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Our keyboards still haven’t cooled off after the five game additions from Ziggurat Interactive, yet already we welcome four new re-releases on GOG.COM.

Killing Time is a horror FPS game with abundance of thrills and non-stop action.

Uprising: Join or Die on the other hand is a unique mix of action and strategy set in the far future. In the sequel, Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy, you must again sit behind the wheel of your trusted tank, this time to face bloodthirsty aliens.

Finally, Requiem: Avenging Angel is a classic FPS filled with action and biblical symbolism.

Don’t wait, check those four classic gems that returned to us from the past!
high rated
Already have all four and did not realize that they were pulled from sale.

Glad they are back!
Nice return !
I liked Uprising and I am glad that these games are back to GOG.
So many rereleases. Have them all but really glad to see them back. Nice one GOG ;). Keep it up. Cheers
Nice! Already had them from before, but great to see them return!
Nice! That did not take too long.

Good to have Requiem back.
Here's hoping Ziggurat also got the rights to Blade Edge of Darkness.
"You are Malachi, a Chosen Angel, sent to Earth to save Creation from the wrath of the Fallen." - that`s it, I`m in! - I said when i was fifteen ^

Always felt this would be an easy one to get redone, but nice to see the quick confirmation regardless!
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Why are Killing Time and Requiem both still region blocked for Germany here but not in "the other place"?
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rodrolliv: Here's hoping Ziggurat also got the rights to Blade Edge of Darkness.
The first Dark Souls type of game before there was a Dark Souls. It'd sure be a sales champion on GOG again.

Recently a "Souls" fan played the game and thought it was still excellent:
Nice games. Thanks gog.
Oldies are always not enough.
Welcome back!