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I've just completed Geneforge 4. It was another fine entry, but I feel like the new faction and story elements in the game were somewhat incomplete. Probably Foreshadowing for Geneforge 5..
Thiefer: Ha, thought I'd be the only one finishing Rogue Trooper this year. Pretty cool that we both enjoyed playing this quality action title recently.
My friend also completed it this year. So, we have 3 people who completed Rogue Trooper this year!
Greed: Black Border
a mmmh, nice game with many flaws.
The complete dialog is with voice output...and thats the best of the game.
The game itself is a 3 chapter isometric shooter. You are a one man army on a rescue mission on a deserted spaceship. There you find that the crew-members are now zombies. Kill all you see (included robots).
In the next chapter you are stranded on a planet and must find energy for your ship (and you now have a teleport devise to your comrade who is a your weapons and armor dealer).
With every kill you gain exp. and with enough you can level up...dividing some points to your 3 attributes (life, shield and energy) and a small skill tree. Level 30 is max...but with a little help you can get level 99. And help is needed, because
even if you have real big guns it takes long for killing even a simple zombie. Most times in combat you are running around, dropping explosives. Oh, and yes you can jump.
The graphics are atmospheric, only at one point (very large enemies) in the game the frame rate drops (mediocre system).
It was little fun to play the game till the end.
4 Elements. Pretty good casual game. Took me 10 hours.


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Negatus: I've just completed Geneforge 4. It was another fine entry, but I feel like the new faction and story elements in the game were somewhat incomplete. Probably Foreshadowing for Geneforge 5..
I'm glad to hear the positive feedback about Geneforge 4.

The Spiderweb games scare me a little. The reason is, I've bought them all in various sales but I've yet to get to any of them. Considering the amount of hours of gameplay all those titles amount to is a little overwhelming. Talk about value for your money though. Wow. A little while back I rebought some of the games in a Humble Bundle I think it was, just to get all the Spiderweb Guide Books for them. That was an amazing deal also. I knew those guides existed and wanted to have them but it would have been quite expensive buying them all until that bundle came along.

As someone who really loved Ultima VII and Baldur's Gate I think these games will be very enjoyable for me when I get around to them. I just hope I live long enough to play them all!

What is really awesome too is that I got all of them in versions I can play on my Mac without rebooting. Yay!
Just finished Serious Sam 3: BFE

Not as good as the previous games. It's kinda bad in 2 factors:
1) Looks too much like a remake of the First Encounter. You are spending all your time in Egypt, just like the First Encounter. Which makes it kinda pointless, especially if you take into account the existence of Serious Sam HD.

2) "Realistic" mechanics. Was it necessary to slow down Sam even more and give him a sprint button that doesn't work while strafing? Was the addition of a reload function useful? Why do we need to take cover in this game? Wasn't the game's tagline "Cover is for amateurs"?

All in all, it was still an enjoyable game but its predecessors easily kicked its ass and took its name.

Hey List, come here, the audience wants to see you!
Costume Quest with Grubbins on Ice DLC
Funny little game, well the funniest thing is the noise of your characters running around.
I can't recommend the game for 14.99$. If you can grab it on a sale for 5 $ its an OK game.
Torchlight 2

My first playthrough of the full game, beat it on Elite with the Engineer class. Statistics show 196 deaths....
Analogue - A Hate Story
Digital - A Love Story
Don't Take It Personally Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story
Hate Plus
(Thus ends my run of Christine Love visual novels...)
God of War
God of War II
Assassins Creed III
Far Cry 3
Dragons Dogma

Complete List
At long last, Dragon Age: Origins. 80 hours, 1300 plus saves, and a sense of accomplishment I haven't felt since beating realMyst. I still think the game could have been shortened a bit, especially considering I didn't, at least to my knowledge, play any of the DLC, but overall, it was an incredible experience. Definitely a replay.

Though I am going to wait a bit before I play the Awakening DLC. I need to give the series a rest before I go further.

(By the way, I had a longer post, but it disappeared when I first tried to post it and I'm too lazy to retype all of it.)
I finished yesterday the first episode of The Wolf Among Us and it was excellent. If you liked The Walking Dead, you should like this one too.

Really looking forward for the next episodes.

Wow, what a great game ... I never expected it to be so good.

Its mechanics appear so simple and yet there's lots of variety in the puzzles. I loved the atmosphere, I loved that it's a bit weird and mysterious, even somewhat creepy, and at the same time cute and beautiful, and that you get no explicit explanation of what it is going on and what you are meant to do. You're just thrown into the game without any tutorial, what story there is is told without words, and it works perfectly. A bit reminiscent of Botanicula in that way, even though I don't want to compare them directly, other than stating that I enjoyed both games tremendously.

The puzzles in this one were all fair and logical and even when they were a little trickier, I was able to figure them out all by myself without peeking into guides or walkthroughs (which sadly doesn't happen all that often). The checkpoints were very fair, too, allowing me to quit whenever I needed a break without cancelling important progress. Anyway, this game managed to impress me both as a solid puzzler with enjoyable gameplay and as an atmospheric experience or experiment in storytelling.
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Resident Evil 6 (PC) is in the books, after getting through all 4 campaigns after around 33 hours in total.

Added it to my 2013 finished list:
OK just finished Realms of the Haunting There's so many things wrong with that game - crazy, incoherent plot acting out by jobbing actors - 1000 year old evil genius man is jobbing actor, main hero is jobbing hero in a coat etc., not scary at all, you can avoid most enemies by simply leaving the room and shooting at them through the doorway, lack of mouse look etc.

But at the same time its absolutely amazing and an incredible technical achievement for its time, a unique gaming experience that combines FPS with adventure elements like nothing else and I recommend it to anyone who thinks they can look past its short comings

Edit: Actually Richard Cobbett seems to agree and writes better than me:
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