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CDPR doesn't deserve our money and respect now. They started it by lying to our faces and think we can accept it.

No. We can't and never will. It's not like when it was on Steam and got removed afterwards.
Draugnaut1847: What we need is a de-cupeling of the west and china's economy.
Ideally, yes. But China is only one part of the problem. Another part is the centralization of our cyber-economy: if there were convenient de-centralized ways for money exchange over the internet (in a sense crypto provides such a way, but....) and if we had better solutions to the discovery problem than our walled gardens, it would be much easier for game developers to self-publish their games.

In other words, the whole internet economy is in need of decoupling.
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So, can we get to see these actual 'gamers' complaints? Because all I see is that the wishlist for the game went from 200 to 5K since you posted the announcement on twitter.

I also would like to point out I was set up to grab Cyberpunk from GoG like I did with Witcher 3 once the first few patches are out (not buying games at launch anymore sorry) but you are making me seriously reconsider. This is a very disappointing situation, especially coming from a European publisher. At least be honest about the reasons behind the decision.
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Bloodygoodgames: They have already said they won't be making a statement, which tells you everything you need to know about GOG values and morals (or lack, thereof).
Did they actually said that ? Apart from the tweet and the "please be civil" message from a blue in this thread I don't think they said anything else on the subject.

Bloodygoodgames: This will also be my last post here. I'll be spending the next couple of weeks downloading the games I own then closing my account.

Wouldn't spend a cent with this morally bankrupt company if they were the last one on the planet selling games. And I will be the first to cheer when they go bankrupt as every company that begins its downward path like this ultimately does.
The thing is that if you start boycotting every company that ever has or will bow down before China then... well... you need to stop purchasing games, stop purchasing phones, TV, cars, computer, stop watching movies and TV series, and depending where you live even stop using electricity (and you cannot even purchase solar panels to produce your own).

So while I don't like what Gog did it's sadly the norm rather than a exception, like I said I am more angry at the way they handled it (i.e. say they will sell it, then a couple of hours say they won't before of "gamers") than if they simply hadn't sold the game from the beginning.
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timppu: Yes yes, blaa blaa blaa... We are all oh so angry.
I am not angry but sad seeing how GoG/CDPR seemingly ignores paying customers' wishes and complaints for days, weeks, months or altogether over such simple things as QOL improvements for this website, not to mention the many games people wish making their way to this store and having to witness that it takes this company mere seconds to bend down to demands of a bunch of supporters of a foreign government.

If putting pressure on GoG by gamers - which would mean actual paying customers in our case - had done something in the past to improve things this place would offer a shopping experience next to none. Alas GoG made their call and there is no going back. Either way they now lost face. About the worst thing that can happen to a company. It isn't going to be the end of GoG/CDPR they just put themselves in line with companies like Blizzard, Epic, both of which once have been hailed for their customer friendliness. No more. Whether GoG will join them remains to be seen.

As long as the situation doesn't change and GoG doesn't reconsider money will stay in my pocket. What seems like a small sign of support to a Taiwanese game developer is also a massive hit for others trying to sell their games here. If GoG/CDPR doesn't reconsider on demand of their paying customers maybe they will when influencers, media and other developers who now have to face a loss of sales will cause them to. They obviously can't be ignored so easily as we, the common folk, walking talking wallets, or even the gamers.

There is still a faint glimmer of hope though it's diminishing fast. No time to lose, GoG, every second counts and the clock is ticking fast.
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Steamisbetter: Serves you right... The 45th, against all odds, stood up for West and its hard earned freedoms, defended your rights alone, against ongoing dangers like china. What did you all do? Unite against him, fight him relentlessly, besmear and sabotage him at each and every step, all the way to retiring him from the office early, through a fraudulent, set-up defeat. Enjoy now your wheelchair jo and middle east occupying your land, your markets, your everything; you felled the west, now you reap consequences.
VBProject: LOL @ GOG users. Ranting about fridom of spich while downvoting posts like above. Orange man bad, right?

Well GL with Kamala Harris protecting the 1st and standing up to China PR.

As for Devotion - unless it's original uncensored, it's not need and I won't buy it censored:
(Read whole article and comments there)
Wow, get a grip. Trump is a fucking idiot, look at what's happened to the USA over the last 4 years. Right wing racist pieces of shit have been given a platform, racism's on the rise. He ignored & downplayed Covid & that's worked out well for the US, breaking records even today in new infected & deaths. He's an embarrassment & 4 more years would've only made the US more of a laughing stock than it already has become due to him & his twitter sook fests.

As far as GOG banning Devotion, a majority in here have already said everything that needs to be said & they're right. One day, a lot of these companies are going to have to face up to the fact they kept doing business with China, even with China's known multiple human rights violations, Uighur slave camps & so on. Hopefully people start voting with their wallet & stop supporting these companies who are happy to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of others.

GOG, along with a lot of others have shown that human rights are unimportant when there's $$
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Extremely disappointed with CD Projekt Red over this

since you love China more then the rest of your fellow American citizens, why don’t you pathetic fools move over there?
Winnie Xi Jinping the Pooh
Winnie Xi Jinping the Pooh
Winnie Xi Jinping the Pooh
Winnie Xi Jinping the Pooh
Winnie Xi Jinping the Pooh
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This is simply outrageos.
GGWP GoG, congrats on getting hard fucked in the ass by CCP.
You'll never be free from your dictators.
You should also know that Steam did similar s**t a year ago, refusing to publish Liberate Hong Kong VR game because of "violence against police".
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DoctorGOGgles: Wishlist entry for Devotion now has 5000 votes!
Keep voting it up and keep requesting refunds for games already payed. Only way to hit GoG where it hurts.

Gog: why are you bending to censorship and lie to us about it? Be honest is not in your policy? Is cencorship your new thing?

Done with GoG, why on earth did I buy Cyberpunk 2077 here? I did it to support CD Project...deeply regret that now.
Not to worry, will not happend again. And can you request refund due to political reasons? I mean..thats what CD project are doing after all..
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jonwil: CD Projekt Red is a public company and has to answer to shareholders.
This is a typical bullshit statement. Similar bullshit can be used to justify anything. Sorry, we have to answer to shareholders, so we have to sell deliberately damaged goods to make bigger profit. Sorry, we have to answer to shareholders, so we have to enslave people to make bigger profit.

If shareholders are the only reason a company exists, that company is worthless and, more probable than not, criminal. Companies should primarily exist to benefit customers and employees, not shareholders, only then their existence benefits society. Otherwise they're parasites trying to suck money from general public into hands of the rich, striving to provide as little value as possible.

.. but still, GOG can't even say they're acting for shareholders, can they? No, they got messages from gamers.
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bluethief: What the hell happened?
Paid trolls run by the war ministry of the communist terrorist regime unlawfully occupying mainland China.
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I’m a gamer and I WANT Devotion on GoG
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Please GOG bring Devotion to even if you have to block it from purchase in China.