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Big thanks to everyone for chiming in with their opinion, it really helped us greatly to see the overall sentiment regarding the subject.

After consideration we have decided that from now on all threads regarding any kind of delisting will be stickied, starting from the time of the announcement to the time when said delisting actually happens. After that, they will be un-stickied.
With this we hope to increase the visibility for everyone interested, so that they can finalise their purchase before the product disappears from our storefront.

While I'm here, I'd also like to reassure you that we will let you know about delistings as soon as we receive the information from the publisher (or otherwise) ourselves.

I am also planning on cleaning up the sticky list as it is a bit cluttered right now, but that will come at a later date.

If you got any questions, let me know!
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Schticky, and maybe with a differently coloured text and/or graphical element to make it stand out against the other schtickies on top of that.
Definitely sticky. It's the one place on this site where an announcement remains visible, in a set place, for everyone, no matter what. Since the redesign, even news quickly vanish, but sticky posts stay there for as long as they're sticky, and anyone who cares about something that should be important should look for new activity there first.
That some people have trained themselves to be "blind" to them is entirely their problem. A non-sticky post scrolls up and down and possibly even off the front page entirely according to activity, and there's also the occasional bug when activity isn't registered and the post doesn't get bumped up with a new message, or with the first message, so a non-sticky post therefore can't be relied on to be visible for anyone looking at any point.
AlexTerranova: I would prefer a single sticky thread for all game-delisting announcements.
That would make it even more likely for those who have trained themselves to be blind to stickies to notice, since it won't even be something new in that list.
WinterSnowfall: P.S.: You could also prepend titles with "Delisting" so that they pop out in these situations. E.g.: "STICKY: Delisting - Raiden IV: OverKill" instead of "STICKY: Raiden IV: OverKill Delisting"
Indeed, tagged like forum games or giveaways. Those who like to use user scripts could then even make one to make it pop out.
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I look forward to people saying they didn't see this thread because it's stickied.
They should make them sticky or tell us in the newsletter, if they won't add it to the news section.
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There's only a handful of sticky threads, and they're all at the top, so they're easy to see. You don't have to hunt for them.
And a new sticky thread is shown in Bold so it stands out.
Sticky. But I would prefer if the sticky section got cleaned up, there are way too many of them.
Other than perhaps the unofficial DVD covers, really don't see what could be removed from stickies.
AlexTerranova: I would prefer a single sticky thread for all game-delisting announcements.
Same here. Those who care can just mark the thread as favorite and ignore the rest of the stickies.
Or maybe pin one shared thread for all elistings and add update it by adding new messages (maybe even this one subj thread).
So it be at same time announce and delisting history megathread.
Sticky, please.

My preferred solution, though, would be to have a thread that only staff can post to, where each delisting would be a new post. That way it would show up clear as day in my favourite topics every time a delisting is announced.
I have no preference.

However, I really wish that other users here accept the decision following this thread and stop discussing sticky vs not sticky in games delisting threads.