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triock: Operation Wolf?
F4LL0UT: Nope.
Return Fire?
I am sorry but I wont be able to post a riddle for another day. If someone has something then you have a green light
I was thinking I will have more time yesterday thats why I participate. Usually I do not take a guess if I cant later post a riddle
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adamzs: Must... save... thread!
I have few ideas:
i of the dragon
I would wager it's Hotline Miami but it's not presented from a top-down perspective. And I'll agree with tinyE that the dude does have some severe elephantitis going on :D
Densetsu: Hi hi, it was a rhetorical question. Well drawn.

And the color of the sun in her eyes was green. Or was it brown? Hm.

Behold my masterpiece:

Resident Evil perhaps? :D
tinyE: I know exactly what it is, that's not the problem. The problem is I can't recall in any game I've ever played seeing a spider crying over finding the disembodied limbs of another spider.
adamzs: Fair enough, but look at it this way: that the spider has 5 legs and that there are 3 legs on the ground should give you some kind of an indication as to what might have possibly happened to it.
Don't Starve?
Lukier: Edited: I'm sorry, I don't know how to attach my file. When I clicked at "attach" button, I can choose a file and then click "post my meddage". Message is posted without my picture.
I must give up. Something should be wrong with my laptop or my mind :) Someone need to take this turn instead of me.
grimwerk: I've drawn something for you. Sadly, all things USB on my computer have died and I require my wife to rescue me. I'll upload and edit this post with your image within the hour.

Aha, fixed it myself. Here you go:
JudasIscariot: Capsized? Oh, and I never done the bad things they says I done.
grimwerk: Your turn, blue-spoken fella!

edit: Hmm, you're blue even when quoted. This calls for a test.

edit: haha I have indirect blue powers!
I have to warn you all that I can't draw and I definitely can't draw with a mouse :/
megamans.png (19 Kb)
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JudasIscariot: I have to warn you all that I can't draw and I definitely can't draw with a mouse :/
JohnWalrus: Haha, and you can still do better than me XD Hi-five for drawing with mice!
That piece took about 5000 hours in Paint :D
JudasIscariot: That piece took about 5000 hours in Paint :D
JohnWalrus: I can tell ;3 How about for your next image, make a replicate of the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Paint? Imagine how many hours that would take XD
A certain game known for its shifting release dates might actually get released before I finish 1/4 of that replica :D

Anyways, we're getting a bit off-topic so someone needs to guess the game :D
CrowTRobo: The Legend of Zelda (the first one)?
You are correct, sir/ma'am! Your turn :D
OvaltineJenkins: This should be easy.
Organ Trail?