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DLC Quest
Mighty Jill-Off
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I just beat Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. A surprisingly lengthy and rather tricky platformer some really good level design. I enjoyed it all the way through.
Gog seems to have done something with the formatting; so first post is dead. Sorry :(
Austrobogulator: Gog seems to have done something with the formatting; so first post is dead. Sorry :(
No way to "save it"? :(

Anyway, I've just beaten Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes in a little more than 11h.

What to say? A "meh - average" game at best. Fails in almost everything it tries, but doesn't fail in a "bad, bad game!" way, so you can still enjoy it... up to a certain point.

The humor is tedious, the controls a little cluncky, the graphisms average with overuse of bloom, sometimes the battlefield is not very readable and sometimes you're stuck in battle mode even if there's no enemy anymore on the map...

Plus, it's a tactic game but there are not many tactic ways to play. Understand the abilities of your team, overuse them, wash and repeat...

So, it's not a "bad" game, but it's far from being a good game, alas...
Jan 12th: Torchlight 2 - Possibly the only one I actually finish this year as I rarely beat games. >.>

Nifty classes.
No 'reinventing the wheel'- just good solid mechanics.
Well designed skills and classes.
Steampunk aesthetic.
Dual wielding- including pistols.

Acts are a little too short.
Acts are .. really close to Diablo 2 acts: Grasslands, Desert, forestyswamp, Scorched underground inhabited by demons.
Story is pretty much a carbon copy of Diablo 2.
Difficulty system does not run like typical ARPGs-
Cannot change difficulty going in to New Game +
Too few classes for a modern ARPG
Too easy to out level your current zone.

Over all:
For $20 it's a great game, good clean ARPG fun! It's soundly in my top 4 ARPGs, and maybe even displacing Diablo 2 for Top 3.
Austrobogulator: Gog seems to have done something with the formatting; so first post is dead. Sorry :(
xa_chan: No way to "save it"? :(
I've saved a messed up version of it; basically, everything has a second set of url tags added to it... =/
Austrobogulator: Gog seems to have done something with the formatting; so first post is dead. Sorry :(
Yikes! That sucks. They really need a test engineer to go over this stuff before they push it live. Wow.

Well, maybe it can be fixed later? It was very nice of you to set this up and I thought you chose a good system for it too.
Austrobogulator: Gog seems to have done something with the formatting; so first post is dead. Sorry :(
dirtyharry50: Yikes! That sucks. They really need a test engineer to go over this stuff before they push it live. Wow.

Well, maybe it can be fixed later? It was very nice of you to set this up and I thought you chose a good system for it too.
My thoughts exactly. The system chosen was, in my opinion, the best: you could track everything, without having much to do, which is better than having to track every post from every one to know who achieved what...
I just finished with Geneforge 1.
If someone is interested in my opinion about this game, i posted it in the Geneforge series subtopic here on GOG.COM.
3. Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku II- GBA ; 1/13/2013 9.5/10- Some people may chalk my intense love of this game up to nostalgia... & those people would be wrong (seeing as I am the creator of this thread). If a game doesn't live up to what I remember it being then I actually rate it harsher than I would a mediocre/crappy game that I have no fond memories towards. The reason behind this being that if I once loved it & it isn't as good as I remember it being, then it obviously doesn't have the staying power to stand the test of time.... that being said, this game firmly proves that it has that aforementioned staying power as it is every bit as good today as it was the first time I played it (hell... it may actually be more enjoyable now than it was way back then). The story is more or less a cut & paste job of the Trunks Saga-Cell Saga with a few completely unrelated sidequests thrown in (I know the way I said that makes it sounds like it is a bad thing, but it most certainly is not. In reality I love the sidequests as they bring something new to the table besides the story that we have heard a million times). The controls are perfectly reactive & not even the slightest bit stiff. The gameplay itself is basically that of a Zelda game without dungeons (which *I know I'm in the minority here* are easily my least favorite parts of Zelda games) & having different Ki abilities (including transformations) instead of tools. So for me, this game is about as close to perfect as a DBZ Game will likely ever get (Well.... I guess Buu's Fury stands a chance at surpassing it.... more on that in a minute) & is probably the best GBA game that I've ever played. If you are a Dragonball fan, or even a Zelda fan, this is most definitely worth looking into.

