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Just finished:
The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC (PC).

Added it to my 2013 Finished Club:
Could have sworn I'd posted this here already, seems not.

Completed Mirror's Edge a few days ago. I'm torn on it, I really like the idea and some of the gameplay elements but I found myself getting bored within 30 minutes or so of actual gameplay. I liked it in short bursts, but I think I like the idea of the gameplay better than I actually like the reality of it. I'm still glad I played it.
Ratchet & Clank Future series (need to play A Crack in Time again for Platinum trophy).
LEGO Batman 2
LEGO Lord of the rings

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Dragonlance Champions of Krynn
Dragonlance Death Knights of Krynn
Dragonlance Dark Queen of Krynn

Black Tiger
Halleys Comet
Metal Slug
Bubble Bobble

There are more, but my memory fails to recall all of them.
I just finished Avernum: Escape from the Pit.

The game lasted 57,5h which is a bit shorter than the old version (64h).
I think that's mainly because you can teleport, walk faster and don't have to bumb into every wall.
On the other hand there a a lot more quests, magic items and even a few more decisions to make. Overall I like the new version more than the old one and I'm looking forward to Avernum 2: Crystal Souls.

At the beginning of this month I finished two DLCs but since I don't count them as seperate games they weren't worthy to get their own post.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days
The DLC lasted 1,5h, which is quite short but I still had fun. Since I knew nearly nothing about the new characters the choices I had to make didn't feel as heavy as in the main game.
Now I'm looking forward to the second season even more...

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall
This DLC lasted 6h, which is good. The DLC had a good pace, it wasn't as slow as the main game at some points.
While I killed a few people as Corvo I played Daud with clean hands. I think I did that because Daud is a much more interesting character so I wanted to see him on a path of redemption.

I also updated my list.
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27/10/2013: Assassin's Creed 3: Some changes that I loved, some changes I liked, some changed I disliked. I did spend quite a lot of time hunting, and enjoying myself. On to its DLCs, and probably to Liberation on January.

Full list here
Just finished Dishonored. Not convinced. To the point that I won't play the DLCs for the moment.

I mean, while technically quite good (even if the visual design is a matter of taste), I was really let down by the story. Okay, I played in normal mode, which might have been too easy, but I really felt overpowered. I almost never felt endangered by the environment or the adversaries.

Plus, the AI really sucked. It's a game heavily relying on discretion and hiding, right? Well, I don't find good an AI that makes an NPC fail to notice that the guard he was speaking with a couple of minutes ago has suddenly disappeared, that a normally locked door is now open, etc.

Maybe it's a feature of the "normal mode", but if that's it, I find it stupid. While I enjoyed the realtively large panel of ways by which you could reach your destination, powers granted were really a little too strong.

Let's not speak about the scenario, which is your usual "one-man-saves-the-day" stuff. Even if I agree, a videogame scenario cannot always be original, Dishonored lacked the way to tell the story itself. No real dramatic moments.

Last point : I made a mistake, I played the game in my mother tongue, French. French players, don't make that mistake. The french voice over is awful. Voices are almost all the same (except Pendelton, but he is a wimp, so giving him a deep voice would have been the most ridiculous thing), no tension, no drama. I even wondered if the actors even gave a shit about what they were doing...

Maybe, if one day I play the DLCs, I'll play them in english, just to see.

I know that's a lot of criticism, but deep down Dishonored is not a bad game, it's just that it has lots of underexploited potentialities...

So far in 2013 :
Just finished Trine 2. What a beautiful game. I thought the Goblin Menace looked even better. I really loved the cut scenes. The gameplay was really enjoyable but it was the visuals that blew me away. I am not one for graphics but this game just looked so good!!
Secret Files: Tunguska (10:45 29th Oct)

A good not great point and click game. A little on the short side and all 4 of the puzzles were easy. I like Nina and Max and the side characters were good to. However the pipe in the hospital and some other parts were a bit random.
Path of Exile

Finished on Normal with the Marauder, and immediately continued to Cruel.

Extremely good and full-featured for a F2P title, I might just buy some useless cosmetic junk as a show of appreciation :)
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Finished a couple more games recently which were Assassin's Creed and Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II. I enjoyed both of them but Warhammer more than Assassin's Creed which I found to be too repetitive at times during the mid-game section. Great visuals but the muted color palette put me off a little. I kept thinking this would look really amazing if there was just a splash of vibrant color here and there, such as in the vegetation, etc. In any case, it does still look really good and I think that muted look was an artistic decision that in a sense went well with the game but I'd have preferred more color. The missions were fun but as I mentioned, they became repetitive after a while. The ending I found a little confusing but it certainly left the door wide open for the next installment so I look forward to that. The difficulty was a little uneven near the end to the point of being annoying for me personally but as always perseverance pays off and it was satisfying to beat the game and see the ending.

