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tinyE: This was mentioned in another thread by skeecher. Taken from an 'Act of War' review, "Had a really fun time beating it...".
I wasn't plagiarizing, I swear! ;)
Gnostic: If memory serves, in the past I am able to sort the reviews by recent or most helpful.

Now I can only see in a default format and need to sort through pages to judge where is the more recent review.
Engerek01: True. It was a very good function since I loved checking recent messages. Sorting them out by recent was very helpful. I love reading reviews about games more than playing them.
Among other website issue, one would think this issue will be sorted already. But no, instead of fixing what they broke with the new website, they focus to get new function like merge with CD red forum, new german / french / russion forum.
With these new addition I fully expect that the review section to add a new filter function like sort by langudges, not missing some existing function.

Is that because we need to rise pitchfork and torches to get things done?