Now more on Buu's Fury.... I've only played through it once before (this was my 3rd time through LoG2) & I remember liking it... Thing is, that I don't really remember much besides the fact that I liked it. I bought it with some Christmas Gift Cards (as I did with LoG2) & plan on going through it next. Hopefully it is even remotely as good as this game.

Full List
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Skyrim - liked the game, but would prefer a rpg that is a bit shorter next time. I kept wondering if I would ever be able to finish it towards the end. Sidequests, miscellaneous and mainstory are enough to keep one busy for a very long time. Good rpg through, I especially liked the Dawnguard DLC.

Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD - good game, had that "one more mission" feel. Only downside, had to be online to play it. Also, there were a few repeating animations for the patient, but I didn't mind them too much. Overall a well made strategy game imo!

Spec Ops: The Line - Quite good game with an unique storyline. Only downsides were a fov that imo was a tag narrow and no ability to save at will ( the game uses checkpoints to save). Still, the game was good enough that I didn't mind the downsides much. Overall a good game, that I would recommend to anyone who likes the genre without hesitation.

Risen 2 - Very good rpg! Was a little sceptical about the pirate theme, but they really made it work and I ended up finding it quite refreshing. The game has that old familiar Gothic-feel and story and characters are well made. Good voice acting, the music and cutscenes complemented the rest of the game well. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys rpgs and liked the Gothic games.

Cognition Episode 2 - Nice crime adventure. Not too long as it was only one episode. Like episode 1 not a standout in technical aspects, but good story and pacing made it fun to play. The music was very good and complemented the game well. Overall a good game and probably the best episodic game I've ever played! However, until the other episodes are out it is hard to really judge the game.

King's Bounty: Warriors of the North - Was not bad game, but certainly not one of my favorites either. Some bugs here and there, althrough nothing too bad, and a story that wasn't worth writing home about. The main issue I had with it were the game mechanics and the slow moving main storyline. For the gamemechanics, I was quite annoyed with the map layout, a little zoom out option would have done wonders here. The way it's setup you are forced to run back and forth trying to look for where your supposed to go next, a lacking journal actually made me lookup my next objectives on the internet for a few quests, making this the 1st strategy game ever, I used a walkthrough for. The slow story line was mainly due to a great amount of little quests that kept comming up all the time and could not be avoided. I basically felt towards the end that I could just do every sidequest as well, as the mainstory kept sending me back and forth everywhere anyways. Overall, not a game I would recommend, althrough I have played much worst games

A Journey Down: Chapter One - Nice little adventure, but nothing that impressed and captivated me too much. Still good value when aquired in an indie bundle.

Alter Ego - Good mystery adventure, until the last 3rd of the game, when the pace changes and the actual playing part is reduced greatly. Also, the ending left much to be desired. Not sure if the game was rushed, or this was intentional, but the last part of it did destroy the otherwise positive experience for me.

Syberia - Wasn't impressed with it at first and actually stopped playing it for a while. Kept wondering why everyone seemed to like it so much, so I gave it another shot and whoa, this game grows on you! Technically it's nothing special and has a few of those typical annoying features, many adventures have ( for me it was the slow stairwalking), but nothing major. However, the game has a great story and atmosphere, the characters evolve nicely with the storyline and the scenery is quite unique and charming. Overall a game that I would recommend to anyone that likes the genre and is patient enough to stick with it until the story picks up.

Syberia 2 - Had great fun with it! It's pretty much the same as Syberia 1 in most aspects, without the slow start. I would definately recommend it to anyone that liked the first.

Broken Sword 4 - Hated the game mechanics. As well as the plentyfull timed sneak past guard and climb around tasks, which seem to take over a majority of the game. Too bad they didn't make it a traditional p&c like the 1st, 'cause the story and the puzzles were alright and I kept feeling like this could have been a very nice game if they had done that. The way it is I wouldn't recommend the game.

Adam's Venture E1-3 - An ok adventure game, nothing less, nothing more imo.

Majesty Gold Edition - Had great fun with the southern parts, the game provides a different kind of style going about playing these type of games and the southern maps felt well balanced. The northern maps, saddly felt more like a chore, for the most part. Still a good strategy game, for those that like them, for it's southern maps alone.

