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Geromino: Considering:

- Its a tv show spawned from a computer game francise. An especially intelligent francise, with deep lore, but still.
amok: Fallout does indeed have a deep lore, but calling it intelligent I would not. It flies in the face of anything that we call reality, science and sociology, and there is no good reason for it given except "just roll with it, bro"
Err ... I was actually talking about how well developed the world is. Not that it is realistic.
amok: true
Mafwek: True in the sense that even persons of low intelligence are intelligent. When I speak of intelligence, I mean high intelligence.
It was quite well explained in an Isekai book i was reading, that stats don't affect your actual intelligence but instead affect how well your skills are effective in the sense of success or level of success...

But that's when you break the 4th wall. When you don't, you expect an 18 intelligence person to be... intelligent... and actually know things.
Part 1 of Chris Avellone's Review/Breakdown of the series