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I first learn of it in the Obsidian forums

John, having gotten blind drunk, is escorted back to his dorm room by his friend Jane.
Once there, John blacks out.
Jane takes advantage of the situation, and performs oral sex on him.
After leaving, she realizes she's done something wrong, and sends text messages to two other friends expressing her guilt.
Later, when John hears what's happened, he breaks off his friendship with Jane.
...Two years pass; Jane gets in with a radical "all men are rapists" feminist crowd...
Jane goes to the college's Title IX coordinator, and reports John as a rapist, referring to the above encounter.
After revising her initial incoherent story a few times, she settles on claiming that while she did initiate the sexual encounter, she silently "withdrew consent" at some point during it, and John failed to get "affirmative consent" from her in accordance with the "Yes means Yes" principle.
John finds himself in front of a kangaroo court where:
He's not allowed to have a legal advocate (while the accuser does have one).
He's not allowed to present evidence against the accuser.
He's not allowed to face or cross-examine the accuser.
The "court" is made up of people without legal training, who were only prepped using feminist activist material which claims that "women almost never lie about rape".
Said kangaroo court rules to expel John from the college on the charge of rape, because he failed to prove that he complied with "affirmative consent".
The fact that he couldn't, because he was blacked out? Doesn't matter. They lecture him that "being intoxicated or impaired by drugs or alcohol is never an excuse."
The fact that she failed to get his consent? Doesn't matter. Women are victims.
(Male + sex + no proof of affirmative consent) = rapist, simple as that.
Thinking that this may be just another fairy tale click bait, some google-fu shows the articals with all the evidance that it is not a fairy tale after all.

The legal complain against the false accussion

Witness with phone text evidence.

Another witness with phone text evidence.

The Kangaroo court audio recording transcrirption
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