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Once again, we travel back in time to play retro games brought to you back thanks to Ziggurat Interactive. Today, two puzzle games await your discovery:

Revelation (-33%) is an arcade-style puzzle game where you spin color-coded interconnected dials inside clockwork locks to match colors and create chain reactions to open each safe.

Zyconix (-33%) is an exciting old-school arcade-style puzzle game with four funky modes where you must match similarly colored blocks to clear them from the play area.

So, prepare to put your skills to the test before the discounts on both titles listed above will end on 9th July 2021, 1 PM UTC.
Sheezus slow down, Ziggurat.
WinterSnowfall: Not that I don't appreciate old games being released here, but the only thing these two games that I never played back in the day managed to stir in me was a desire to play Volfied. Sadly, it is not on GOG...
_ChaosFox_: The best and most feasible way to play Volfied on a PC LEGALLY is through Taito Legends, which I believe is now wholly owned by Square Enix following a series of acquisitions, licences, bankruptcies and expirations.

And I believe Square Enix's official position on the Taito Legends/Taito Memories collections is to pretend that they never exist as they'd rather charge $60 for a single emulated title where possible.

If you have a DVD/BD drive in your PC, I'm sure you could pick up a used copy of Taito Legends somewhere, but they're not cheap.
Square Enix is always have both extreme when it's about developing and managing their games and no inbetween. On one hand we have amazingly well cared off games like Final Fantasy XIV and Tomb Raider reboot series but then we also have this kind of game that got neglected like an abused step child.
Don't remember these games but they look interesting.