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Before it went establishment and, illegal Warez games were boldly left on peoples sites and hidden in FTPs of companies? When you got a Dos game and had to work the IRQ and DMA and the Stacks and conflicts and made you appreciate the game all the more because you learned something about how your Autoexec.bat worked and affected your computer, and the thrill of getting it to work.

I miss the days when books with titles like example "Windows Registry Little Black Book" and the like that showed you tricks and tips. And slaving your HD together with another HD and CD player.

The thrill when GEforce first appeared on the scene and PCI replace ISA. And the BX chip was the top MB chip of the day. Sierra and surround sound. Creative Sound Blaster 16 Bit or Graphics card.

56k Modems. Slow still but fun when you heard that UFO sound and suddenly you were connected.

But nowadays its like it was with RnR music in the beginning. The music was geared for the young but always ancient fossil on the radio or at concerts were trying to sound hip and horn in on a good thing

And your choice of Internet providers???? Go to places and people would give you discs of a particular provider and you could try it for a couple of hours to see if you wanted to purchase the service.

Now its nothing but trolls, government interference and same old, same old.

I miss those freedoms the early days afforded computer users.
TheBoz: Now its nothing but trolls, government interference and same old, same old.

I miss those freedoms the early days afforded computer users.
I definitely miss those days. Not so much old tech (but I do miss some of that), but the social environment during that time. That is when I met most of the friends I still have today.

Nowadays I mostly close off any means of social interaction online rather than embrace it as I did before.
The internet has grown backwards. In the 90's when I was first using the internet, you had to watch what you said online because chances were you were using a freenet that was connected to a hub in the nearest city, and the people you were interacting with were people you would see in town.

Now, everyone's connected, and thinks are different. People hide behind anonymity, for better or worse, some of us to be dicks, some because there are very real, very scary people out there.

Times are definitely different.
By the time the Internet broke out of DARPA PCI had mostly replaced ISA.

AGP replacing PCI, now that was something.
I miss the days before the advent of JS, AJAX and shockwave.
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You mean the Wild West were white colonialists massacred native American Indians just to get their land?

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Nah, I'm not sorry...
Hahahaha. Choice of internet? What choice of Internet? I guess now, I only have 2 choices but yes I miss the 90's, although the lack of a car is one thing I refuse to go back to but everything else was amazing back then. Now there are so many oligarchy, political correct and drm apologists out there. That's why I'm extremely thankful for sites like these which are hold outs and safe havens for people like me.
everything is better before it is dumbed down by mainstream popularity
i miss the good old wild west days of gog
The only thing I don't miss is the internet speed.
Honestly? I miss old chat boards. And dedicated pages (well, that's just what I call them) - I don't need or want fifty stupid ads clamoring for my attention and constantly resetting the page when I'm trying to read something.

Everything's so commercialized and annoying.
drealmer7: everything is better before it is dumbed down by mainstream popularity
Also, this.
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forum signatures.

that was a thing.

it's kind of a shame nobody ever saved all the forum signatures.
Yeah, I miss the days of Earthlink trying to get on my case because I was connected via dialup for hours on end, playing an MMO with friends, accusing me of running a game server.

Calling a travel agent for our frequent business trips, and faxing back and forth approval forms and itineraries.

Calling customers for travel directions because Mapquest wasn't yet a thing. Or not an accurate, reliable thing.

Carrying a pager and using a calling card.

"Almost to the boobs... almooooost... YES!!"

Er, going by hearsay on that last one. Yeah.
HereForTheBeer: "Almost to the boobs... almooooost... YES!!"
*chuckles* I couldn't possibly know what you're talking about there. *whistles innocently*
I have a strange craving for a burger now.