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1. flubbucket is the Moderator of this game! Feel free to contact me by the GOG forum PM system at any time! The answer to your question will be forthcoming….eventually…..most likely never. Please realize I sleep, work, yell at my neighbor's shrubbery, so apply patience where needed.

2. All players may have a vote, which they may use against any player. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting.

NOTE: The player with the most Votes at the deadline will be lynched. Player One has four, Player Two has four, Player Three has five...Player Three is lynched. A tie lynch vote will result in something wonderful.

3. A player may also vote No Lynch.

4. Please remember to bold your votes and unvotes like this: Unvote JoeSapphire, Vote SirPrimalform.

5. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting. A single "bah!” post is permitted and encouraged right after your death. Your death notification will include a link to the “Dead Thread” (i.e. the observation lounge) where you may continue to spectate and postulate in a relatively spoiler free environment.

6. Don't edit your posts! This is very important! Editing a post is grounds for being modkilled to death!!!
Due to the forum software I must also ask you be extra careful if you double post. This is because two consecutive posts from the same user in a short time frame will merge, creating the appearance of an edited post. The time limit after which this stops happening is 10 minutes.

Accidents happen, but repeated double-posting/edited posts will anger flubbucket and he will have the edit elves give you a taint wax with melted crayons and duct tape. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

7. If you wish to ask me a question in game, please bold your text or PM me.

8. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread, except for people specified in your role PM, and then only at such times as the PM specifies.

9. Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs you receive from the mod. If you are afraid your paraphrasing is too close, contact me and I’ll check it out. Directly quoting your PM or paraphrasing too closely will anger flubbucket and is grounds for modkill.

10. All players should post at least once every 36 hours. If you expect to be away for more than 48 hours, please let me know either through PM or in the game thread. Failure to do this will result in me sending you an anal prod via PM and in thread. I understand things come up, so don’t hesitate to drop me a note. I am a generous mod.

11. If you can no longer participate in the game, let me know and I will and try to find a replacement.

12. All players in the winning team win, assuming any other win conditions have also been satisfied. Anyone who is subbed out or modkilled loses.

13. NOTE SPECIAL RULE: At the end of Day Phase, whether lynch or no lynch, you may continue posting in the game thread. It is NOT required but is allowed. You may talk about the game, the voting, the suspects, your feelings, your polyps or not post at all. I will notify you of impending Night end so those players who might not have survived can make the necessary arrangements. At that time night time chat in the game thread will cease until the Beginning of the Day post.


15. Please remember it’s just a game. Be polite and remain calm. Anyone not being polite is just trying to get YOU to make a mistake so they can lynch you. Don’t fall into the trap. Politely lynch them or night kill them for their rudeness.

I'm not saying there are Town, Mafia, or Cult members in this game. But if there were:

Town Win Condition: All threats to town are eliminated.

Mafia Win Condition: Everyone else is dead or your members outnumber all others.

Cult Win Condition: Your members outnumber all others.


It was a record breaking heatwave this August at Weeners and Wine Stripateria - Body Waxing & Whole Foods Market. The day would start like any other day. Deliveries earlier in the morning of edamame and free range tofu along with barrels of body wax and oil kept the service hallways bustling.

The thump thump thump of the music seemed to always be resonating through the walls. Dance practice was starting earlier and earlier nowadays since new management took over. The older dancers were used to the longer practices but the new guys were already complaining about the long hours.

“All these women want is to look at some crushing abs, and a high and tight ass. These new routines are bullshit!”, snorted Wayne. “Perhaps if you didn’t look like such an inbred bumpkin you could get by on just those things.” “Fuck you Mike! My package is just as impressive as yours.” “Package ain’t shit if you look like your face just bounced off of the pavement a time or three.” Mike looked smug because he was one of the big money makers in the group. “How ‘bout a kick your ass right now!” Wayne started moving in Mike’s direction. Amanda stepped between them stretching out his arms. “Listen girls, don’t let the roid rage get you into something you’ll both regret. You're both handsome and we need to stick together.” “Shut up you fuckin’ tranny! And get your goddam hand off my chest!” Wayne stormed off in a huff toward the back door.

