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If a reputed dev like doublefine cant update stuff here i fear the worst
timppu: Good catch:

Bigs: EDIT - as far as I can tell Steam is at 1.06
timppu: How did you find that out? I tried to see what the Steam version is, but I didn't see the version number on the store page.

I checked also the link behind "View Update History", but it wasn't a changelog, it was more like announcements and news from the developer. I didn't clearly see from it either, what was the last update for the Steam version.

I recall easily seeing the version number for some other Steam games on the store page, but not for this game for some reason.
That's why I said as far as I can tell... as the only update post regarding updating the version of the game was one for 1.06. Also combed the game forums but couldn't spot anything relevant.
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I can't wrap my head around this:

gOg: "The game is going bye-bye because the developer will not be keeping up version parity compared to other stores."

Customer: "Aw, maaaan! Why did I not get more warning so I could buy this game that I KNOW will not be receiving needed updates on gOg?!?"
Linko90: Everything (2017) has, unfortunately, departed from our catalog. Despite efforts to ensure the GOG version remained up to date with other platforms, both GOG and Double Fine Presents have agreed to delist the game.

For those who currently own Everything, don’t worry, you still (and always will) have access to it.

If you wish to seek a refund for your purchase, please contact
Uh, you might want to clarify that thread title a bit LOL. :P

Unless of course you're this guy:
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mechmouse: Developers shouldn't have this much problems keeping the two releases synchronised, there is something serious wrong somewhere!
fortune_p_dawg: yeah, the fishiest part about the whole thing is that some devs seem to have no problem keeping the gog version up to date while with others it seems that the hour or two of time it might take to update the game they decided to sell here is just too achingly valuable. lol.
Neither did this game. As was as I can tell, the GOG version did receive two updates in 2017, and even quite soon afterwards. As far as I can tell, the game was released in April 2017, and the GOG version apparently got two updates, one already in April, and another in May.

Also, not anymore sure if the GOG version was really missing any updates, at least yet... (the reports that the Steam version would be 1.06, which is what the GOG versions was too AFAIK) Was this some kind of pre-emptive delisting?
liquidsnakehpks: If a reputed dev like doublefine cant update stuff here i fear the worst
I like Doublefine, but they have had a history of sort of "flaking" on titles.

I didn't realize Everything was one of their games - what's the gist of it?
adaliabooks: GOG is growing, but I'd say the core audience is still interested in certain types of games and genres and these oddball indie games just don't sell well.
Which is exactly why I think people should stop whining about GOG declining some (indie) games from their store. Maybe GOG knows something that those whiners don't know, like the game would not sell well enough on GOG, the developer would probably lose interest keeping the GOG version up to date etc.

I am happy GOG is proactive, both in deciding what to allow to the store, and also now "tidying up" the store. Not sure about this game particularly, though...
bhrigu: I wonder is it that difficult to update a game on GOG!
Unfortunately I think Galaxy is the issue - see the following posting by a dev regarding this;
Bigs: That's why I said as far as I can tell... as the only update post regarding updating the version of the game was one for 1.06. Also combed the game forums but couldn't spot anything relevant.
Ok, so we don't know for sure. I think 1.06 came already over a year ago, so it would mean the Steam version wouldn't have been updated for over a year now.

I guess only someone who has the game on Steam can tell for sure.
The one with the somersaulting elephants.
This is another disappointment. I'm glad unfinished and lesser versions are being delisted. But are developers trying to make a statement about the community's whining? "You'll take what you get or get nothing!" Or is GOG holding peoples' feet to the fire and getting this as a result on particular games with poor sales? "That game isn't selling enough to take the time to update it. Just pull it if it means so much to you!"

I wonder which situation (or if there's another) we're in?
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Shit, the post title caused me a panic attack... XD
high rated
To be fair, the natural result of putting GoG to the task of making sure games remain up to date and feature-rich, assuming GoG starts following through, means some games will get dropped like this...

Personally, I find this to be an encouraging sign that GoG is beginning to act on the community's valid complaints concerning games with missing updates and features. While it's sad to see games go away, I think a bit of thanks are in order to GoG for finally acting on our concerns.

In short...
Thank you GoG for following up and taking our concerns seriously.
And thank you for keeping us up to date on your catalog changes.
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This thread will go down in GOG history. :P
Linko90: As users have already confirmed, Everything has now been delisted. As stated before, those who already own the game will still have access to it.

Refund requests should be sent to
Can you guys give us 1-2 days start before the game will be pulled from here and not 1 hour or less? I am sure some of us would like to buy something *looking at Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth missed opportunity*. -.-