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Just finished on the PC:
Tomb Raider (2013)

I finished the SP Campaign w/ 78% completion.

Added it to my list of finished games in 2013:
MysterD: I finished the SP Campaign w/ 78% completion.
The OCD in me wants to see 100% (both to appease the monster within and to enjoy more of the game)... but I'm finding most games have unattainable expectations for some of those feats. I wouldn't mind two or even 3 extra playthroughs... but some of the requirements would need dozens if not hundreds of extra replays and most likely surgery to complete.

any tips for a good therapist that can help me cope with 99% and below? :P
I finished Ittle Dew a week or so before it got released here. Still haven't found all of the cards and I just gave up on the shortcut puzzles due to the fact that they were too hard for me.
Medal of honour allied assault.

This game unfortuantly hasn't aged very well. Which is a shame because when it first came out I remember being amazed by the beach landing level and thinking the game was fantastic.

I think I was annoyed at it about as much as I enjoyed it. There are certain levels where enemy snipers will shoot you through trees or bushes that you can't see through as soon as you are in their visual range. They very fairly miss so there was alot of reloading and trying again until I actually managed to figure out where they were.

There are alot better world war 2 games out now like call of duty 2.
I just finished Sam And Max Season 2 episode Night of the Raving Dead.
Fallout 2
Took me about 40 hours, as I had to reload my save before jumping on the enclave oil rig because I didn't have high enough speech to convince Sgt. Granite to help me. And my leg was crippled so I couldn't exactly kill Horrigan alone. Pretty awesome game though.
Fallout 3
took me like 10 hours to complete, and I was taking my time. Pretty easy game, and I was disappointed that even if you become a super crime lord, you still have to help the BoS. So in Broken Steel I blew up the citadel. I wasn't too impressed with fallout 3, but I've ordered New Vegas and I hope its better.
Such a awesome game. I used Brutal Doom and worked my way through the episodes on Hard (I'm too much of a wimp for Nightmare)
Serious Sam 1
I love this game as well. The final boss was absolutely awesome. Thats what I love about serious sam. Billions of enemies and massive bosses.
This game is worth playing just for the carnival level in the first episode. Other than that, a pretty awesome game. I'll prefer doom over blood of course, but still pretty damn fun.
Pokemon Pearl
I love the pokemon games. Emerald will always be my favourite. (probably because its the first pokemon game I could ever call my own, passed down to me by my sister), but pearl was pretty good. the music was pretty epic as well. Just listen to the cyrus battle theme:[url=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0KfBXtFGYg[/url]
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darthvader39560: Fallout 3
took me like 10 hours to complete, and I was taking my time. Pretty easy game, and I was disappointed that even if you become a super crime lord, you still have to help the BoS. So in Broken Steel I blew up the citadel. I wasn't too impressed with fallout 3, but I've ordered New Vegas and I hope its better.
10 hours? It sounds like you skipped most of the game. My game came in at over 225 hours.
Finished Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC (PC).

Added it to my finished games list for 2013:
Fortune Summoners

I enjoyed this 2D ARPG, though not as much as Carpe Fulgur's other two games. Never did get the hang of the combat system - but then I've never been very good at fighting games.

DLC Quest w/ Live Freemium or Die DLC

Beat the original game last year, now beat it again on Steam for the Achievements, Cards and the new DLC. Still amusing, interesting that the DLC added some actual platforming elements.
Finished The Walking Dead: 400 Days yesterday. I only managed to play half of the game before going on vacation 2 weeks ago and it was not a very good thing as I did not remember clearly the characters of the misc sequences (which could have been useful for the final sequence). Otherwise, I did not see any impact from my decisions on season 1 in my playthrough. I enjoyed it and I'm curious to see how it fits between the two seasons.
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Divinity the whole set finished.
DD.. was good
BD.. that was no fun at all
D2..was good again, best of the bundle
Lets see what I can remember.

The Walking Dead (without 400 days)
DLC Quest
Fallout: New Vegas (4th time)
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Saints Row 3 (second time)

There might be more, but I have a memory like a sieve without a bottom.
Dota 2 (2013)

Not really a game that can be finished but I played it enough that it counts in my mind. It's a free to play game in which you get all the things you need from the start. No need to unlock characters, no pay to win bullshit. It's a fun game and can be quite addictive. The downside for me is that matches take too long to finish (around 30-55 minutes average) and it's eating your time. The worst thing is when halfway through the game some player leaves and it can truly ruing the match and that is really frustrating especially because you've invested time in that match.


full list here:
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Since my last update:

7-13 The Walking Dead: 400 Days
7-19 Jet Set Radio
7-20 Datura
7-21 Machinarium
7-26 Sound Shapes

I might add some thoughts later, but I feel like being lazy right now.

Full List
Costume Quest

updated my list
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