Hydrophobia: Prophecy - Pretty nice game. Not too long, very story focused, nice graphics, not too hard and plenty of checkpoints, so that you don't have to redo a long level if you died. Only thing that bothered me was the final battle as it required using a skill that had just been aquired shortly before.

Tomb Raider - Was very impressed with this game. Overall done really well. Stunning graphics, great story, good game mechanics, nice music, and believeble characters ( I liked in particular that Lara Croft was not this overconfident wonder woman type, but rather a skillfull girl that seemed to suprise herself time and again). Would definately recommend this game to anyone interested.

Majesty 2 Collection - Not my favorite. The game was more like the northern parts in Majesty 1 balancewise and had some annoying features like the inability to destroy your own buildings ( great in combinatiion with limited places for temple-building). I also had problems with bugs ranging from missing speech to an unfinishable mission because the game would keep freezing up. Would recommend getting Majesty 1 instead.

Cognition Episode 3 - Similar to episode 1&2. Main story moves forward nicely in this one, downside is less locations. Overall well made like the previous episodes through.

Sleeping Dogs - Had great fun with this game. Well made with a good main story and cool KungFu. Liked this one very much and would recommend it without hesitation.

Organ Trail: Directors Cut - Very fun short little game with great replay value. Never played the original, so can't compare the two through.

The Walking Dead - Best Telltale Game I've played so far. Well made, with interesting characters and choices. Only critic would be the inability to skip dialogue, which for me diminishes the replay value, and that sometimes the time to make a choice is a bit short when you don't play the game in your native language. The 400 Days DLC seemed more geared towards the comming sequel than the original game and imho might be best played then.

Secret Files 3 - Solid adventure, not great but not bad either. Would recommend it to those that like adventures, assuming they can get it at a decent pricepoint.

Sanitarium - Solid story focused adventure. Story wise certainly unique and interesting. Watch out through as it's not compatible with Windows 7.

Cognition: Episode 4 - Preferred the earlier episodes gameplaywise, as this one was a little too cutscene heavy and linear for my taste. Still was a decent ending to the series through imo.

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief - Nice crime/mystery adventure. Well made game with interesting characters and story. Only thing I didn't like was the last chapter. Most of it was fine, but the ending was not the best imo.

Memoria - Very nice adventure game. The beautifully drawn background really stands out. Story and puzzles are good. Personally even liked it better than the 1st game. Would recommend it to any adventure fan.

Divinity: Dragon Commander - In my opinon the game is well made and quite interesting, as well as a little unique. It's mainly a strategy game where you battle on the map, in a similar way to risk ( but you can actually fight a battle yourself each round). In between you can get upgrades for your dragon and/or your troops ( or get new troops). Also in between the battles you can talk to the people on your battleship and make decisions which then will get you some advantages and/or disadvantages depending on your choices. The characters are charming and quite fun in the interactions, upgrades and troops are also interesting for the most part, but the battles do get a bit repetitive after a while ( I personally didn't find that part too bad through). The biggest problem I had with the game was that the main campaign was rather short ( only three chapters/maps). So to me ( as someone not interested in multiplayer) it was an ok purchase, but nothing more. However, at a good price I would definately recommend this little charming game to those interested in strategy games.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse: Episode 1

Two Worlds Two

State of Decay
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nemesismartyn: I just finished with Geneforge 1.
If someone is interested in my opinion about this game, i posted it in the Geneforge series subtopic here on GOG.COM.
Interesting, I just started it yesterday! I'll go read your opinion... provided it's reasonably plot-related spoiler-free ;)
Just finished Duke Nukem 2. This was my first time playing the game.

The soundtrack is just great. Robert Prince's music matches the game perfectly

The only negative about the game is that I found the boss battle in episode 4 quite a bit more difficult than the rest of the game. I don't know how many times I restarted that level and I was only playing on "medium".
Finally managed to finished Mutant Mudds.

Only beat the main 40 levels. I'll continue attempting the Granny levels, but they are insane!
kalirion: Finally managed to finished Mutant Mudds.

Only beat the main 40 levels. I'll continue attempting the Granny levels, but they are insane!
Insane, but I'd say they are the best parts of the game.