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We know that many of you expressed disappointment about the lack of the new multiplayer feature in the latest update to No Man's Sky on GOG.COM. While we have limited control over games and content updates, we want you to have the best and risk-free experience possible when you buy a game on GOG.COM.

Although Hello Games chose not to offer refunds over missing game content to our users and instead promised to bring the missing multiplayer content later this year, we understand that some of you might not be willing to wait. For this reason, entirely at GOG's own cost, we’re offering an extended refund policy for all owners of No Man’s Sky. Even if your purchase is no longer covered by the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you can contact our customer support team and we’ll issue a refund in wallet funds.

This extended refund policy applies to all owners of No Man's Sky on GOG.COM who request the refund by this Sunday, July 29, 10:00 PM UTC.
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Very good GoG!

[EDIT] Although if it's just Wallet funds you might want to consider extending that deadline a bit - 4 days isn't much and not everybody is here everyday.
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I haven't bought the game yet but i complain a lot so i might as well offer some praise when something is done right and this is a great and customer friendly move so thank you GOG.
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Nice one.

GOG does what Goodbye Games don't.
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Still waiting for my refund...
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nocatix: Still waiting for my refund...
it's been twelve minutes. XD

WTF are you Barry Allen? :P
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For those who wan't to use the refund chance.
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nocatix: Still waiting for my refund...
I just replied to your ticket - please reply to confirm, and I'll get those refund cogs grinding in a jiffy. :)

Also, more generally - it's 8PM over here, so our capacity to respond to all requests is somewhat diminished. :) We'll do our best, but some of you may get your responses first thing tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. :)
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I have been pretty vocal about my disappointment, but GoG chose to address the problem first hand and this is something that should be noticed and appreciated.
Nice job guys wish though the multiplayer was in for the people who wanted it though Hello games should have offered steam keys for people who wanted the multiplayer as all this does is takes money from gog and gives to steam while if Hello just gave keys to gog customers that showed they bought the game then no one loses.

Still bought the game myself (no interest in multiplay) as a support to gog for trying to do their best in a sad situation/
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Although I am not affected by this situation, it pleases me to know my "investments" in GOG's games are well-spent :)
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GOG <3

Not going to use the refund btw.
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Nice! That's one customer friendly move on GOG's part!
I primarily play single player so I am fine waiting for the MP update... I'm quite baffled HG doesn't simply provide Steam keys with proof of purchase. My understanding is, devs can generate any amount of Steam keys they want... am I wrong about that?

Regardless, good on GOG for at-least attempting to remedy the situation as best as you can.
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And here is the reason why I will keep buying games here.
Good job you guys, that's how a company proves they really are on the player's side.
I won't be asking for the refund , you don't deserve to "lose" that money because of a silly game company that doesn't know how to communicate properly about there game, but a big massive thank you for offering it to all the people who bought the game.