Warhammer 40k I just loved. I really enjoyed the mix of action rpg and strategy, the wargear upgrades, leveling with stats and ability improvements you could choose to lend some customization to your squad leaders and the gameplay itself I found quite fun. The maps could have used a little more variety but I count that as a minor quibble given how good this game is. The UI is excellent and pleasure to play with. The opening cinematic is awesome. I had to watch it every time I played. I'm not sure anyone else would do that but I loved it. Let's see, what else? Well, the whole Warhammer 40k vibe is just awesome and the voice acting is uniformly excellent. The campaign story was good and the campaign gives you plenty of playtime for your money. I clocked in over 30 hours to complete it but I did tend to take the optional missions when they became available. There are a lot of boss battles in the game and those are fun. The visuals and sound effects are great too. I had a great deal of fun with this and will be playing the Chaos Rising expansion soon.

DoW II and Chaos Rising both use Games for Windows Live which is now especially something to be aware of with it shutting down next year. Hopefully, Relic will strip that out in a future patch to these two games. The second standalone expansion, Retribution does not use GFWL fortunately. I did not try the multiplayer. I'm saving that for Retribution which is where I expect to find whatever community of players there still is for DoW II to be.
Recently, I beat Two Worlds I. Honestly, it's not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The main reason people dislike it is because of the voice acting. Other than that, The story was adequate for an RPG, the map is HUGE, there are tons of quests, and tons of items. 3.5/5. Spent about 30 hours on it, according to Steam. Recently started Two Worlds II.
They Breathe, got it on Desura. Considering the game is like 15 minutes long it isn't saying much that I completed it at any point in time but still. It has a really cool atmosphere and sound design, great concept and art design, and the "twist," once you discover it (either early on by paying close enough attention or when it shows you outright at the very end) is appropriately, well, twisted. Mechanics are simple and easy to grasp, and it has enough faith in the player's intelligence to let them figure out how to resolve each screen by themselves without any hand-holding hints or anything. The survival aspect is neat, not only dodging enemies but having to constantly collect air bubbles to keep from drowning, though I rarely ever felt in danger of that happening, it was more the rampaging sea cows (as in, literal cows, not the actual animal called the sea cow) and tenacious jellyfish that gave me more trouble.

Still, no matter how well executed it all is it doesn't change that in the end it's only about 15 minutes long. Maybe a little more than that if you count the number of times you'll die on certain screens (the only two screens that gave me any real trouble were the one with the seven jellyfish trying to swarm me at once, and the very last screen of the game, I won't spoil what it is but suffice to say it may cause you problems til you figure out what you're supposed to do, and what you're supposed to do is the very thing that reveals the end twist if you didn't catch on already). Not what I would exactly say is a difficult game by any stretch, it is very linear and the gameplay simple and mostly you doing variations of the same thing each screen, which is dodge the enemies and lead them to their deathtraps (you can't attack anything directly, you can however "lead" them to the things they are weak to). There are also only two enemies at that, the cows and jellyfish that I mentioned, not including the green varieties that shoot poisonous bubbles at you, or what you encounter on the last screen (again, no spoilers). It plays almost like an arcade beat-em-up, you scroll down a screen, clear it, then you're allowed to move down further to clear another screen and so on. There are also fellow drowning frogs you can rescue but I have yet to find out what the purpose of saving all of them is or what the game rewards you with, if anything, if you do. Some screens are so swarmed with enemies that it takes some real skill to maneuver them out of the way and get them the air bubbles they need to escape without being eaten by a jellyfish or something. If you're gonna put that much effort into it SURELY there must be some reward (besides seeing other frogs besides you at the surface at the end of the game, like how my game ended, as I did manage to rescue several frogs myself).

Overall, it's a decent play, not sure that $2.99, as cheap as it sounds, is a good asking price considering how little content there is. $0.99 would make a BIT more sense, I think. I think this write-up took longer to make, and will take longer to read, than it would to actually finish the game itself! Did I mention it's REALLY friggin' short?
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Just finished
The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rings
On medium difficulty, both good and evil campaigns
2 fun facts about this one - its a semi-sequel / graphic swap of Battle Realms which is on here (But I haven't played to compare the 2)
It was licensed directly from the book, not the film of the book so it has more source to draw from but no likenesses of the actors, just how the chars are described, might be easier to bring to DD sites in future as there's not that extra layer of licensing too..
Oh and a personal one, I guess Giants had elements but its the first full-on resource management, base building RTS I'm ever finished!
It IS pretty good taking ideas of multiple commodities and upgraded from AoE and then the idea of heros with abilities too
Unfortunately, though there's no speed of time controls so you hardly get to use the abilities in the heat of battle, well *I* didn't anyway
So really quite complex compared to C&C Red Alert, for example but somehow still easier, maybe due to slightly dumb AI
Worth tracking down for fans of LotR and RTSes though
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Just finished Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC (PC).

Added it my 2003 Finished list:
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis (31th Oct 10:20pm)

Not as good as the first one. Too many fourth wall jokes and some of the stuff you do are abit random. Plus the voice work for Max is weird