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Welcome to Mafia Game #36


1. Have fun!
2. No cryptoclaiming. Even if it isn't for your role or action result but for fun. One can't be ever sure
and I would have to check with yourself and that would be complication. I don't want complications!
3. No betting among players.
4. The moderator of this game is me, JMich. Should you need to contact me, you can reach me through the chat system of this forum or through Steam if you want.
4a. Assistant moderator of this game is drealmer7. You can contact him through the chat system of this forum.
5. All players have a vote, which they may place upon any player. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting. Once a player has more than 50% of the votes, that player will be lynched and the game will go to night. No amount of unvoting can prevent this. If you don't unvote, only the latest vote(s) will count, depending on how many votes your role has.
6. A player may also vote nolynch. A majority of nolynch votes will end the day without a lynch.
7. Please remember to bold your votes and unvotes like this: Unvote Sparkly Fountain, vote Rusty Horseshoe.
8. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting. A single "bah"-post is permitted and encouraged.
9. If you are not player or moderator don't post in this thread at all.
10. Don't edit your posts! This is very important! Editing a post is grounds for being modkilled. Due to the forum software I must also ask you not to double post. Two consecutive posts of the same user in a short time frame will merge, creating the appearance of an edited post. The time limit after which you can post without fear of editing post is 10 minutes.
11. Please bold any requests for votecounts or questions to the moderator.
12. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread, except for people specified in your role PM, and then only at such times as the PM specifies. It applies to RL as well. If you know some other player from this game, don't talk to them, do not spy on their roles, PM, quickchats, anything.
13. All players should post regularly. If you expect to be away for longer period, please let me know either through PM or in the game thread. I will be monitoring the thread closely and if I decide your activity is not enough I will prod you. Multiple amount of prods results in replacement or modkill even if you return later. There is not time set in stone but it will probably be something around 48 hours or less, I would say.
14. If you can no longer participate in the game, let me know and I will try to find a replacement.
15. Characters have been assigned through
16. You may not post in the game thread during night phases.
17. All players on winning team win, even the dead ones, assuming any other win conditions have also been satisfied. Anyone who is modkilled loses, no matter what team he was on.
18. Remember it’s just a game. Be polite and remain calm. Anyone not being polite is just trying to get you to make a mistake so they can lynch you. Don’t fall into the trap. Politely lynch them or night kill them for their rudeness.
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Dramatis Personae

0. drealmer7 as Ulysses Adderly, 70. Patriarch, died on N0.
1. CSPVG as Eugene Adderly, 46. Eldest Son. Married to Catherine (Jones) Adderly. Alleged father of Allen Perkins (bastard).
2. dedoporno as Allen Perkins, 20. Alleged bastard son of Eugene Adderly.
3. Lifthrasil as Catherine (Jones) Adderly, 44. Wife of Eugene Adderly.
4. Bookwyrm627 as Eunice (Adderly) Collins, 47. First born daughter, married to Adam Collins
5. trentonlf as Adam Collins, 48. Husband of Eunice (Adderly) Collins.
6. Krypsyn as Michael Adderly, 45. Second Son. Widower, married to Erin (Hawles) Adderly. Father to Michael Jr. and Mariah.
7. Dessimu as Michael Adderly Jr., 22 Son of Michael Adderly from his first wife.
8. yogsloth as Mariah Adderly, 21. Daughter of Michael Adderly from his first wife.
9. Ixamyakxim as Erin (Hawles) Adderly, 36. Wife of Michael Adderly, mother of Elizabeth, step mother to Michael Jr. and Mariah.
10. cristigale as Elizabeth Adderly, 18. Daughter of Michael Adderly with Erin (Hawles) Adderly
11. flubbucket as Constance (Adderly) Williams, 40. Youngest daughter, married to Marvin Williams.
12. RWarehall as Marvin Williams, 42. husband of Constance (Adderly) Williams
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Intro to our play

