first person shooter with some personality but crappy level design, redundant enemies, and stupid excuses to revisit the same areas again and again artificially padding the game with fluff. The initial segments and the conclusion are pulsepounding and fun but it gets really dull in the middle. Many of the boss fights feel overly easy with foes that feel devoid of personality. Vehicle use is a nice twist but so much of Borderlands is same level backgrounds/style again and again. Despite seeing how flawed Borderlands is, I still had a blast - too bad GameSpy is down. Played as Hunter class, going to take a break then tackle some of the DLC or the sequel.
mitsurugi kamui hikae
with everything unlocked

fairly short game
I haven't played a lot of "Winnable" games this year. I mean, I won the War of the Ring for the Good side in The Last Days of the Third Age of Middle-Earth mod for Warband, but that's not really the same as beating a game.

I did replay Icewind Dale 2 earlier this year, that was great fun with an all-Dwarf party going through the game. Most people here are familiar with that title and how much fun it can be, even if it pales in comparison to the first one, imho. I always liked that it tries to continue the story from the first game and is set in a better-known time period of Forgotten Realms.

I also took a game that was sitting in my steam backlog for about 3 years and finally played and beat it, Might and Magic:Dark Messiah. It definitely suffered from its time as there were many better rpgs that came out around the same time but the combat system was attempting to be something other than standard point-and-click which I appreciate. The story and characters were absolutely nothing special, stock-fantasy tropes except for the orcs which are treated not as "Evil big bads" but as a more neutral species here. In the larger MM universe your character is


[spoiler] The son of Khal-Beleth and Isabel, last seen in MM:5. [/spoiler
There are choices along the way and while they do impact the ending it never drew me in that much.
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After 15+ years, I finally finished Redneck Rampage.

The game starts out fun, but becomes tedious near the later levels. The 8 music tracks are cool, but obviously become repetitive as there are only 8 of them. There are also limited enemies which are all unveiled halfway through the game. The game seems to hold up graphically better than any other build engine game I've played.

It's kind of funny to play these old games that didn't have realistic physics, headshots don't' count for anything, and enemies can hit you with a shotgun blast from 50 yards away as if point blank.

But, the biggest problem with this game is that there are so many "how the hell?..." type puzzles. You'll flip a switch in one area to wander around everywhere trying to figure out what the hell it did.
Just finished Torchlight yesterday (finally!)

Drop the game from my playlist for, maybe around, 2 months because of that damn OP Dark Zealot's orbs attack. Turns out those broken stats are from runic last updates and the dev is too lazy to fix it with new patch, we must install some mods to do 'FIX' it. Yes I know we can install mod easily nowadays, but it's not quite fit with my principle to install mod before finished the game, so I just leave it for a moment.

Turns out my friend played in my computer with Destroyer char and got loots of unique items for Vanquisher (my char), so he gives it to me. Able to BLAST through all the dungeon with that new weapon! :D