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^ his forum activity is legendary
^ invented XYZZY.
^ invented Atari Lynx handheld.
^ He pioneered the design and development of the NVIDIA RTX GPU series.
^ he is so adept at optimizing that his brand new game that puts all AAA-titles to shame graphics-wise runs perfectly on S3 Virge.
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^Freely gives out sub sandwiches to the poor.
^ He works sub-par hours serving free, but substantially substandard, sub sandwiches at Subway.
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^ he's a jolly good fellow
^ Relying on empirical data and a careful analysis of dependable sources, his statements avoid being factually inaccurate.
^ Pioneered and designed most of the AMD RX 7000 series of GPU's.
^ saved this world three times already but is too shy to mention it.
^ He never appeared in Guardians of The Galaxy, because he is the member who is both invisible, inaudible, and imperceptible, yet is primarily responsible for the group's triumph in any situation.
Hooyaah saw fit to expose Drax's secret identity because he's a clever and conniving villain.
^ Would willingly donate a (lego) kidney to anyone who needed one
^ will not miss any opportunity to persuade people to donate their organs to needy recipients!