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In the game "Eye of the Beholder" I can do anything but attack mobs.
I'm playing in Windows 10.
Just click on a weapon beside any of your characters' portrait and voilà!
(I don't remember if it was left or right click though...)
Lone_Scout: (I don't remember if it was left or right click though...)
I believe it was right-click, as I have vague memories (neh, nightmares) of accidentally forgetting and clicking with the left button and picking up the weapon, and subsequently realising it was attached to the pointer on numerous occasions...
Don't forget to equip your heroes with weapons.

Also note that only fronliners can melee attack the mobs, those behind them only with long weapons like polearms, not sure about vanilla EoB but in EoB 2-3 those weapons are available. Those in the back, on a 3rd row, can't meele anything even with polearms. Anyone can attack with missile weapons and magic.

Gnomes and Hobbits are not that good. Humans are best at everything, except that Elves might have some nice saving throws for charm/sleep magic.
Also right clicking in a companion's name and then right clicking other lets you swap possitions. A way to dynamically optimize the party for meleeing with guys that do not reach due to possition. But honestly it always was too much micromanagement to me when in combat