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This new thread is in honor of a nice and humble user who is now back with us, resting in the shadows :) :) :)

Since the other thread was placed into the GOGney vault, I shall try my best to get a new one going.
The rules are more or less the same: toss a friendly/silly/cutesy/funny compliment or two to the user above you

Well, that's about it.....have fun, my fellow goggites(gogodytes?) :)

(p.s. One may also, if they so choose, share a pic attachment with their game posts.
I myself will be showing off my latest AI image maker finds, when I have time ;D)
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^ prevents good ideas from dying.
^ Has good taste in games, alcohol, and women
(though not necessarily in that order)
^ Was nice enough to make a remaster of that now closed forum game and even informed me about it through PM. :)
^ he is one of the first on this page!
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Is welcoming to others.
^Made sure the house owners were never harrassed again.
^ never harassed house owners in the first place.
^ Would probably let out a house for free to wayward orphans if they could afford it
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^ Decided that the "Post something nice about the user above you game!" just wasn't wholesome enough and will not rest until we achieve maximum feels.
Spends his weekends carefully repairing bite marks on toys donated for poor kids.
^ he is cheering up sad clowns all the time at other thread
^ Is far too trusting of clowns to think they could ever be sad except when hungry for more children.
^ He built a life-sized clown out of Lego building blocks and it looks stunningly life-like.
^ Peered into the maw of this model and is mesmerized by the lightshow inside, it's jaw-dropping!