It was the year 1906.
The Patriarch of the family was old, and his health was failing. His vast fortune could do little to help him now. All that was left for him to do was to divide his wealth to his heirs. But that was no easy task, mostly because he didn't find any of them worthy of any of it. So he decided to test them.
You have all received a letter asking you to join him for a discussion about his last will. Since you are all interested in that, you joined him and he proceeded to take you all on a boat ride to his private island, which none of you had been permitted to visit previously. There, he went in to a rant belittling all of you, his own children and their spouses, to one degree or another, and told you all that none of you really deserved the family fortune, much less deserved the family name. Indeed he got so worked up yelling at you all that some of you thought he might die right then, before telling his decision. He then explained how he was going to divide it.
10% of it would go to anyone who didn't want to take part in the tests. Not 10% to each, 10% divided by the unwilling. The other 90% would be divided to those willing to risk life and limb for his amusement. Only those that would survive could claim the money. He told you to think it overnight, and he would expect your answer of risk or cowardice in the morning, so the tests could begin.
In the morning, the old man is nowhere to be found. You would have expected him to greet you all with his malicious grin, but when you do find him, he has a very different grin on his face. Someone appears to have stabbed him in the heart sometime during the night.
While none of you is particularly sad to see the old man go, and this does also mean you can all claim to have risked the challenges and survive, it does also mean you are trapped on the island with people willing to kill to ensure they'll be the ones to get the money. The boat won't return for 14 days, and you don't have any means to contact the outside world. Will you make it back to civilization to claim the wealth, or will you die on this island like the old man?
And so the bickering begins...
Ah, you can barely see my damn ponytail. Still fixing it.
I'm CSPVG's bastard?!

So like, anyway, This island is totally yuck city and I mean we don’t even have HBO out here, I mean HELLO.

So like, did Dad die? I wasn’t really watching. Thank god my phone gets reception out here because my friend totally texted me like, OMG, she met this new guy and he’s in a band and I guess he’s really hot, and I wasn’t really looking at the corpse because who does that? And I have Daddy issues anyway since Mom died when I was a baby I swear I have toe fungus now. TOE FUNGUS. Because we’re on this gross island and I know toe fungus doesn’t grow that fast my Staci, she’s my bestie, she told me that if you shower in the dorms without sandals on you totally get that and so that’s what I always do because I’m a junior and still living in the stupid dorms because Dad wouldn’t pay for my own apartment because I’ll have boys over, which is retarded, you know, like I’m twenty-one, you know? I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to vote even.

[Re-reads OP]



What I mean is, ah, verily we doth havest to find this, ah, murderer most vile. Forsooth. I do not bite my thumb at you sir, but I bite my thumb sir. Egads. Forsooth. Aye verily. Spaghetti.
Egads I'm married to Bookwyrm!
Oh, Grandpa died.

Well, that's not bad then, I guess, he was totally old and smelled like that cheese we found one time in the back of the fridge.


Do we have iceboxes in 1906?
yogsloth: Well, that's not bad then, I guess, he was totally old and smelled like that cheese we found one time in the back of the fridge.
I hate to break it to you but that wasn't cheese. It was his, though.
dedoporno: I hate to break it to you but that wasn't cheese. It was his, though.
OK, so, who are you even, anyway? Are you supposed to be my long-lost cousin? You're not an Adderly. You smell poor. I know how poor smells, and it's you. Axe body wash. I swear to God.

Uncle Gene, like wtf?
yogsloth: Oh, Grandpa died.

Well, that's not bad then, I guess, he was totally old and smelled like that cheese we found one time in the back of the fridge.


Do we have iceboxes in 1906?
No refrigerators till the 1920's, but iceboxes were around.
dedoporno: I'm CSPVG's bastard?!

<a href="" class="link_arrow"></a></div> I shall take this tenuous connection to Chris Morris and run with it: So, that's how his character from the IT Crowd became the shambling mess of human being in the [url=]Blue Jam Monologues.* I (or rather, Chris Morris) had a son.

*NSFW-ish content, I guess.

Pre-post edit: This sounds excessive mean reading it back, but I trust that it won't be taken to be mean.

Also Vote: Yogsloth. How, in 1906, are you washing your body with an axe, young lady? It all sounds a little suspicions if you ask me.
Hello, Adderlys and those other hangers-on to our family.
Corrections to my above post:

1) It should be, "...shambling mess of a human being..." as opposed to what I have written above.

2) It should be, "Pre-post edit: This sounds excessively mean, having read it back, but I trust that it won't be taken to be mean, as it was intended as a joke."

3) I meant to Vote: Yogsloth.

I am really excellent at this putting sentences together thing.
CSPVG: 3) I meant to Vote: Yogsloth.
You have anything against my little sister, uncle? She has issues, you know.