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It can't be the first, but it's got to be one of the first examples:
strife.jpg (54 Kb)

I don't think anyone will be able to find game with shops older than that.
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trentonlf: When you say shop it sounds like you mean the "shop" has a storefront and you go inside to see the shop owner behind a counter and you purchase items from them? Versus a random peddler on the street or in the wild who has items for sale?
misteryo: After his last reply, I think he must mean a shop you access from anywhere in the game world and you are "transported" there - as if the shop is another dimension.

misteryo: Still not a meaningful distinction to me, but I'll be darned if I can remember where I first encountered this ...
What has actually prompted me to ask this, is that (at least that's my impression, I have to say that I'm not really into modern games) in-game shops are nowadays a boilerplate concept in modern games, like your beloved quicktime events and ... for the love of god ... downloadable content. But I remember when Kingpin came out, it seemed like something new to me. This made me curious when this all started. Even though RPGs may have had a similar concept since the beginning of time (1979 is actually not far from the beginning of time, at least on Unix systems), the introduction of in-game shops into other genres happened much later. Maybe it would have been wiser to explicitly exclude RPGs to from the discussion, that's why I tried to give examples instead of definitions.

Therefore let us exclude all RPGs from the discussion.
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FT337mZn: Playing a lot of Bayonetta and spending much time at Rodin's place got me thinking on the concept of in-game stores, and asking myself when this was actually introduced into gaming. Of course if you are generous enough as to what counts as a "store", then in-game stores for sure have long existed in rpgs in the form of NPCs e.g. trading weapons for gold etc. But let's agree that "store" means more something like Rodin's place in Bayonetta, or the Pawn-O-Matic in Kingpin. I hope these examples suffice in lack of a definition to make clear what I mean.
With this provisions in mind let me turn to you and your gaming knowledge and ask you, which game was the first to feature in-game stores?
Space shooter blast-em-ups from the 80s had stores where you could upgrade your ship's weapons/armour/engines etc. I'm thinking the type of game like Blazing Lazers although I don't remember if that game specifically had that, but there were games like that back then that did.
We're probably talking back to Rouge or so.