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Rodzaju: Well, you run an inn, so you've got time on your hands.
Either start a new game or take up basket weaving.....
tinyE: Actually we are getting 2 inches of snow an hour so I've got that to work on.

No, screw that. Maybe I'll start Gothic 2.
Gothic 2 is the logical next step.
I was wondering if you needed a change of pace, but I don't know what your options are....
tinyE: Actually we are getting 2 inches of snow an hour so I've got that to work on.

No, screw that. Maybe I'll start Gothic 2.
Rodzaju: Gothic 2 is the logical next step.
I was wondering if you needed a change of pace, but I don't know what your options are....
Yeah I do and I have plenty of options. Thanks for humoring me and my babbeling though. :D
12. Pokemon White 2 (main story)- DS: 3/19/2013 7/10- I beat this almost 2 years to the day that I beat the first White Version (3/24/2011). Been playing this one sporadically since Christmas & tbh it didn't do much to keep my attention for more than a day or two at a time.... which makes this a very difficult thing to talk about. On one hand, I got kind of bored of it pretty fast.... then on the other hand I DID come back to finish it (which is basically unheard of for me when it comes to JRPGs. Usually when I stop playing them for more than a few days... my playthrough is dead). As for the game itself... what can I say that you don't already know? Its basically the exact same game we have been playing since we were young, just with several new Pokemon (well... I don't think any were added in this version). Seriously... there are way to many of those fucking things to keep track of.

13. Tomb Raider- PS3; 3/20/2013 6.5/10- This game was not as great as some might lead you to believe. The story is just there (as opposed to the gripping narrative that reviews lead you to believe it is) & all of the side characters are just plain out boring (especially that annoying, horribly voiced black chick. Of all the people to die in the game, why couldn't she be one of them?)..... if I can't remember anybody's name after just beating the game YESTERDAY, then you know that the characters just weren't interesting enough. I was actually begging for this game to be over at the halfway mark because it felt like it lost its direction & was just doing a bunch of shit to extend the game time. The only cool thing in the later half of the game that I can recall is the game's (if I remember correctly) only boss fight. Taking that big SOB down was pretty damned satisfying. The gameplay itself is something along the lines of Uncharted (If you have heard it isn't as linear, like I had, then you have been lied to) with a mix of Arkham Asylum (the manner in which you receive upgrades) & Assassin's Creed (Puzzle based tombs... although they are nowhere near as complex & featuring a WALK *not run* through the caves to get to them that felt like it took forever to accomplish). The problem is that, in my opinion, it doesn't do anything nearly as well as the games that I mentioned. That is not saying the game isn't somewhat solid... because it is. It is just nowhere near as solid as I was hoping it would be.

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Finished Adam's Venture ep.2.
It's pretty much same as episode 1, continues exactly where the previous game ended. The game is considerably longer (around 3-4 hours to beat the game). There is even less "religious" things then in ep. 1, so I can't really say that this is "Christian" game. Puzzles are very easy and repeating as well. And worth to mention also that there is only one automatic save point (forgot to said this in ep. 1 review). So for me - 65/100.

