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tfishell: I thought one of the point of Galaxy was to get updates out to people sooner since so many people were complaining about that, and since installers are manually done, they were inevitably going to lag behind. Plus, is anyone even in the GOG office still?

Granted, it boggle my mind why GOG haven't implemented auto-update scripts to put new patches into the installers rather than doing it by hand, but I don't see why people are surprised by this. Also, I don't think it's Galaxy ONLY, it's Galaxy FIRST.

I guess my question would be, would most people rather wait a few days or weeks and have everything at once, or have Galaxy first and installers later?
We are not doing it by hand. Both Stardock games are big with multiple languages, DLCs (with languages) etc. New version of Ashes alone requires 42 offline installers. Automated process means you have *less* control when it comes to workarounds and 'quick fixes'. I cannot put up a single patch and disregard the rest.

And no, no one is in the office at this hour and honestly? I wasn't even forced to push that online update. It was my own decision to put it up earlier.

Really, folks - I have no problem with dutifully waiting until both versions are done and tested. Just no one will play the updated game over the weekend.
Tpiom: What were you doing at the office?! Suspicious... :P
Nothing. Office hours are done so I'm working remotely. ;)
richlind33: No reason to punish Galaxy issues, but what's going on with incremental patches for offline installers?
They are generated alongside everything else, if possible / if it makes sense. If patch would almost the size of a whole game, then it's rather pointless. If patch cannot be generated for some technical reason, it's skipped and the whole process needs to be tweaked a bit to make it work (hopefully) next time.

tfishell: I'm really hope we'll see some results from the dgVoodoo partnership soon.
I cannot really comment on something that was never officially announced by GOG. It's not my area and I'm not even getting into this discussion.
BKGaming: Because last time we had any info on this, GOG was basically still doing all of this "by hand" as you would say.
Making tools, testing tools, fixing tools *and* using them all at the same time is 'fun'.
Has anyone explicitly stated we are doing eveything by hand though? Or was it always assumed ;)