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Not in, but a little bump to say thanks for the giveaway :)
Giveaway is now closed.

Here are the winners:

Dustforce DX - zahradilj, joseegreg
Jack Lumber - Daynov
Superhexagon - zahradilj, NerdQuest
Voxatron - joseegreg
Afterfall Insanity - damien
Ionball 2 - kmonster
Memories of a Vagabond - SalarShushan

A second copy of Dustforce Dx and Superhexagon has been to the giveaway thanks to pablodusk.

PMs have been sent.

No entries for Canyon Capers, Chaos Domain or Deadbreed. If some wants them just reply me.
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Awesome thx much. I didn't expect I'll win. Congrats guys and have a nice day.
Post edited January 14, 2015 by zahradilj
Thank you very much for Vagabond, DracoMagister :D

Congratulations to all the other winners :)
DracoMagister: Giveaway is now closed.
Received and redeemed.
Thank you!!!
And congratulations to all the other winners.
not in, but thanks! +1 for you
cograts to the winers, lool :p
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