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Hello community. I have all the D&D games on GOG and absolutely love them. It has me fascinated in the many different settings and got me wanting more. However, I looked at the Gold Box games, eye of the beholder, and the many others, and they just don't appeal to me. I'm quite sure they were revolutionary at the time, but many games nowadays, including Baldur's Gate, use the game play. I'm not a graphics whore, but the games don't seem as immersive as the later ones. But none of that matters if the story is good, well, I read the summaries, and while they make good legends, it's just the kind of stuff that you see today with improvement. However, these games are still hailed as classics and I do enjoy some classics like Ultima and Might & Magic. What I want from you guys is to either convince me that these games are must plays with a great experience or if they really are passable and I can stick with D&D books and Neverwinter Nights modules. Thank you.
I would recommend Pool of Radiance and for a few reasons.

You have gamebanshee's wonderful and most excellent guide/walkthrough

You can beat the game with a party of 4

Unlike the computer pc/mac version they have made the game much simpler than the pc counterpart. A few of the things were like really bad that they had in pc version.

Finally the game is not even really first person due to the map being on screen. You can argue about it but I find it that way.

Also because Pool of radiance on nes was ghostwise

If you want another 2nd edition dungeons and dragons rules game-go with buck rogers countdown to doomsday for sega genesis. In that version they made it easier as well.

And also stay the hell away from Warriors of the Eternal Sun. The game is not ghostwise and caused some guy on news to lose his ball.

(I am not joking on that one)