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Carabbo: I've recently bought a new laptop but I still use the old one for some gaming and other stuff.
Unfortunately the escape key is gone and I cannot exit some games that require that key.
How do I remap the keyboard? I'm looking for a solution but it's not clear how to do it.
Is it possible to change the keys through the registry?
If you do a little work at the onset, you can go back to using just one (other) key as replacement.

Start by downloading AutoHotKey at and install it.
Open Notepad and write;


(Which replaces your broken Escape key with the seldom used Pause/Break key)

Then save that Notepad with the *.AHK file ending.
You can now double-click the file to use it, and never think about it again.
Or at least until you restart the computer..but it's also easy to autostart the file.

Fair warning. Some MP games might not like that you are using AutoHotKey.
Since the program also allows you to script entire sequences of input commands to execute.