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Orion66: Is this thread dead now? I'll work on a pic today if no one posts before me.
Yes. Please do.
New pic:
guess.jpg (84 Kb)
Orion66: New pic:
Yay new drawing!
This is probably something I should know, but I can't figure it out.
viperfdl: Inquisitor?
Nope. This is a few years older.
Not Civ.
That little white shrine makes me think of Lorien from War in Middle Earth.
Not that either. Little hint, this drawing represents scenes that are only a small part of the game. The main focus of the game isn't this type of scene.
Damn it. I have the feeling that I have seen this screen ... but I can't remember what the name of the game was.
Another pic. This represents the first boss "fight". He is known as the Faceless Knight.
Baldurs Gate?
viperfdl: Baldurs Gate?
Nope. I can understand why the helm would make you think that. One more pic....
game.jpg (50 Kb)
Looks like a chess game. To bad I don't know any.
viperfdl: Looks like a chess game. To bad I don't know any.
Archon and stratego are the only chess like games I can think of but I know this game isn't any of those :)
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