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I've always been fascinated by <span class="bold">anamorphic illusions</span>.  Here are four examples I've found in a book titled " <span class="bold">Optical Illusions: The Science of Visual Perception</span> " :

Transformation illusions:

<span class="bold">Encore</span>  (Shigeo Fukuda  ―  1976)

From one angle, the sculpture depicts a pianist. But if you turn it by 90 degrees you'll see a violinist. "Encore" is part of a series of metamorphosing musicians captured at different stages of a concert.

<span class="bold">Underground Piano</span>  (Shigeo Fukuda  ―  1984)

This distorted structure creates the illusion of a perfect piano when it's reflected by the mirror.

Shadow illusion:

<span class="bold">Lunch with Helmet On</span>  (Shigeo Fukuda  ―  1987)

This shadow sculpture of a motorcycle is built entirely out of welded forks, knives, and spoons. Fukuda wanted to create a three-dimensional object in which the shadow, as opposed to the actual form, represented the actual object. He utilized 848 pieces of cutlery to construct this work.

Anamorphic painting:

<span class="bold">Endlich auf der stra&szlig;e. Der Smart ForFour</span>  (Edgar Müller, Manfred Stader and Gregor Wosik  ―  2004)

Another great example of anamorphosis is an outdoor advertisement for the Smart ForFour, created by three street painters in Hamburg. This anamorphic painting is 82 feet long.
Exoanthrope: I like this one:
Arrg that's annoying because you see something out of the corner of your eye that makes you go 'WTF'? and your natural instinct is to look right at it which immediately destroys the effect!
Interesting though!
I have always been partial to this one.
There's an optical illusion called the "<span class="bold">Thatcher effect</span>", originally created by Peter Thompson in 1980. It clearly illustrates that the brain can't properly process an upside down face. Once the face is upright, it becomes obvious that something is wrong...

Here's an example of this illusion, with <span class="bold">Barack Obama</span>! :-)
Hardrada: I have always been partial to this one.
Is that some kind of trick? I keep staring, but I don't see a boat. :O
I like outdoor anamorphic paintings.
Also, the one with the sloppy lines gets me everytime.
I am not sure if it fits, but folks check this out... Motion sickness assured.;oe=55A71A91&amp;__gda__=1437099800_4934ce681d941a057dce748d808379d7

Not "optical", but I like this one too.

You have to put headset on; it won't work with speakers.

(and it's not a joke, screamer or anything of the kind)
ZFR: I still find this pretty amazing.

(squares A and B are the same colour).
Here's a <span class="bold">similar one</span>...
Here are three interesting motion illusions:

▪  <span class="bold">Motion illusion # 1</span>
▪  <span class="bold">Motion illusion # 2</span>
▪  <span class="bold">Motion illusion # 3</span>
Hardrada: I have always been partial to this one.
Fair enough - but the illusion is when she lies on her back and creates a sundial
Seeing a desert mirage with your own eyes is a wonderful sight.

Unless it's Ali coming to troll you for drinking from his well:

(no special effects in that scene, the mirage was real)
Fever_Discordia: In all seriousness though, this one is pretty mind blowing
(shows how it's done at the end)
Holy shit that is the business right there. Now I don't know what to believe. Forget 4th dimension, 3rd dimension is already a mind fuck.

In some 4th dimensional universe somewhere:
"I'm afraid your son is not keeping up with the rest of the class. Here look at his homework. It has been drawn all over with Tesseracts and other basic shapes..."
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