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Have you ever tried giving Geralt of Rivia an ability to fast-travel from every location? Or maybe you would like to make him resemble the main actor from the highly popular Netflix series? Today we look at 7 mods to the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that give its gameplay a new, different flavor.

Adding mods to your favorite game is like adding pineapple to pizza – some people love it, some stay far away. No matter which standpoint we take, one thing is certain – six years after its premiere, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt still receives a constant stream of game-changing mods, a trend that was strongly enforced by the premiere of The Witcher Netflix series in 2019.

For years CD PROJEKT RED has supported the idea of modding the game by its fans. Not only an official MODkit has been released by the studio, but over the years it has received several updates.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining ones:

1. Make your Geralt look different
A real hit mod after the 2019 premiere of the Netflix series. It’s safe to assume that after the second season of The Witcher premieres this year, many more Geralts will resemble Henry Cavill on computer screens. At first, no such mod existed and images of “tweaked” Geralt were the result of general face-changing mods. Now things have gotten a lot easier. For example, mod created by Adnan not only makes the witcher look like the famous actor but also changes Yennefer's image to that of the actress Anya Chalotra known from the series.

2. Fast travel from every place on the map
While using signposts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to fast travel between locations really makes exploring the Northern Kingdoms enjoyable, things can get even easier. Thanks to the mod created by JupiterTheGod, you can fast travel to a selected signpost no matter where you are.

3. No fall damage
The next mod (created by SunBroDave) is a perfect choice for all parkour fans. Tired of dying each time you jump from the cliff on Skellige Isles or roof in Novigrad? Now you can simply play “Jump” from Van Halen in the background and rest assured that no fall will end badly for Geralt.

4. Friendly meditation
Felling in the “mod” for resting and sight-gazing? Now you can simply make Geralt sit in the grass while waiting for HP to restore and potions to brew. The “Friendly meditation” mod from wghost81 lets Geralt meditate in real-time while you simply watch the tranquillity of the surrounding world.

5. Over 9000 weight limit mod
You don’t like the fact that Geralt can carry a limited weight of arms and weapons? The mod from GiecuMan is the perfect solution, as it lets you take on more heavy stuff in your inventory.

6. Auto apply oils
Applying oils to your sword while fighting a certain monster type is an art for itself in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Yet also here you can make your life easier. Thanks to a special make-life-easier mod from Sheep_Darklord, Tenzian, and AsarGiN the oils apply themselves on Geralt’s weapon when he is close to a particular opponent.

7. All quest objectives on map
Finally, we present a solution for all those who like to think strategically and see as much as possible with one glimpse of an eye. Thanks to the mod from Wolfmark you’ll see all active quest objectives on your map without having to choose between them each time you enter your journal.

So, are you up for some modding fun? Just remember what detective Sonny Crockett once said: “You've got to know the rules before you can break 'em. Otherwise, it's no fun”. It’s best to first explore the vast possibilities of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt before you bend any game rule to your liking.
Be careful with fast travel mods. There are plenty of posts on the Witcher 3 subforum and other places on the internet about fast traveling breaking quests when used during a quest.

Some mods adding fast travel signs: (by Murzinio) (by Murzinio) (unofficial update by teiji25 on the above 1)
I have used 1 of Murzinio's during an entire playthrough and never experienced issues.
Those signposts aren't auto added to the map when near to them. Instead select the signpost in-game to activate the fast travel point to be able to travel from and to that signpost. Without it, it's just part of the scenery.
Shame there is no mention of W3EE.
Not for the fainthearted though.