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Anyone found some more games worthwhile on ks?. I saw a japanese one a few days ago.. forgot the name... odd they would be willing to provide keys for gog?
Vernal Edge

Vernal Edge is a Stylish Action Game with Metroidvania elements where you fly out into the sky to find new places to explore and monsters to beat up. You juggle enemies, explore mysterious islands on your airship, and fight ruthless bosses, all with a combat system inspired by deep technical actions games like Devil May Cry.

Currently, we are aiming to release on Steam and other digital PC platforms some time in late 2022 with PS4, XBOX ONE , and Nintendo Switch ports potentially coming in future. We are also open to releasing on the as of now upcoming PS5 and XBOX Series X, but we will adjust our plans with time.

Kickstarter Trailer

"We will release on GOG."

The End of the Sun

First-person exploration and adventure story-based game, set in the Slavic world.

(About) a series of mysterious events that ordinary people dealt with, as they were living in a small village where the line between myth and reality begins to fade perilously.

Official commented gameplay
Wishlist entry

Judging from the FAQ and comments the devs are intent to release on GoG as well.
Knights of the Chalice 2

Trailer for Kickstarter
Wishlist entry
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Externus - Path of the Solari

Externus: Path of the Solari is a character-driven tactical roleplaying game (RPG) adapted from an original tabletop game. We take inspiration from classic tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Shining Force along with modern game development to craft our own story and give you characters that matter. Our approach is designed to allow you to get to know the characters in your party along with strategic combat in full 3D battlefields.


- Strategic Turn-Based Tactical Combat
- Full 3D Battlefields
- Character-Driven Story
- Storybook Choose Your Own Adventure Sequences
- Death Matters, Each Ally You Lose Will Change Your Story
- Unique Full-Color Artstyle
- Based On An Original Tabletop RPG

Externus is a storybook brought to life and your actions on and off the battlefield can change the pages as they're presented. You should think about the risks and rewards of bringing certain characters and using their specialized abilities. Your actions and choices matter. This goes back to our tabletop roots of wanting to tell a collective story that changes based on the players around the table. We encourage party interaction through our campfire scenes and storybook sequences that pay homage to the original tabletop game. Think about the world in terms of Fate. Death will be permanent in Externus, how will you react? Let the story play out and see how a character's death affects those who knew them both in positive and negative ways. Maybe it'll even send a ripple effect out into the world!

We are a group of passionate game developers with over 11 years of experience in making games. We're building Externus using our custom BroadSword Engine built on the MonoGame Framework.


Full reveal trailer
Pre-Alpha Demo Intro Cutscene

Wishlist entry
Well crap, I should have checked to see if there was a Kickstarter Thread before creating that one a few days ago.
Well it's relevant here.

Tomorrow I believe Wakfu's Season 4 will be put on Kickstarter, I shall post the link when it's posted.
It up fam.
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Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy game with medieval animals inspired by 700 years-old real-life medieval marginalia. In Inkulinati, you are a Master of Living Ink, also known as the titular Inkulinati. You are part of a legendary group who battle one another on the pages of medieval manuscripts.

Use the Living Ink

Become the master of the Living Ink and draw your animal army on the pages of medieval books.

Each Inkulinati has its own Beasts, who in turn, have different abilities.

Fight on medieval books

Inkulinati is inspired by the art of medieval manuscripts, or as someone could say “medieval ages memes”.

You’ll see sword-wielding rabbits, dogs with spears, trumpets lodged in bottoms, human-eating snails, and more. Much, much more…

Put a trumpet in a bottom

During battles, use every trick your Beasts can do, such as blessings, attacking from behind, showing bums and even pooping.

Through obscene actions write your story and become a legendary Master Inkulinati!

Wishlist entry
Yaza Games

Kickstarter Video
Official Gameplay Walkthrough
Historical Findings - The Mystery of Inkulinati
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Checking again. Anything decent that is confirmed will be offerred as an option for GOG or available later on GOG?.
Suikoden creators announce new RPG, "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes"
An epic experience from the creators of classic JRPGs, with an intricate story and a gigantic cast of characters!

50mins in and 75% funded already :p
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It got it's funding goal in 3 hours and apparently crashed the site 3 times.

Alot more Suikoden fans than I realized.
WarbossAohd: It got it's funding goal in 3 hours and apparently crashed the site 3 times.

Alot more Suikoden fans than I realized.
Looks interesting. Did anyone ask if game will be available via GOG ?
WarbossAohd: It got it's funding goal in 3 hours and apparently crashed the site 3 times.

Alot more Suikoden fans than I realized.
Niggles: Looks interesting. Did anyone ask if game will be available via GOG ?
I haven't checked, but I plan on Backing it soon.
I'll ask myself when I do (Granted I myself don't really care, going for physical copy on console.).