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Last December, I entered a haiku contest. The winning haikus of the contest would be displayed under trees along the sidewalks of the Golden Triangle neighborhood, Washington DC until the end of winter. And I just learned that my entry is selected! The trouble is that I can't travel all the way from Turkey to Washington just to see my poem. So hopefully someone can help me. If anyone here who happens to be in Washington DC this winter can take a photo of my haiku, I'd really appreciate it. In return, I'd give 1 GOG copy of one of my favorite games Sam & Max Hit the Road (one location in the game takes place in Gullwump, Washington!).

Here is a map of the buildings that are showcasing the winning haikus: Haiku Map

I've added to this post some pictures I found on the net that show some of the showcased haiku.

And today Golden Triangle BID tweeted my haiku! I'm speechless.

I will also give another copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road in order to celebrate my selected haiku. If you want to enter the giveaway, just say I'm in and that's it. will select the winner. If you want to double (and even triple) your chances you can write something about haiku genre in your post (like what it means to you or the haikus you like, etc.).

Thank you!

EDIT: Thanks to GOG support, I changed the topic title to a grammatically correct one! :) I also replaced "february" with "winter" since the selected haiku will be displayed till the end of winter.
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Congrats and get that bird off your head:-)
not in
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gunsynd: Congrats and get that bird off your head:-)
Thanks! :)

Good haiku. (I think)
I´m in, thank you for your generosity. I dónt know what a haiku is, but congratulations for winning.
Haiku poetry?
I have never written one.
I am in, thank you!

PS: Congrats :)!
I'm in! Good Old Games:
Free of DRM leaves us
super happy games!

Congratulations on getting selected, and thanks for the giveaway!
Congrats congrats con
grats congrats congrats congrats
congrats I'm not in

Hope I got the syllable count right.
Counting syllables
Does not do much to warm me
On a winter day

A plus one to you dear sir.
Like rain I'm not in.

These are really bad
But I can't stop any more
Than when slipping on ice

Sam & Max is good
But really I must stop or else
Take root 'till spring time

That did not make sense
But what does in this strange world
And this climate change
Congratulations! I reckon it feels really nice to be selected among so many people.
I think I'll start looking into Haiku (because I have no idea what it is.....)

I'm in. Thank you!
phandom: I think I'll start looking into Haiku (because I have no idea what it is.....)
Here. :D
phandom: I think I'll start looking into Haiku (because I have no idea what it is.....)
tinyE: Here. :D
Oh my god! I didn't know it was something .... like ... this ....

edit: I'm amazed, now that I've researched a little about Haiku, so simple form, yet so many possibilities.
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Not in, but congrats for being selected. I looked at the three winners and would've voted for yours to win instead, really. Red scarf, is it a reference to the color of the bark of the leafless trees?

Thanks and +1 for the giveaway on top.
Not In

Too bad it's not next month. I will probably go sometime in March or April, but have no interest in getting stuck up there during the winter weather. I-95 is bad enough without winter weather.