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Just finished Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble With Clones DLC.

But, damn - that DLC barely took me a little over an hour to finish!

Added it my 2003 Finished list:
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This doesn't really count but I just beat the Re-Volt time trial for Museum 1 and thus I may stop gaming all together as there really is no mountain left to climb. :D
Today I had finished Baldur's Gate 2 SoA and it only took 8 months or so as well as 100 hours of gameplay.... Throne of Bhall is next.
Beat Grand Theft Auto 5.

I want to move on with my backlog and blitz through it but my mind is still stuck on GTA5.
Thiefer: Just finished Rogue Trooper on the PS2 for the first time.
A really great action game all around. Fantastic cut-scenes. Definitely one of Rebellion's better efforts.
I could've sworn this one was on GOG, but it appears it's not the case. :( Probably licensing issues with the comic or some such? At least I finished it on GameTap back in the day, and I concur, it was a really solid game.


After nearly a week, England and Wales are in my hands, and thus I've finished Lords of the Realm 1 for the first time. I originally played the demo for LotR 2 years ago but only got the chance to try these games in full once I got them on GOG. The first time I booted up LotR 1 I couldn't get past the first screen, but after reading all the manuals and reference card I got into it. Even to the end of the game, there were some screens I never visited and discovered new stuff right to the end (like being able to adjust the peasants' ration using the slider bar). Very enjoyable game, I was really into it. Once you control a large number of territories, I wish there had been some indicator that you've already checked out what's happened in a province. Having to go through each one to make minor adjustments so crops don't fail and herds don't disappear was a bit tedious, when I just needed my armies to move around. I liked the field combat, but castle sieges were a letdown compared to LotR 2. The pixel art and music was nice, though. And now for the first night in a while, I can go to bed before 1:00 A.M. :)
Finished the 3 additional expansion of Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition:

Nuclear Winter
Life’s a Beach
Duke It Out In DC

What can I say, Duke 3D is still a very fun game :)
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Memoria - Very nice adventure game. The beautifully drawn background really stands out. Story and puzzles are good. Personally even liked it better than the 1st game. Would recommend it to any adventure fan.

Complete list:
And now I just finished Blackwell Deception (the 4th game of the series). It was definitely the best of the series: good/logical puzzles, good gameplay (a big part of the game allowed us to investigate 2 case simultaneouysly so that, if stuck on one, we could continue the other... this allowed me to easily close those 2 cases, without frustration), good graphics, voices...

I really recommend those to point'n click lovers for which English is not a problem. And I'll buy the last entry in the series for sure on where it comes out.

Short, fun, very hard
Just finished on the PC:
Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth Of Naros DLC.

Almost 10 hours for a DLC w/out even doing all the side quests = pretty good length.
And the DLC was actually pretty good, too.

Added it my 2003 Finished list:
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. I can't say I enjoyed it much. I started it at hard difficulty and it was exercise in frustration. The enemies are incredibly quick, have amazing aim and each of their attacks hurts much more than yours. After they find you, they also always know where you are. When it got into shooting part, it turned into slug fest and I had to repeat every area many times.
After I killed 1st Alpha Male, who was very annoying and hard, I got bored with next enemies and lowered difficulty to normal.
The enemies suddenly became stupid and slow and the rest of game was incredibly easy. I think I died about 1 or 2 times to enemies (+ few times to environment). I went through all Athena endgame in 1 go. Alpha Males + boss, drone controling section and final boss.
So the game has no right difficulty for me. One was annoying and frustrating, other too easy. When there is mech sequence near the half of game, I had to reapeat it several times before I managed to get through and when I did it was really close call. There is very similar drone controlling sequence just before final boss and tehre enemy barely scratched me.
There was also quite a lot of bugs, the game is heavily scripted, tries to screw you at every opportunity, sometimes enemies reacted to my sneaking and I had no idea why and sometimes they ignored me when I jumped right in front of their faces and the ending felt abrupt, rushed and not too believeable.

I'd rate it 6.5/10.

Full list.
I just finished Star Wars the Clone Wars
Last week I finished my second game this year, Medal of Honor (2010). Realistic graphics, detailed cities and huge rugged mountains, but over very soon. A nice change of pace though, a game with a single protagonist finished in a couple of weeks, compared to long storied RPG's like Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age that take me years to finish for creating up to 10 parties in it, all of which I want to finish.
Titan Attacks

Didn't expect to have this much fun with a Space Invaders homage, I guess upgradable systems make all the difference :)

NewGame+ felt very uneven though. Virtually no difficulty up to the high 70s for a fully upgraded tank, and then quickly running out of money for shield repair...
Just finished Evoland in a little less than 3h. Yes, it's short, but it's for the best. Longer, it might have overstayed its welcome.

I mean, the game is funny, full of winks to popular videogames/movies "geek" culture, but the replayability is almost 0 and I didn't feel like keeping on playing for the 100%.

All in all, as I got it in a sale here, it was a very nice little game!

So far in 2013: