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JudasIscariot: Just beat Binding of Isaac a few times and managed to unlock the playable character Judas :D.
Keep going you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg in Binding of Isaac. You will face deeper levels and harder bosses. Push on...
Street Fighter 4 (vanilla version), playing on arcade cab with one credit. Really don't need an other credit to beat the comp, focus attack, focus attack, focus attack. You just have to know an armor break to win. Too bad, I wasn't able to play with a human challenger.
Frogatto & Friends

Nice indie platformer, cute and original plot. I did find precision jumping to be rather difficult, not quite sure what aspect of the controls was responsible for that, or maybe it's just that I hadn't played a platformer in a while due to my Eador addiction...
The only game I've beaten in 2013 = the new Tomb Raider
The amount of games I've started in 2013 = probably around 10
Conclusion: I'm not good at finishing games...but its about playing them not finishing right?
Finished Rochard , nice plateformer with puzzles (for once you need to use your brain :p)

Started the DLC, looks much harder :)
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Just finished Eschalon Book 1.

I don't know why I finished it but there you have it. :D
This list has all the games I've finished in October. For the September list, go here.

October 1st: Rogue Legacy (New Game+). So, I decided to play through the game again. I'm not really sure if it was easier or harder this time: sure, the enemies were a lot tougher, even with four Grace Runes equipped, but then again I was better at the game than last time. Took me 33 children to get through the game this time (opposed to 111 when I first played this). I was concerned about the replay value, but I sure had a good time playing this game a second time too: it's just that good. I don't think I'll try a 3rd run though. Time to move on to other games.

October 3rd: Anna (Extended Edition). I thought the game was a complete piece of shit. First of all, I was expecting completely different gameplay: didn't think this would be an adventure game where you gather tons of equipment, combine them, and use them in the right places. I was expecting a more traditional horror game. Well, okay, that's fine - adventure game it is then. And at first everything looked promising: the exterior looked very lovely and the graphics were nice, and the puzzle of how to get inside the house was fun to solve. After that, the whole game took a huge nosedive in every aspect. Where to begin...well, I already mentioned that you collect items and use them later. Basic stuff. But my god, how much stuff can there be?! I was simultaneously carrying four or five rows of items (20, 25 items?) and that is just too much! And the way you use them doesn't feel reasonable; a stone pebble combined with a window I understand, a pearl dipped in red wax so that it kinda resembles a tiny heart...or...something...not so much. And items are not all you carry: there are also books lying about everywhere. And I swear these are the most annoying books ever to read, because the text is never divided into paragraphs and they are just so goddamn long! Sometimes the font is hard to read too. Therefor, I decided to skip every piece of text found in the game. I'm sorry, but I just can't be bothered to read that shit. I also did not understand the story at all: who was I, who was Anna, what is the house, what is going on in there, where are we, when are we, etc... This might be (partly) because of the fact that I got some less than favorable ending, but I really don't care about this game at all so that I could be bothered to play again in hopes of a better ending. The music in the game was nice though, so at least it got something positive going for it too.

October 4th: SkyDrift. Surprisingly fun! It reminded me a lot of WipeOut, or Mario Kart except with regular aeroplanes. Though the term "regular" is used very loosely; these planes constanly break sound barriers and behave very arcade-y. And that's how I like my racers! It was also refreshing to have the third dimension so important part of the gameplay, compared to most bulk racers. One thing I'm on the fence about, were the invisible barriers that held you within the track, but then again I suppose they were necessary: otherwise you could have just flown over every barrier. If you're tired of Carmageddon or Re-Volt, then give this a shot. I sure as hell had a great time playing it.

October 13th: Botanicula. Man, what a weird ass game. I think drug use must be mandatory in Czech Republic. The game was very adorable, especially the music: I'll give it that. But, I would be lying if I said I thought this was the best game ever. Puzzles often solved themselves, because usually I didn't have any idea what I was supposed to do, so I just clicked everywhere until something happened. I didn't really feel the plot either - Machinarium's (Amanita Design's earlier game) was a lot more engaging, IIRC. Come to think of it, Machinarium was a better game in all aspects: better story, more detailed and interesting enviroments, better puzzles, better characters, and more length. I'm not going to say I disliked this game: I just thought it was very average. I know I'm probably in the minority when it comes to this review, but that's honestly what I thought, so why hide it.

October 19th: Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Very well done. It didn't have to rely on cheap jumpscares: no, instead it has just the right creepy atmosphere that keeps you on your toes constantly. While the game mechanics started to become a bit more familiar (such as, usually well-lit places never had monsters in them) as I went along, the scare factor suffered a little, but not so much that it would become a problem. Even when I was safe from monsters, the really good plot and overall unnerving setting still kept things interesting. I really enjoyed all the puzzles, plus playing with the physics was really fun as well, like throwing chairs and boxes around like a crazy person looking for his last pair of socks. In short: a very good game, and one of the best horror games I have played in my life.

October 26th: Incredipede (Normal mode). So, I got through the game, yet still don't know how to even properly control Quazzle. Usually all it takes, is just to push down D and hope he trembles to the goal line, while flailing frantically enough to get the collectible(s) on the way. On the other levels, I was just pushing down all the keys randomly, and sometimes it worked, sometimes not. Basically, this felt like QWOP but with slightly lesser chance of dying. Good thing that not every level needed to be finished: you could just do the ones that had easy collectibles, and then move on. The game has some annoying bugs: for example, I don't think the replay function works properly. The graphics and music are nice though. Anyway, I guess the meat and bones lie in the Hard mode, where you create the necessary limbs for Quazzle yourself: I might try a couple of levels, but I don't think I enjoyed the game enough to beat Hard mode too.

October 29th: Re-Volt (Championship mode). This is an okay game, but not as fun as I remembered. The idea is brilliant: toy cars in real life enviroments, but the problem is, the steering is way too sensitive and the cars spin out of control way, waaaaay too easily. You can never be completely sure how the car will behave, even on flat ground going straight, because even the tiniest of bumps can twist the car around 180 degrees at any time. The constant uncertainty of the vehicles' behaviour strips, in my opinion, a lot of the fun away and I even had to change difficulty from "Simulation" to "Console" before truly attempting the Platinum cup because of this. Also, I didn't understand why I had to place 3rd or better on every track if in order to win the cup, I already had to be first overall. Why have a tournament table where you're not allowed to have bad runs? A track you're not good at, can potentially wreck your whole championship run, even if you had won every other race. The opponents can place 4th place or worse just fine; why do they have different rules than I? And a final complaint: the bomb power-up is complete horseshit. If I'm in 4th place, trying desperately to overtake at least one car, and I get two or three bombs in a row, then that's just the game sabotaging my run on purpose. I would've also liked the ability to scrap power-ups, because one in particular, the battery, was more often a hindrance rather than help. But in order to have another one, I first have to use it. Crappy luck with the power-ups can easily cost a race from the get-go, because the rubber band effect in this game isn't very evident when in an arcade-y game such as this, it definitely should be. Final verdict: a fun idea for a game, but the execution is much better in games like Mario Kart and Death Rally. Stick to those. Oh yeah, and the music is horrible. You will never want to hear another cheap 90's bulk pop song after playing this.

October 31st: Zombie Driver HD. A fun game at its core, but the repetitive nature of missions (it was usually just "go to point A, kill all zombies and nests, wait for the survivors to come aboard, go to point B, repeat") and overall feel of the game meant that it could have just as easily been a simple Flash game. In fact, I think I've played Flash games such as this. The early machine gun was the best weapon, hands down, and there really was no reason to switch between different cars unless more passenger capacity was needed. Also, the plot was pretty basic zombie apocalypse stuff and the "big reveal" at the end was laughably predictable. I guess it was still fun to shoot stuff though...and drive...

The November list is here.
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I just noticed that I forgot to post about Torchlight II.
I finished the game last week and the game lasted 18 fun and simple hours. I played on normal because I wanted a break and not a challenge and slaughtered my enemies with my berserker.
I like the graphic style and the sound did its job but... is the Torchlight series supposed to be a Diablo parody? The setting of Torchlight one was kind of a Diablo one clone and Torchlight II ripped off Diablo II's story even more...
Well, I don't really care about story in this kind of games.

So here's the reason for my post: I just finished Tomb Raider: Anniversary .
It took me 16,5 hours to beat this daughter of a bitch and I'm glad it's over!
The level design was quite good and often it was fun to jump and climb around but fighting the many enemies was a chore.
It took way too many bullets to kill even the easiest enemies (exept bats and rats) and they often glitched. Often the enemies were just standing around doing nothing or they ran back to their starting positions the millisecond I broke the line of sight.
The story only became interesting towards the very end and the characters were all completly flat. (Well, not completely...)
I noticed one thing and I don't know if it was intentional. In the level where Lara has to fight against dinosaurs, you have to find a few cogs. So Lara Croft, a (former) sex symbol, is running around looking for cogs... Sorry, I'll stop there. ^^

I also updated my list.
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Mark of the Ninja. Really good game. Like the stealth sections of the Batman: Arkham games but 2D and with beautiful animation.
The Saboteur just now.
Smannesman: The Saboteur just now.
How is it? Also, is it only available via Origin?
Austrobogulator: How is it? Also, is it only available via Origin?
I really liked it and as far as I know yes, unless you have a console.
It's not one of the greatest games ever made, but it is a fun open world game with tons of explosions.
The driving is functional, not amazingly realistic but very easy to control and cars (when you're driving) are bullet sponges for the most part. The parkour climbing is not as easy as AC2 and requires you to do all the little adjustments yourself.
The story and atmosphere are pretty decent, with the liberating the city and returning color to the world being a nice gimmick. The audio and voice acting are also decent, although it could've used more music tracks.
The perk system allows you to unlock improved abilities by completing certain challenges that are actually related to said abilities.
I got it for about $3 during the 50% sale a few weeks ago and I enjoyed my time with it, which is really all it has to do for that price :P
If you like open world games where you're punching, shooting and blowing up Nazis and you don't mind some DRM I'd say it's not a bad (cheap) purchase.
03/10/2013: MacGuffin's Curse: More fun than I anticipated, and money well spent. Missing a single 1% completion, but doubt I'll revisit it.

Full list here
Psychonauts!!! :)

Turns out the biggest obstacle in overcoming the Meat Circus was my onboard graphic card, heh. Playing it now with a proper GPU it was still a little annoying but far from the challenge it presented on my old rig ... :D
Anachronox (medium difficulty)
Crazy, occasionally genuinely funny, intriguing and a unique gaming experience that blends jRPG style combat with dialog based, detective adventure elements
Sure its a little rough around the edges its glitchy, I didn't like the 'Mystech' magic system, to begin with and when it introduced the bug collecting and making custom mystech hosts LOL - Wut? And yeah, the lengthy ability animations will annoy some but its an incredible game that will stay with me always!

Edit - oop forgot the all important full list link!
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