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Let's take turns, asking all the right questions!

<span class="bold">Divinity: Original Sin 2</span>, the sequel to one of the most beloved RPGs in recent years, is coming soon, DRM-free on! The good people of Larian Studios will be joining us in person to celebrate the occasion, and they've agreed to answer your most Sin-ful questions regarding the long-awaited epic.

The first <span class="bold">Divinity: Original Sin</span> sure made a big splash in the RPG community, with its inventive use of turn-based tactics and impressive attention to detail. Two years later, its sequel is about to raise the bar even further, as Larian Studios are committed to improving and expanding all of the original's celebrated features in meaningful and highly ambitious ways. Aside from the complex origin stories and the rich character creation options, expect even more engaging turn-based combat, smarter NPC A.I., and extended player freedom. And of course, get ready to meet Eithne, the enigmatic, scroll-selling NPC that the GOG community helped design back in April!

Do you want to know more about <span class="bold">Divinity: Original Sin 2</span> and its fast-approaching entry into our Games in Development program? Now is the time to ask! Post your questions below until Monday, October 24th, and Larian Studios will answer the most intriguing ones alongside the game's arrival, coming soon on
Hey Larian!

I really love what you did with Lohse. There truly aren't enough game characters suffering from schizophrenia, which is a shame.

Are there going to be any other characters suffering from mental illness? And will we be able to craft some pills to make her feel better?

Thanks! (^_^)
The religious overtones/undertones of this series has been a point of interest for me. Why is the "Divine" dead in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

What happened? I thought he was supposed to be a Messiah figure. Could we get some explanation of this? Do we learn about this in the game?
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Can you please launch the EA for this game asap? (preferable yesterday, but I settle for today :P)

ps I mean the launch on GoG itself.
ussnorway: single player mdoe i.e, Those of us that don't give a shit about pvp have any point to getting this game or is it just tacked on with sticky tape?
RPGOracle: It's actually the multiplayer and pvp that are extra options (and in no way required to play/enjoy this game). The whole basis of the game is still single-player, just like Divinity: Original Sin. The game has a huge single-player story that you can play through with your own character (generated/selected at startup), and you can recruit upto 3 npc companions to your party (each with their own detailed origin stories and their own twists and turns to the story). And due to the different origin stories and different choices you can make during the game, it has a very large replayability factor. So yes, single player mode is huge.

See for example this PC World preview
The heading for this post is ask the developers... Not each other mate.

Four years ago I was reading a review in PC World where the journalist explained that the device he was talking about had not arrived by submission time to do any actual tests. His overall score (based on he said, she said) was 9 out of 10 and I have not read any thing from that magazine since that time.

My game library includes both Dragon commander and original sin which I have played completely start to finish 5 times (commander) and twice (sin - original not enhanced). I have watched every demo vid for sin2 I can find and played the steam Alpha on a friends computer for 20 mins...

Based on my personal experience so far I will not be purchasing sin 2 but I'm still interested in hearing from them about where they think the game is headed
You mentioned during D:OS-1 development that lthere was some issues with linux development. Can you provide more details and your thoughts on if D:OS-2 will be ported ? I.e, is D:OS-2 the same engine as D:OS-1 or will it take considerable effort to make D:OS-2 available on the same platforms as D:OS-1 ?
No response about day/night cycles?
A concrete release for the game on GOG!
So it's Monday.
Fonzosh: 1. The magic item system. Since my middle name is munchkin, I want the best. That involves running around to all the merchants each level up just to get maybe 1 thing a little bit better (oooooohh so tedious, but I just cant help it). I would actually prefer this to be removed. Let the merchants/chests have a fixed lvl of items, all spawned from a numeric value that is fixed when you start the game. That way you will allways find the same thing at the same merchant (a bit as in the BG and other Black Isle games).
level scaling of anything in any game with non-procedial generated level is just terrible design. so yes please
Just anticipating the GOG beta here. A beta is worth a thousand questions answered.

First things first, my dad and I are big fans of the first Original Sin game and we played and completed it in co-op. We played 140 hours in one playthrough and still wanted more. I am also a fan of the older Divinity games going back to the original Divine Divinity.

Anyway, my question is a 2-parter. Will you A) Introduce new elements later in the game as you did in the first game, but B) Will those elements be more fleshed out than they were in the first game? When you introduced Tenebrium, unlocking new rooms at the "base", etc., those things were very cool. However, they were not really fleshed out as much as I thought they could have been. Introducing a legendary forge, for example, could have had more implications.

Simply put, more new features later in the game that are more fleshed out? Peace!

- Fluent
Will there be more dwarf beards?

Like long, bushy beards, that any dwarf could be proud off.
demonbox77: How many characters would I be able to create at release? What's the max size of the party?
RPGOracle: Your max party size is 4, just like it was in Divinity: Original Sin.
At the start of the game you create your (one) main character (you pick your race, origin story, etc), the rest of the party is picked up lateron in the game, from the companions/NPCs that you meet along the way (or if you're playing a multiplayer game, the other party members can be fellow players). There are several companions that you can meet/recruit (don't know the exact number that they have planned there, though, so that'd be a good question for Swen)
My question was for the devs, but to "answer" to your explanation.


The NPCs you find in-game are the same you can chose as origins, meaning you can create 1 single character (compared to the 2 in DOS1) or you can use as main one of the various companions, up to a party of 4.


The point of my question is, from the look of it (of course is still only an early build) we have actually less options to customize our party, as we only create 1 character, but on the other hand we might end up having around 4-5 companions/NPCs that we'll find during the game.

Is this true? The question is of course, again, to the devs at Larian.
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Are there anything new exciting things that comes with GOG galaxy too alongside the beta of Divinity?
high rated
Here are some quick answers for things already known. The full Q&A response may go into greater detail.

Ganni1987: Will D: OS 2 have the same LAN / Direct IP multiplayer option as in D: OS 1?

Punkoinyc: Does this game have a more serious tone than the last one?

ussnorway: how many tactics allowed per class, is it rock , paper etc combat system for pvp?
Single player is the primary way people played D:OS, and that is likely to continue for D:OS 2. The options added to be able to handle multiplayer and competitive questing make the single player game much more reactive and replayable.

There aren't strict classes. The arena can be PvP; for the main campaign some quests and objectives in multiplayer will conflict and allow competitive play, but ultimately the main goals of the characters will encourage cooperation.

Leroux: Will Original Sin 2 use the same camera restrictions or will it be possible to zoom out a little more?
The camera system is being redesigned, but that is not in the alpha version yet.

dtgreene: If you mess up a character's build, or decide you are tired of that build and want to try something else
There will be a way to respec.

Niggles: will there be the daylight/night climate
No. The origins and tag system are already quite complex, without adding NPC schedules, changes to opponents and quests, etc, that would be needed to have a day/night cycle that was not just cosmetic.

Sogi-Ya: Will the GOG & STEAM versions of the game be Multiplayer Compatible
Yes, using Direct Connection or LAN.

mordivier: What happened? I thought he was supposed to be a Messiah figure. Could we get some explanation of this? Do we learn about this in the game?
The Divine One is more a chosen of the gods than a god or demigod. There were other Divine Ones in Rivellon's history, though the one from Divine Divinity was the first in quite some time.
The explanation will be in the game.