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mqstout: Those I do see in my gamecard for download. Which looks quite a bit different today than it did last week. But I still don't see the new Season 2 DLCs listed. But the S1 ones that are supposed to be integrated are still listed separately.
Alexim: Thank you, I don't have all those downloadable extras, maybe you bought the Deluxe Edition before it was removed and replaced by the Anniversary Edition?
Skess01: In game installation folder there's "cinn_goodies" folder.
Alexim: Oh thanks, from what I understand those extras have been transferred to the installer of the game itself then. I would have preferred the old method.
You're welcome :)
All DLCs/Extras till Anniversary Edition have been incorporated (EDIT: well, almost everything).
What I don't understand is how "Season Pass 2" DLCs should be distributed.
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Skess01: In game installation folder there's "cinn_goodies" folder.
No sign of the DLCs, but I guess they may just be incorporated.

Using InnoExtract, I was able to see the list of contents of the version from a few days ago. I note there has been another update since then, but haven't grabbed that yet.

Listing "Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition" - setup data version 5.6.2 (unicode)
- "__redist\ISI\scriptinterpreter.exe" (1.19 MiB)
- "Crossroads Inn.exe" [en-US] (111 MiB)
- "Galaxy64.dll" [en-US] (12.9 MiB)
- "lua53.dll" [en-US] (322 KiB)
- "Bin\Project.pak" [en-US] (12.4 GiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Concept Arts\Crossroads_Inn_ConceptArts.pdf" [en-US] (13.9 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Cookbook\Full_Cookbook_EN.pdf" [en-US] (15.8 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Cookbook\Full_Cookbook_PL.pdf" [en-US] (15.8 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Game Guide\Crossroads_Inn_Guide_DE.pdf" [en-US] (862 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Game Guide\Crossroads_Inn_Guide_EN.pdf" [en-US] (842 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Game Guide\Crossroads_Inn_Poradnik_PL.pdf" [en-US] (5.08 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Aviary (no ambient).mp3" [en-US] (875 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Aviary.mp3" [en-US] (909 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Couriers Guild.mp3" [en-US] (914 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Female Academy.mp3" [en-US] (1.01 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Gildebones.mp3" [en-US] (1.16 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\King in the Inn.mp3" [en-US] (2.08 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Sambria Theme.mp3" [en-US] (1004 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\The Masks.mp3" [en-US] (1.02 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Town of Crossroads.mp3" [en-US] (1.74 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Untermarch Theme.mp3" [en-US] (915 KiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Way to the Throne.mp3" [en-US] (1.78 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Yorevale Theme.mp3" [en-US] (1.08 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Bards\Bongo.mp3" [en-US] (1.81 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Bards\Hubu.mp3" [en-US] (1.98 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Bards\Letima.mp3" [en-US] (1.88 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Bards\Ludo.mp3" [en-US] (1.55 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Bards\Nillesio.mp3" [en-US] (1.5 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Bards\Winton.mp3" [en-US] (4.53 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Four Seasons\Four Seasons - Autumn.mp3" [en-US] (5.63 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Four Seasons\Four Seasons - Spring.mp3" [en-US] (5.1 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Four Seasons\Four Seasons - Summer.mp3" [en-US] (4.48 MiB)
- "cinn_goodies\Soundtrack\Four Seasons\Four Seasons - Winter.mp3" [en-US] (4.53 MiB)
- "Scenarios\duke.scenario" [en-US] (518 KiB)
- "Scenarios\ellisa.scenario" [en-US] (529 KiB)
- "Scenarios\fantasy_map.scenario" [en-US] (352 KiB)
- "Scenarios\lady.scenario" [en-US] (543 KiB)
- "Scenarios\trovin.scenario" [en-US] (520 KiB)
- "Scenarios\valentines.scenario" [en-US] (929 KiB)
- "goggame-2037234491.hashdb" [en-US] (1.54 KiB)
- "" [en-US] (542 B)
- "" [en-US] (38 B)
- "tmp\gog_installer_background.jpg" [temp], "tmp\background.jpg" [temp] (405 KiB)
- "app\goggame-2037234491.ico" (158 KiB)
- "app\" (300 KiB)
- "commonappdata\\supportInstaller\uninstall.dll" (691 KiB)
##### Plus a whole bunch of files in a TMP folder, mostly JPG and a slideshow setup #####
I also extracted to a folder using InnoExtract.

While a bunch of the goodies are found, not all as shown by mqstout's screenshot, and some of the file sizes differ, most notably the soundtrack which is only 47.3 Mb extracted.