The stress seemed to have everyone on edge. It had been just one night since the tragic murder of one of the dancers. He was such a nice guy to work with and a crowd favorite. It was hard to stomach the brutal dismembering and gruesome death of Enormous Genitals, let alone the fear which seemed to smother everything. Norm, as he was called by his friends, was ready to cover a shift or to help with spraying on tan. And he never rubbed it in anyone’s face that he was the most well endowed dancer the club had ever seen. Humble to a fault, but clearly the victim of some dastardly foul play.

Police were useless so it was going to be up to them to ferret out the evil doers. They were just hoping no one else fell victim to the brutality which had slithered into their midst.



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We will have a Twilight Period now with a contest for Fabulous Prizes.

Post a dance video of your choosing and all players will Vote for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd with prizes to be awarded.

Please Vote 1)______ 2)______ 3)______ in order for the moderator to keep this simple and manageable.

Tie Votes will be settled with a tie breaker: Submit another dance video.

For your convenience:



bler144 --(Wayne Kerr)-- (1,1) - (Suicide Day One - Mafia Mystery Role)
yogsloth --(Erik Shunn)-- (14,1)
Krypsyn--(Hugh G. Recshun) -- (3,1) - (Day Two Lynch - Mafia Bus Driver)
dedoporno--(Oliver Closov)-- (3,7) - (Night Kill Night One - Town Party Host)
Vitek--(Don U. Jakov)-- (4,2)
JMich--(Phil A. Sheo)-- (4,21)
HijacK--(Heywood Jablome)-- (6,2)
Bookwyrm627--(Amanda Jamitinya)-- (6,3) - (Death by Butt Blast Day Two - Town Vanilla)
drealmer7--(Ivan R. Don)-- (7,5) ---(Quit Day One - Town Vanilla)
Dessimu--(Barry McCociner)-- (7,11) - (Day Two Lynch - Mafia Jailer)
trentonlf--(Dixon Hand)-- (8,1)
A_Future_Pilot//replaced by agentcarr16--(Phil Oliver Holz)-- (8,2)
cristigale--(Lot O'toole)-- (9,3) - (Day One Lynch - Town Vanilla)
CSPVG--(Mustaffa Mehrod Enjapuper)-- (9,7)


Dance Contest Winners:

1st - Dessimu

2nd - dedoporno

3dr - cristigale
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First! Getting BOX ready!
When it comes to hard men and dancing there is only one video I put above all others.
All this on no coffee.

Time for coffee.
"All happy male strip club patrons are alike; each unhappy male strip club patron is unhappy in their own way."

- Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina.


I'll dance for you, Mr. Bucket. Just know that I'll really be a million miles away.
Bitches be trippin'. Amirite?
Put on your red shoes. Let's dance!

Bruh, can you even heel?
Dancing can be erotic AND dangerous!

To be honest, I prefer a passionate tango. It is as if a woman unleashes her inner desires. That relation between him and her becomes ultimate, absolute, entirety. It's like having sex in public with all your clothes on and if anyone sees you, they get so envy, they are ready to swoop through the earth.

This clip sort of shows what I mean. I have seen amazing tango dances a few time live and they were more...wild.
Dance, baby, dance.
I had a bad feeling the moment I saw the far East alphabet...
Dessimu: as if a woman unleashes her inner desires.
Sir, you're playing a dangerous game. I'm afraid you might get burnt in the process.

The context of the video seriously doesn't help either. xD
It's about dancing. Isn't it beautiful?
Dessimu: It's about dancing. Isn't it beautiful?
Depends where you're looking. :P

Damn these redheads always messing around with my head. >.>
Dessimu: Dancing can be erotic AND dangerous!

To be honest, I prefer a passionate tango. It is as if a woman unleashes her inner desires. That relation between him and her becomes ultimate, absolute, entirety. It's like having sex in public with all your clothes on and if anyone sees you, they get so envy, they are ready to swoop through the earth.

This clip sort of shows what I mean. I have seen amazing tango dances a few time live and they were more...wild.
That looked like a broadway show, and a pretty good one at that.

Vote Krypsyn and his damn box!