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A new contract and alternative look for Yennefer.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt keeps things interesting with another two pieces of the 16 FREE DLC Program that will continue trickling down for a while yet. Previously, Geralt got to suit up in a Temerian set of armor, and then clean up good with the Haircut & Beard set.

Now, you can take a minute to play a little dress up thanks to the brand new, alternative look for the mighty sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg. How sultry!

We'll also take on an exciting new contract (and if you've played The Witcher 3, you know how extensive those can get) with the "Missing Miners" quest: Miners from a small Skellige village are disappearing. Investigate and find out what's happening!

Installing the free DLC:
Here is how you can grab and install your new DLC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Add the 16 FREE DLC Program to your account from its product page. It's just like buying a game.

If you're using GOG Galaxy:
--Select The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from the sidebar to open its game page.
--Click on the drop-down labeled "More", (located next to the PLAY button) and choose "Configure".
--The Configure page will feature all available DLCs listed towards the bottom.
--Select each DLC that you want to install, and GOG Galaxy will do the rest. If you want to remove the DLC from your game, simply uncheck the selection box.

If you're using the website:
You can download installers for each DLC pack manually. Simply head to the Library section of My Account, locate The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and download the files you want. Afterwards, run each one as if you were installing a game or patch.
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KiNgBrAdLeY7: Well, thanks GOG and God you are NOT steam and client isn't obligatory and enforced on us! Downloading them from game library from site directly (gog downloader) worked wonderfully! Now they are checked on Galaxy, too...

I seriously hope there is a DLC for romance with Ciri, though... It would match perfectly the ending in which she becomes a witcher and adventures with you. Yennefer is too obnoxious, Triss is very difficult to deal with and worst of all, you cannot have them both, they are said to dump you... Ciri is the perfect wife!
zeo: Ciri is his daughter.... bro...
No, of course not. Ciri is Geralt's promised child (witcher custom, refer to books on that) and the child of someone else. Won't go into full detail, this is a major spoiler. As we see in the DLC episode of witcher 1 substory, on how Eskel got his deep wound and the entire story behind it and his own promised child, we realize that either witcher or promised child can feel and pursue romantic relationships inbetween them.

So, again, what the hell is the problem with that? Witchers are sterile, so even if you didn't read the books you know geralt is not and cannot make his own children, so Ciri is not HIS daughter. He simply raised her as if she had been.

And many people were hoping and asking for Ciri romance. What is wrong with that?
Kolto66: how can i "dress" Yennifer with the new clothes?
where in the game can i see her new look?
Once you install the DLC the alternative look is on. You may see the effect for instance when she meets Geralt for the first time.
Hi guys! We're currently dealing with a tech issue that is preventing you from getting the DLC and updating your game with the new content.

Until we work this issue out, we are removing the DLC from GOG Galaxy. It will remain available on the site and will still be accessible in the client via the backup section, but please refrain from downloading it for the time being - there is a high probability of it neither downloading nor installing properly.

Sorry for any inconvenience - I will update you when I get more news on the issue!
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Zoidberg: Isn't she the emperor's daughter?
zeo: He thinks of her as his daughter and she sees him as her father. I for one see something wrong with adopting a child, living with them and treating them as your offspring for 15 years and then having a sexual relationship with them.
Well Woody Allen doesn't
I don´t understand...
i had the DLC already, i played.

Made a quick break, and then i couldn´t load my save because the DLC isn´t there anymore... how can that be when i already had the DLC downloaded?
UterusMaximus: I don´t understand...
i had the DLC already, i played.

Made a quick break, and then i couldn´t load my save because the DLC isn´t there anymore... how can that be when i already had the DLC downloaded?
If you played DLC content, you unfortunately might not be able to continue your adventure. However, load a save from before starting on Contract: Missing Miners and all should work as it should - or wait those couple of hours for the DLCs to work again :)
Crosmando: Ciri > Yennefer > Triss
I must be the odd duck, since my preference runs the opposite way. Nothing beats a sultry sorceress in my books, whereas older men with young girls are a turn-off.
IAmSinistar: whereas older men with young girls are a turn-off.
????? !! ???

This "was" a news item... why again? *yawns* =P Let's just say I'm looking forward when all this Witcher 3 silliness ends.

IAmSinistar: snip
Sinistar is all about the cougars. ;)
Just want to add my friend on here
mistermumbles: Sinistar is all about the cougars. ;)
Ha! At my age, any cougar still alive is more likely to be a sabre-toothed tiger. :D

Though in all frankness, I've always been attracted to women around my age, whatever my age at the time. And you have a lot more in common with someone who experienced roughly the same world at roughly the same time.
Please rethink they way DLCs are added to "Programs and Features" area.

It would be nicer to keep things clean like in this example:

The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3 - DLC 1 [Name of DLC]
The Witcher 3 - DLC 2 [Name of DLC]
The Witcher 3 - DLC 3 [Name of DLC]
The Witcher 3 - DLC 4 [Name of DLC]
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EDIT (3:58 PM GMT)

The DLCs are now fully functional once more and all should run smoothly for those downloading their extra Wild Hunt content. We apologise for the wait!

—> What DLCs?
The free small tidbits of game content that CD PROJEKT RED is adding to your experience of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you haven’t gotten them yet, they’re free and you can grab ‘em from here.

—> You say the DLCs work, but I can’t play my save. What’s up?
If your recent saves say “Save data unavailable” or similar and you have started on the “Contract: Missing Miners” quest before saving, you will have to reinstall the DLCs. Simply do so via GOG Galaxy (or through the GOG Downloader) and continue your adventures where you left off!

—> Something else is wrong. Help!
See if your question has already been answered in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt subforum. If not, [url=]shoot our support team a line[/url]!
Thanks for keeping us up to date, guys!!
high rated
I think GOG dont understand DLC. You are supposed to screw over your customers if it was EA or WB you would charge us for different beards for Geralt & lipstick for Yennefer.

But I suppose I will have to put up with this evil free DLC. :)