No sign of the Tavern Tales or Map or Skin ... and there should be about 58 Mb more of soundtrack files.

The DLCs might be found in the Project.pak file which is a 12.3 Gb extraction.

If anyone else wants to extract using InnoExtract, a free program, here is the BAT file I used.


@echo off
cd %CD%

"%~dp0\innoextract.exe" --extract --gog --output-dir "G:\GAMES\Test" %1
goto END

"%~dp0\innoextract.exe" --list --gog %1 >"%~dp0\List.txt"
Notepad.exe "%~dp0\List.txt"
goto END

Just save that into a text file named Inno.bat, placed in the same directory (folder) as innoextract.exe.
Modify the output directory path ("G:\GAMES\Test") value to suit your desire.
Then just drag & drop the setup_crossroads_inn_anniversary_edition_4.0.5d_(51195).exe file onto Inno.bat.

If you wish you can just view the list, by changing the goto EXTRACT line to goto LIST
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Timboli: [...]
Interesting, thank you :)
A moderator said they were it was going to pass on my request to support, since the bot wouldn't.

Crossroads Inn had an update. Didn't seem to resolve this from what I can tell.
Yep, there isn't much seeming different in the latest update.

I am currently waiting for 7-Zip to finish listing the PAK file content, which will take a good while with that size file.

Not that even if I see the DLCs listed, it will tell me much ... unless of course I see those for Season Pass 2 listed ... unless they had already planned for them way back.

As is likely the case with many games, the DLC content already exists in the bought game, you just need to download what is often just a 5 Mb file to activate etc the DLC in question ... maybe some files get overwritten, as part of keeping it all secure when not activated.

So it could well be, probably very likely, that the Anniversary Edition has those activations for the various DLCs builtin, and maybe one of the recent updates has done that for Season Pass 2 ... presuming most of the content is already in existence in the base game files.

Not having much luck with 7-Zip, only shows the basic detail, and doesn't drill deep enough.
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We are in the process of investigating the reported issue! I will inform you as soon as the problem is fixed.
Thank you!
Mmmm with its current sale price of $3.69 AUD, I'd be buying Second Season Pass if I was sure I did not already have it included in Anniversary Edition.

We really need to confirm this ASAP.

P.S. As I stated earlier, I bought the Anniversary Edition on the 16th October 2020, which included the First Season Pass. So does that mean I qualify, or did I need to have bought the First Season Pass independently before the 22nd October 2020.

It is available for free for the pass owners from the first season.
This means, if you bought the Season Pass before 22nd October 2020 or bought the legacy Artisan Edition, you will receive an automatic drop of Season Pass 2 content once it becomes available.
It's always ambiguous when you don't list or tell all. Like there is no mention of Anniversary Edition purchase. Include it in or Exclude it out, and we know exactly where we stand. Logically to me, I bought the First Season Pass (all inclusive) when I bought the Anniversary Edition. I owned the standard edition of the game at GOG prior to that.
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Hi guys, problem solved for me, GOG added 2 orders free of charge of the 2 DLCs to my account.

Thanks to a Developer (who I think helped) on game's Discord, they are really kind.

For the Developers and GOG Staff "Season Pass 2" now is ok, the remaining issues with this Season Pass as far I know should be solved individually by GOG via a Support request (as I made some days ago).

I bought "Season Pass 2" before the delisting, I suppose that somehow it isn't tied well to the game.
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I see there has been another update to the Anniversary Edition, but still nothing showing beyond base game and patch downloads.
I, too, had two orders for the Season 2 DLCs added silently to my account, but still no apparent changes in downloads.
I've what you see in the attached images (only in Windows version).
cinn_dwl.jpg (23 Kb)
cinn_gal.jpg (28 Kb)
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SmollestLight: We are in the process of investigating the reported issue! I will inform you as soon as the problem is fixed.
This still seems broken to me.

Has it been fixed yet?

Tama: Hello,
This still seems broken to me. Has it been fixed yet?
When I checked, I have the S2 parts yet released available for download.
Tama: Hello,
This still seems broken to me.

Has it been fixed yet?
I don't know that it is broken. Just likely it is badly worded, so I eventually gave up waiting for a fix and just bought Season Pass 2, while it is on sale for a cheap price. That gave me the first two of the four DLCs that have been provided so far, as shown in the most recent screenshot in a prior post.

The 3rd DLC is slated for availability later this month (January) and the 4th DLC in a later month this year (2022).
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