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Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II remain cult classics not only among D&D fans, but cRPG gamers in general. With countless hours of gameplay, captivating stories, colorful characters, and many memorable locations they're one of the most intense and extensive role-playing experiences you can get while sitting in front of your PC. But to say that they didn't age at all might be a bit of a stretch. That's why some people would go a great distance modding and upgrading both those titles to combine them into one, seamless, visually updated game--an enhanced edition, if you will.

We're well aware of a commercial project aiming to achieve that goal. Originally, actually, that was scheduled to release today. That didn't happen, unfortunately, but that does give us a great reason to tell you how to make your own enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate. It's very nearly hassle-free and (especially with the sale going on) it won't cost you much at all. There's one catch, though: you need copies of both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2 in order to enhance your game. Let's see how! One of our users, GoJays2025, committed his time to write a comprehensive guide on the topic. We know not all of you dare to venture into our forums, so we thought that sharing this guide here, might be a good idea!

So, are you ready to enhance your edition of Baldur's Gate saga and play both games as one, seamless adventure with the visually superior BG2 version of the engine and its updated mechanics, and with high-res graphics better suited for your modern wide-screen display? Here's how you do it, according to GoJays2025!

1. Fully install Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga
2. Fully install Baldur's Gate II Complete.
3. Download Baldur's Gate II Fixpack (Download links are on the left side) and extract it to your Baldur's Gate II directory.
4. Run the newly extracted setup-bg2fixpack.exe (if not automatically started).
5. It is safe to select yes for all the optional fixes, but if you want to learn about each in detail, consult the readme file that comes with the fixpack.
6. Download BGT-WeiDU and extract it in your Baldur's Gate II directory.
7. Run the newly extracted Setup-BGT.exe and follow the instructions. You may need to run it in administrative mode in Windows Vista/7.
8. Enter Baldur's Gate I's directory when asked (if not already provided)
9. Wait for BGT-WeiDU to finish installing.
10. OPTIONAL: Download and install Baldur's Gate 1 Unfinished Business as well as BG 2 Unfinished Business. These mods restore things that were previously cut from the released product, so while you don't need them, and they do add new content, they're pretty nice to have, especially if this is not your first time.
11. OPTIONAL: Download and install any user-created material (banter packs, expansion mods, new NPCs, etc.)
12. Go to your Baldur's Gate II directory, then find and run the file Setup-BGTMusic.exe and select 'Hybrid Baldur’s Gate/Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal music'. This makes it possible to hear the original Baldur's Gate music when playing Baldur's Gate I.
13. OPTIONAL: (for more experienced users) Download Baldur's Gate II Tweak Pack (if this link doesn't work, please try the emergency mirror site) and apply it in the same way as the fixpack. Consult the readme file for details of each tweak - too many to list here. If you don't know what a tweak does even after consulting the readme, just skip it.
14. OPTIONAL: Download and install the Bigger Fonts for BGII mod if you plan to play in really high-res and don't want to strain your eyes reading tiny text.
15. Download the widescreen mod and apply it in the same manner as the fixpack. This makes it possible to play the game in high resolutions and in widescreen format.
16. Remove the Baldur's Gate I installation if you wish - it's done its job!

Now you should be able to play the game all the way from Baldur's Gate I to the end of Throne of Bhaal in one continuous game! Enjoy!

Note: If you're on Windows 7 you might want to install the games in a directory other than C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86) to avoid potential problems. C:Games should work.

The original forum thread, that also includes some other installation options, can be found here:
Baldur's Gate saga essential mods by GoJays2025
mast.gian: Is there any way to integrate Siege of Dragonspear in this setup?
These are for the original games, not the enhanced editions. So, no.
Still best way to play the games..
ok thanks a lot
Niggles: Still best way to play the games..
Yep, use the original games, apply Big World Setup (one of the three flavors) and away you go with a huge adventure (35gb of content). Best install there is, forget these "enhanced" nonsense, games run fine without them.
mast.gian: Is there any way to integrate Siege of Dragonspear in this setup?
Modders are working on it.
This process no longer works. I started streaming after doing all the steps, and have since tried again following them exactly as they are. And it still loads BG1 with the BG2 map making it unplayable.

**EDIT--I uninstalled and deleted BG2, and redid the whole thing. And it works perfect now :) ty
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After a windows reinstall I messed up my game which indicated a full reinstall. It's working fine now, except it doesn't want to accept the 60 frame rate and this way the game is way to sloooow.
I changed in the config menu and also in the baldur.ini
"Display Frequency=60

Maximum Frame Rate=60"

Sometimes the game fasten for a few seconds but that's all.

Does anyone an idea what have I missed this time?
Post edited July 19, 2016 by Pen-Annwn
My dudes are moving VERY fast, the entire game is speeded up, what did i do wrong?
Any idea please?
It worked well for BG1, I could play it with improved graphics and additional content (I guess thanks to the mods?). I am now done with BG1, did every quest and also beat TOTSC completly.
Now I am sent to Amn, the transition sequence plays and I find myself caged. Irenicus is doing experiments, one of his minions appears, Irenicus teleports away and... nothing. Seems as if the script is broken, I can't do anything and the game won't continue... this is very disappointing.... also it seems as if the canon party is with me, not the party I finished BG1 with. Is that supposed to happen anyway?

Oh well, I guess I will just export my character from BG1 and start a new game. Still a bit disappoiting.

EDIT: Ok, if I start a brand new game in BG2 it will work. If I import my character, it won't. Strange thing is that I can already see the Thief lying on the floor when Irenicus is still with me. This isn't supposed to be this way, he should be running into the room and getting himself killed!
If I start a brand new game I don't even see the experiment-scene, it will start straight away with me ready to act. Strange!
Post edited November 10, 2016 by LordHorst
Hi there, followed the installation guide step by step on a pure / clean install exactly as it is described.

But sadly i get an error on BG launch:

"BGMain.exe Application Error"
The Application could not be launched 0xc0000022

Any ideas?

Running a Win 10 maschine here...

Already tried running as Administrator -> no change.


Okay found an advice to enable direct play in Windows 10 (under Legacy components) -> solved the problem, game launches now.

But how do i start the "BGT Edition"? Have to Choose Baldurs Gate or Throne of Baal at Game Startup. Which one is right to play the BGT?
Post edited July 22, 2017 by LostHero
Are you playing the "enhanced" versions, if so the trilogy mod is not used you just import your character into the next episode. Trilogy was the so you can play bg1 in the bg2 engine which had higher res and more streamlined interface.
If you using the original installers then install both games separately as if you were going to play them, make sure you do it outside windows folders (always for any product), say c:/games. Then install bgt to a third (or might be the bg2 folder been a very long time since I did this) and follow the instructions, it basically copy's the bg1 assets into bg2 and sets it up to run both. You can find plenty of guidance on gibberlings3 or spellhold However a tip for you, if you use the originals and want the full experience use BigWorldSetup:
This takes a long time to setup and downloads 30gb of mods from quests, patches, companions, tweaks etc. And you can set it up for a harder game if you want, it's the real deal. It may also work with the "enhanced" versions.
Playing the normal Sagas, not the EE.

The installations worked now (see my edit above). But when the game starts it asks me to either start a new Baldurs Gate turn or a new Throne of Baal turn.

Is that right? (after the installation of BGT) If so: which one must i pick to get the "all in one" experience? :D
Post edited July 22, 2017 by LostHero