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HypersomniacLive: Everything we're discussing concerns the game from trentonlf's claim and after. That's why I say, your chances of winning this would have been slim to none.
Oh, that's what you mean.
Yeah, I was pretty screwed after that. It was fairly obvious how desperate I was getting. At some point (I forget where), I basically said to myself "Screw it, they already know I'm minion, the best shot I've got at this point is to try to direct my wolves."
trentonlf: I knew from the start that Zeo was minion or tanner when he claimed seer and saw only one wolf card since there were two wolves. I was betting he was the minion. Once the game started to become clear for most that I was a wolf all I could think to do was claim minion and go from there. I knew it was only a slight chance it would succeed, but I was so far behind in the game and short on time that it's all I could really do.
It's all good, man. I'm just glad to hear my "minion message" actually did work. As I said before, it's actually pretty darn rare that I play minion (I'm usually robber or troublemaker), so I'll have to remember this strategy.
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zeogold: As I said before, it's actually pretty darn rare that I play minion (I'm usually robber or troublemaker), so I'll have to remember this strategy.
Pretty sure you're always troublemaker.
bler144: Pretty sure you're always troublemaker.
Village idiot.

...after making that joke in this game earlier, I realized that this is an actual Daybreak role, no joke. That was...something.
I asked it a while ago, I dunno if you missed it or were in the "don't read zeogold's posts" phase or whatever, but:
Can you fill me in at all on what the bodyguard is supposed to do in Daybreak? So far as I can tell, he seems more just an annoyance for town than a help.
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Oh I've never played with a bodyguard version.
drealmer7: Oh I've never played with a bodyguard version.
In Daybreak, the bodyguard's vote is sort of an "opposite" vote. Whoever he points to is protected from being lynched. If that person had the most votes, the person with the second-most votes will get the lynch instead.
I guess I can see it being useful if the wolves have the majority...?
It was great, though IRL the villagers would had less time to analyze all the claims. At first I wanted to play a discreete Tanner, but after you guys made us out (and omg it was crazy that after a couple of posts you already were on the right track), i tried somehow to shift trent to tanner and me as a clueless villager. And i was honest when I said that I haven't played Mafia for the last 15-20 years, and only a couple of rounds of Werewolf. I also figured out that zeo was minion quite early, but I tought Hunter might also angle towards tanner.
As for my vote, I was 90% sure trent would get lynched. I was thinking of voting zeo, but in the end ot wouldn't have mattered. The village was just to good in their PoE.
Also I would like to thank my two "teammates", zeo and trent, you guys were great, especially zeo with the seer claim was very bold.
@drealmer In contrast I've never had a vanilla role

@trial I was playing to be lynched at beginning but then later I realized that I should have made a bolder claim for that. That's the reason why I voted blotunga instead of Trent, in rare case it goes for double lynch to increase our chances of win.

@trent Until the end I thought it might be a trap with you pretending to be losing, where you were the tanner.