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InkPanther: In that case I'd probably write to Firek and ask about this (or maybe JudasIscariot). I know that there was a big sale lately and support is probably overwhelmed, as always during and shortly after sales ;), but over a week of waiting is a bit much.
Deadmansfu: Thank you I will try that to see if it helps!!!
Worry not, I've got spies everywhere!
I found your ticket and, while we're currently well-staffed and up to speed with tickets (and intending to keep it that way!) this one is indeed unreplied... I already wrote this in my reply to your ticket, but once again I'm sorry this happened - I'm sure there was a good reason why this had to happen, but it's a shame that you weren't informed of it. I'll investigate in the office, first thing in the morning.
I have just sent you the code, along with my personal contact details (please don't share!;)) in case something happens.