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It's our birthday, and we'll rap if we want to!

'Cause you know our rhymes are wack
Feel the beat--you can't go back
It's a free game rap attack
If you wanna win then take a crack, as you possibly know, has turned five. In celebration of us turning five, we like to have gifts for you--let's face it, if not for you, we wouldn't be here. So check out the video with our mad phat beatz yo, laid by MC Enigmatic and the famous DJ Russkat, and then if you're inspired, feel free to drop us lyrics of your own! We'll collect all of the best lyrics and award up to four people 5 games of their choice in exchange for their permission to use their lyrics in a proper GOG Birthday Rap video. We may even spring for proper moving pictures for the next one!

Please send us all of your submissions (by which we mean: leave a comment below in the forums) by Friday 20 September 2013 at 0900 Eastern time to enter into the contest.
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it's just sad. they can make 99% percent discount sales but we are the ones giving them money.

the moment they have to actually give games for free, they forgot...

i thought gog was different from other companies. it's just sad.
TKLifeZero: Didn't they announce the winners? I am pretty sure they did. o.o
Matteo: They did not.
Oh thats strange because I think I saw something on the GOG facebook page with a list of winners. My name was not in it so I was disappointed at not winning. But, I guess if it is true that they have yet to announce the winner then, my hope is back up. Oh Blazblue you shall be mine!
This particular delay isn't the fault of anyone who still works at GOG, so don't blame them, dear GOGers. I do hope that this great Champion of the Winner-Announcement Delay concludes soon, however.
The Website Spelunking Challenge is still up in the air for the same reason. Well, the winners were selected, but the miniatures haven't been sent yet (to my knowledge).
Interesting. Now, that was in August 2013, which may seem to be a bit early to fit the profile of the two delayed contests launched a month later, but after learning details over PM, this third delayed contest was clearly caused by the same circumstances.

After all, with the rampant commenting that ALWAYS occurs once winners are notified on GOG, I haven't heard a peep about anyone receiving a "Spelunky" miniature. That's a dead giveaway. I think it's clear that the shipments were never sent, and along with the more-recent "Tesla Effect" Video Contest, neither of these very-old contests has been concluded.

It looks like the "Spelunky" contest is now the earliest of the Summer 2013 contests with delayed conclusions, but all three of these unconcluded contests now require the concerted attention of the blues we love.
Let's get this competition finished.

I'll judge these posts over the next few days and post 5 winners, who will hopefully win a $9.99 game each if we can get some kind sponsors with a few dollars in their bank account.

If we have no donors, then the winners will still win some games, but they'll be cheap and on sale. :)

And with the final lyrics, someone (maybe I?) will produce a terrible video that features not-trendy-anymore things from 2013 that celebrates GOG's birthday in 2013.

<edit: I read the rules wrong. 4 winners, 5 games each. Of their choice. That's a whole lot. Too much. So, this contest will just be permanently dead with no winners. Such a shame.>
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TheEnigmaticT: Sure. But you can only win once.
You may come back now, all is forgiven:)
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Well, it had to happen. We tried to pretend like it never happened – but it definitely happened.
Introducing the grand Birthday Rap Contest winners:

<span class="bold">DrRoxo</span> — You can listen to it! We appreciate the time and effort(?) you put into this one. We give it an "A" for affront!

<span class="bold">MaximumBunny</span> — Getting any sort of flow going in text is a toughie. So big points for making the most of the format with "No misdirection, every reflection of our intention has been molded into convention". Whatever that means.

<span class="bold">Novotnus</span> — Short and sweet. Thank you. We appreciate it. Really.

<span class="bold">Barry_Woodward</span> — Cute. But then... who was rap?

Congrats to each of our four winners, who get to pick any 5 games from the catalog! They just don't make these contests like they used to, huh? Our sincere apologies for being so late to the party — we'll be in touch with the winners soon. :)
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Better late than never, huh?
Konrad: Well, it had to happen. We tried to pretend like it never happened – but it definitely happened. [. . .] Our sincere apologies for being so late to the party — we'll be in touch with the winners soon. :)
Just say that the entries were so close together that it took that long to decide who would be the winners, and that you're still not sure if you've made the right choice. It'll go unnoticed. :P
Undecided to yell necro and swing a cane or congratulate the winners...


Gratulations to all winners :D


Considering this one has finally ended how about doing the same for this one?
holy shit three years to announce a winner. congrats