And once again I have all Steam achievements, woohoo, I'm sooo good. :D
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Finished The Cave - Not the best, but it was above average. I thought the story was interesting, and I had fun solving the puzzles and learning about each of the characters in the game. I also liked that each character had there own unique level. However, there were also a lot of issues in the game that annoyed me. Here are the ones I remember:
- You can't use the d-pad to move. I hate using the analog stick for a platformer.
- Character movement felt off to me.
- Each of the characters has a different power, but you only need use it a couple of times.
- The game could have really used a button to summon all characters to your current location. It was painful to have to constantly move one character at a time to the location that you wanted.
- I also had some problems with my characters getting stuck in the floor.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I was just a little bit disappointed. Complete List for the year
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The Saboteur. Having played Mercs 2 I kind of new what to expect with this game and it didn't stray too far of those expectations. Glad to have seen the quicktime events got the boot though. Its a pretty good time waster/mindless run gun and blow everything up type game. Theres meant to be a stealth element to this but I'm impatient so rarely bothered with it.
Ralackk: The Saboteur. Having played Mercs 2 I kind of new what to expect with this game and it didn't stray too far of those expectations. Glad to have seen the quicktime events got the boot though. Its a pretty good time waster/mindless run gun and blow everything up type game. Theres meant to be a stealth element to this but I'm impatient so rarely bothered with it.
Did you play with ati-card? Or does that some mod do something.. I mean I've tried and I own it but in those fast driving moments, my road really disappears.. otherwise.. tits and nazis. =)
Antimateria: Did you play with ati-card? Or does that some mod do something.. I mean I've tried and I own it but in those fast driving moments, my road really disappears.. otherwise.. tits and nazis. =)
Nah it was an Nvidia card, the GTX 580 to be exact. I didn't experiance any graphical glitches playing through it. I did have 2 crash to desktops, one of which I was close to evading a level 5 alarm so that one annoyed me. I also had the map glitch that off sets the markers on the map fairly far to the right of where they actually should be, which seems to happen if you play over 720p resolution.
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-. Assassin's Creed 3: The Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal (100% Synch)- PS3; 3/22/2013 2/10 (If Free Roaming) 9/10 (Mission to Mission)- I had to give this 2 ratings because I felt that the story & missions themselves were just amazing (better than just about anything that happened in the Main game) & in fact reminded me largely of Assassin's Creed II (which is a very good thing). As far as the free roaming.... fucking hell is it tedious. It is just insane how many fights you get into... You can't take 10 fucking steps in this DLC without getting attacked by an entire army of enemies & then once they are disposed of, another 3-5 enemies shows up for no other reason than to piss you off. Your powers don't even help you... in fact they are damn near useless. The wolf move only sends out 3 wolves to kill 3 random enemies (yeah... you don't even get to choose, so it is just luck of the draw if it takes out a strong enemy... which there are far too many of BTW) & take around 2-3 minutes to recharge... in the meantime you still have to kill the other 15 or so guys (+ the ones that show up AFTER you kill those). Just tedious... & the wolf cloak doesn't even help you bypass the enemies. There are just so many of them everywhere you go that all you are doing is prolonging the inevitable (& making it harder on yourself when they do attack as you have no time to recharge your health). As far as combat, the eagle move is apparently designed for the masochistic fuck out there who feel there just isn't enough fighting already. All it is good for is if you want to start a fight by swooping down to instantly kill a guard & can't be used in battle itself . Its travel aspect is much more useful however as it allows you to quickly get from rooftop to rooftop (even those that would normally be out of range) & can somewhat help you avoid the seemingly endless fights.

My advice would be to those that want to play this would be to get the memory artifacts & then just fast travel to the missions. It will save you a lot of pain in the long run & will actually make this DLC extremely playable.

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just done aquaria
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs does, at first glance, look like an open world GTA clone, and while there are similarities between the two, the games have a very different feel to them.

Story & setting
In Sleeping Dogs you play as an undercover cop, who has to infiltrate the triads in Hong Kong. While the core story itself might be nothing to write home about, most of the characters, even the ones that you are supposed to dislike, feel like they have have reasons for what they do, things that motivates them on a personal level. This is in particular true for the first part of the game, where the story has a rather personal tone to it.
Sadly as the game's story expands, to cover events that does not just deal with the starting part of Hong Kong, the story goes downhill. Less time is spent on each character, which means that only a few are given enough screentime for proper character development. The later parts feel rushed, and not nearly as well thought out as the early parts.

There is also a dating part of the game. Something that very well could have been an interesting addition, the main character is after all an undercover cop in the triads, and letting the player try to deal with his personal life at the same time as he tries to take down the triads could well have been an interesting thing. Sadly, this feels incredibly underdeveloped, as each girl is given a single "quest" for you to do, and instead of having the characters connect on some personal level, you are given a reward in the form of map markers showing up for particular things (depending on the girl). And you'll have the option to "date" all of the girls, with no repercussions, in fact the game encourages it, and only once is it mentioned that one girl might not like it (but as you don't see her ever again, it does not matter anyway).

The city itself feels relatively large, and there are plenty of people out an about, which makes the city feel alive. Sadly, there are not enough for it to feel like it has the population of the actual real world city, but even a high end PC would probably have trouble with actually having so many NPCs.

The core gameplay is surprisingly solid in Sleeping Dogs, in particular the melee system. The main character has several different "moves" available, and more are unlocked as the game progresses. From simple punches & kicks, to throws, jump kicks and counters. And the combat flows really well, giving it a very good "feel". It really does feel like you are in almost complete control of the character.
The gunplay is considerably worse, but still not bad. It works, but many games have done it better in the past.
And even the driving controls work (much unlike how it is in Saint's Row 2, where driving in the unmodded game is painful).

