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Unvote Bookwyrm
Vote Dessimu
trentonlf: Looks like Day 1 is dead already, that didn't take long :-(
Dessimu: I need 3-5 hours for a normal input. Got to let guests out. In the mean time, trentonlf, you yourself could do more loud thinking and revive the Day. Here is a thought - what do you think about lynching one of the lurkers with least helpful content provided?
Tell you what, answer the questions I asked you and I'll answer yours.
Suddenly, the thunder in the distance changes in quality. It sounds more ominous and threatening and somewhat like an explosion. And sure enough, there it is. The slight vibration in the ground that sometimes precedes a big Emission. Almost as if the land itself shudders in fear, while the energy for something violent gathers around Cernobyl in the distance. You don't have long until it strikes. So you start to search for the nearest shelter. There, in the distance, seems to be an old farm. Hopefully it will have a basement that's deep enough.

'The End is neigh'-Vote Count:

Bookwyrm: 2 - drealmer, JMich
Dessimu: 2 - Gamma, RWare
JMich: 1 - Bookwyrm
drealmer: 1 - trentonlf

Bookwyrm and Dessimu tie at L-3
Not voting: Sage, Dessimu, cristigale
I have no problem voting Dess. I do not think his backward talking and lack of contributing to be a good thing at all for town. He is staying in the shadows and when he does post its not helpful at all. Im not sure I like him ignoring trents questions. If he can not at least respond to something directly asked to him is there a reason for that? Because if so its not town at all in my eyes.

Gamma is a close second I could vote for as well for lack of contributing. But i feel much more conformable with Dess right now.

Bookwyrm and trent are father back. Bookwyrm for everything I have listed and trent for his completely lack of hunting and then claiming he is doing it in private and not at all his normal play to get people to talk and hunt together. Town wins when we work together not alone.

cristi- i will not vote for I have her as town right now.

Jmich- he has not had much to say but a few responses to things said that raised his eyes brows and what he has pointed out has also raised my eyebrows. leaning more town than scum right now.

RW - I find hard to read right now. I wish he would post more or someone would get caught in his donut trap. Though he did raise my eye brow with his reasons why he thinks bookwyrm right be town as he did this with hyper last game but I dont think he would do that this early in the game. But it still makes me wonder. I would love to see more from him and more of his thoughts.

dreamer - I would like to hear more as I am not sure from what he has posted so far. I know we have real life things but if he doesnt come back to the game i would have no problem lynching him for lurking. lurking is not helpful at all.

drealmer7: ...
The only one not startled by the thunder seems to be drealmer. While he has managed to save himself and doesn't sink further, he also makes no effort to get out of the mud. On the contrary, he seems to enjoy it. "It almost like Fargo... Van Gogh ... what's the name of that mud bath?" he shouts.

drealmer, you still have to get out of the mud before you can hurry to the shelter. You'll have to provide some entertaining flavour to compensate that long silence! ;-)
trentonlf: Tell you what, answer the questions I asked you and I'll answer yours.
I can do that:

trentonlf: Tell me Dessimu, what do you think of bookwyrm? What do you think of Sage?
Bookwyrm leans town. His #38 vote on Drealmer seems pure flavor-based and in a special provoking manner that successfully ignited the whole shabang about cultists, possible NS and whatnot. While I myself wasn't smart enough to realize sooner, in #51 he explains why cult-talk is nonsense by "My question is this: under what circumstances would I ever claim to be a Cultist on Day 1 during RVS?".

Curious thing is why Sage even ponders the idea (#44) of someone (in this case, Bookwyrm) actually claiming a role (any role) this early in the game (pretty much during RVS) when no threat is presented for that player. Doing so as town is mostly anti-town, thus doing so as scum is too risky. I can see this as Sage taking an opportunity for role-fishing, but I also feel I might be wrong.

Also, at this point Cristi's #58 vote on Bookwyrm seems as an easy jump with weak reason, scummy. It fits well if Bookwyrm actually is town, cristigale is scum and then it would seem cristi overlooked (/chose to overlook) RVS flavor and jumped in Drealmer's defense because Drealmer is her scum buddy. Sure, later cristi unvoted Bookwyrm but she keeps getting back and back at him. Why? Plus, she is misreading me and while my content is not as helpful - why any of the other lurking players are smaller suspects than me? I mean, I only made a small push on Drealmer.

