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TheGOGfather: He's been notified.
How did he react?
HypersomniacLive: Yep, I tried to NK you in Lifthrasil's all-mafia game but got off'd myself by bler144 the moment I stepped out of my room.
I think Bler's team got most of the NKs in that one.

Bookwyrm627: [...] Maybe I'm mixing it up with various threats and lynches, then. I've died so many times that one starts to lose track.
HypersomniacLive: More likely you're mixing it up with the numerous times I killed you in this and/or some sign up thread; I don't think I've ever lynched you either but I'm not as certain as not NK-ing you.
I do have distinct memories of concrete shoes and fighting in the of-course-there-aren't-tragic-brothers-that's-just-dumb game.
TheGOGfather: He's been notified.
JoeSapphire: How did he react?
I've heard nothing.

I also messaged him through Steam.
TheGOGfather: I've heard nothing.

I also messaged him through Steam.

I'll make a sign-up thread shall I?

TwilightBard: Hmmmmm, I wonder if I can post at work....I miss this, but trying to get a new job so I might be able to play again with 'normal' hours...

Please visit this link, click 'new post', type "I'm in", and click 'post my message'.

trust me.
If anyone reads this within the next few mins. Could you bump Joe's game?
I need a replacement player in the current mafia game. Is anyone available? Send me a message if you're interested.
bump please?
Could I have a quick bump in the game thread, please?
Hi guys!

I think yogsloth maybe already shared this, but I didn't see anything here in this thread and I wanted to make sure that you guys received the invitation.

GOG is invited to the 6th annual Mafia Championship!

This year will feature 187 communities - a new record. I'm hoping very much that GOG will be one of them :)

If the invitation piques your interest, you could nominate fellow community members and/or volunteer yourself here.

Link to the invitation with full details:
There it is, people.

So, who wants to go?
how's it worked in the past? Have we represented before?
JoeSapphire: how's it worked in the past? Have we represented before?
Someone who wants to go volunteers, and the rest of us say "Eh, sure. He'll do."

Yogsloth went one year. What's-his-face, with the long posts and occasional strange rambling, went another year. Brasas! I think RWarehall also went one year.
Bookwyrm627: Someone who wants to go volunteers
Eh sure, you'll do.