There are several different ways for the main character to grow stronger. After each mission you are given two types of experience, one for the "cop" side and one for the "triad" side. These are not mutually exclusive, instead the potential "cop" experience starts maxed out at the start of each mission, and any bad thing you do will lower it (this includes stealing things, hurting or killing civilians or property damage). Triad experience is earned as you deal with enemies, and the better you do it, the more you get (a headshot is worth more than just killing the enemy by shooting it repeatedly in the foot). The cop experience encourages you to actually behave like a human being, and not just drive like an idiot, while the triad experience encourages good use of the combat system.

There are also collectibles in the form of jade statues & health shrines. The statues are used for learning new moves from a martial arts instructor, while the health shrines increases maximum health. Sadly these two (the shrines in particular) feel rather "gamey", and immersion breaking. Cruising around, looking for shrines to pray in front of in order to increase max health just does not feel right, and detracts from the overall experience. There are also other minor collectibles, but these feel more optional.

There are no shortage of sidequests either, both in the form of missions to help hte police and those that helps members that in some way are related to the triads, and the rewards for these is experience. Also, there are street races & fighting events, both of which feel appropriate in terms of how they are presented.

Even on my aging computer, the game ran just fine, and it still managed to look pretty good. There were a few bugs here and there, but I did not experience anything serious. The worst thing that happened was when a boat I was in suddenly sunk right at the start of a mission, which forced a reload (as I died due to this). But apart from some minor oddities, the bugs were relatively far between.
This is a console port, but it is a good one. The controls do feel rather "consoley", but they are not bad.

The DLC for this game deserves a special notice. There are plenty of it, and most of it does not really matter. Some add some new fighting styles, but as I don't own those, I can't comment on them, and some are just cosmetic. There are two pieces of free DLC as well, one of which adds high res textures, and the other give you some more hats.

Then there are the story content DLCs. These give you stories separate from the main game, but one of them is played during the course of the main campaign. The Zodiak tournament can be accessed at any point during the main campaign, but it is recommended that you do it late during it, due to the challenging combat. Nightmare in Northpoint give you a rather strange story about the walking dead that has an entirely different tone than the main game. Both of these are worth buying on a sale, but they are short. I can't comment on Year of the Snake, as I've not played it.

Be warned that there is actually some cheat DLC for this game, and unless you want to make the game easier, avoid these like the plague. These are not properly marked as cheat DLC though. The cheat DLC include: Top Dog Gold Pack, The Red Envelope Pack, The High Roller Pack & Top Dog Silver Pack. These mean that it might not be worth buying any complete DLC packs, as you really don't want to have them (Deus Ex HR had the same problem as the Tactical Enhancement Pack was a straight up cheat DLC, giving you a lot more money and two extra weapons)

Closing words
Overall Sleeping Dogs was a really good game. It lost some steam towards the later parts, but it still remained fun. It was also somewhat lengthy, at 23h (and I did not do everything). This game is strongly recommended for anyone who have even a slight interest in these types of games.
Splice. Well its taken me more months than I care to admit to finally complete this game. I ended up having to cheat and look up the solution I was stuck on, epilogue 4 strand 2 I think it was. Managed to finish the rest after that myself. Cool idea for a puzzle game and I enjoyed it.
Da New Guys (23rd march 7:13pm)

A great point and click game about wrestling. I love brain and simon together
Adam's Venture ep.3

Shorter then ep. 2, longer then ep. 1 (around 2-3h). Puzzles are harder then in previous games, much harder. :P, all are non-religious. And this one is the least religious (you can hardly say that this is "Christian" game). All the rest remain the same. Story is split in 2 parts - 1. is practically the sequel, 2. continues where ep. 2 ended. It's the best episode from all. For me - 75/100.
For complete series - 65/100. If you like puzzles, buy it from bundlestars, worth the price (well, I got if for free, but that's another story :P).

And as usually - I got all Steam achievements (you didn't expect less from me, right? :D)
23/03/2013: Sleeping Dogs: A buggy game, with a ton of DLCs that add a small amount of content each, but way more fun than I expected. Unsure if I'll go back to find the 7 events I missed, but I will probably play the "Nightmare at North Point" at some point, and will grab the "Year of the Snake" in the near future.

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