Which is also interesting, because while my poking is hardly reasonable - why do others (namely, Cristigale and Gamma) react to it way more seriously than Drealmer himself. Sure, Drealmer has no time to post, something is going on. But... Gamma goes after Bookwyrm (who in my eyes looks town), then goes after me #138, #139. Gamma calls my poking of Drealmer a push, while I did not even vote yet. Voting is pushing. Asking questions is asking questions and making conclusions.


I wanted to make this whole post only about Bookwyrm and Sage, but the more I write and read through the posts, the more I get carried away. So I shall post this now, just adding some:

cristigale: Apart from you, I'm getting more leery about Dessi. He's made several pokes, but no analysis. It's starting to feel like his D1 play in drealmer's game.
And how was my play there exactly? Are you saying you see some similarities in play style, thus I look scummy?
cristigale: @dess - I haven't read thoroughly yet, but why did you wait until now to make a case on drealmer based on a post he made on Saturday?
Are you scum?
Because only by that time (posting #129) I started looking for clues. #17 was first post of all that caught my eye as "maybe it is something".
No, I am loyalist aligned.


GammaEmerald: Don't like the vote by bookwyrm, feels fake tbh. Vote feels like a reach.
Bookwyrm the Literary Creepy Crawly
In next post, trentonlf treats Bookwyrm's vote as "pushing for reaction" yet you take it for serious and it sets you off.
GammaEmerald: JMich - I kinda agree with Bookwyrm that he seems scummy
Dessimu - I thought he was post retricted but it's self imposed so *shrug*. Scumread for reason above
Vote Dessimu
I have no restrictions, Russian nonsense is flavor. My poking of Drealmer is as of yet, just poking. Pushing would be me, assuming Drealmer to be scum so much that I would vote him. What in your words, does make JMich look scummy to you?


Overall, it seems to me like many things hover around Drealmer. Like:
- Gamma votes Bookwyrm and me, both initially because we touched Drealmer more than any other players.
- Drealmer himself is right now tunneling on Bookwyrm and I am not sure if it's because "He called me a cultist and this is a lie!" or because "That bastard guessed right and my scummy pants are on fire!"
- trentonlf's #40 vote on Drealmer as "adding pressure" became "a feeler" #115, though I see no questioning of Drealmer, no analysis
Unvote JMich.

Vote Dessimu.

Reason is in the post where I voted JMich. Dessimu stepped up a little, but not nearly enough to be worth saving.

He's now at L-1, and the Day could end at any time.
Long break. Went back and reread Dessi's post on drealmer.

@dess-Is there anything else besides that post which makes you think drealmer is scum? I get the impression that post was an attempt to look like you're game solving. I know you can do a lot more as scum but I've also watched you take a more hands off approach as well.

I still have some suspicions of Bookwyrm but he also seems to be trying harder than anyone else to advance the game.

Vote Dessimu

@sage - who do you find suspicious?
And with that < 60 second pair of votes, we're open to accusations of a quick hammer. o.O
I totally feel scum piling on.
Dang it, I refreshed in another tab before posting. I didn't intend to end the day like that.
Wow, that was quick. We have a hammer!

Final vote count:

Dessimu: 5 - Gamma, RWare, Sage, Bookwyrm, cristigale
Bookwyrm: 2 - drealmer, JMich
drealmer: 1 - trentonlf

Dessimu tie at L-0 and is lynched.
Not voting: Dessimu

Flavour to follow. In the few remaining minutes it's twilight. You can keep posting, but no votes will be counted any more.
Post edited May 25, 2017 by Lifthrasil
Dessimu: I totally feel scum piling on.
Any last words?
My guess is Drealmer, Cristigale and Gamma are in the team.

Don't like JMich lurking. RW is probably busy, but also not helpful enough.

Trentonlf is keeping too much distance out of everything and is comfortable being on Drealmer. Seems strange.

Not sure why Bookwyrm rushed forward in voting. Hope Drealmer comes back. If not - game might get stale.
Dessimu: Not sure why Bookwyrm rushed forward in voting. Hope Drealmer comes back. If not - game might get stale.
I checked, saw we're in the nebula time and you'd collected some votes, and I haven't been impressed by your posting thus far. Maybe with a few more days or more activity, but I was willing to sacrifice you for a lynch.

I didn't expect you to die so fast after my vote though; Cristi and I cross posted by just under 60 seconds.