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“A young boy is kidnapped by a giant and sent to a secret school to learn magic and face a returning evil...” Guessed what book that’s describing? Good job - now it’s your turn!

We’ve got a contest, and the winners can look forward to some pretty amazing prizes - Telltale have provided some exclusive goodies from The Walking Dead!

Pick a Telltale title you love. Then, write a tweet about it - one-sentence summary style, like in the example above, using the hashtag #telltaletale so that we can find your entry.


1st place:
-- A real-life sized exclusive Clementine backpack (The Walking Dead)
-- A collectible Clementine figurine (The Walking Dead)
-- 3 game codes worth $9.99 each

2nd place:
-- A real-life sized exclusive Clementine backpack (The Walking Dead)
-- 3 game codes worth $9.99 each

3rd place:
-- A collectible Clementine figurine (The Walking Dead)
-- 3 game codes worth $9.99 each

As always, we reserve the right to award honorable mentions.


-- Contest entries must fit in one tweet;
-- Entries must be posted within 96 hours of the contest announcement tweet;
-- Entries must describe a Telltale game available on
-- Entrants must use the hashtag #telltaletale in their post
-- Only one entry per person is allowed.
theslitherydeee: A young girl learns how to make dead things deader on the road to adulthood and hopefully a better future.
Thanks. :)
theslitherydeee: Thanks. :)
Oh man, I could just see someone in a boardroom pushing that. XD
Here's my telltale tale. I got stuck on the very first level of Back to the Future in a dialog loop, decided to never buy telltale games again.
A detective and his best friend against the corruption of American government. #telltaletale

Can I post it here? I don't have a twitter account and I'd rather not get one now.
Lots of people want to eat a little girl with a fruity name, so protect her with prison skills and a can-do attitude. #telltaletale
On a island there are mutant frogs and people involved in lots of running, screaming and QTE's.
Game of Thrones: Grimdark sexy incest. Naked teats not in game. Also rapes.
A werewolf tries to solve a few crimes, but what he really wants to discover is if he's closer to humans or to beasts #telltaletale

GL everyone ^^
Breja: If there is one thing I hate, it's zombies. And twitter. That's two. There are two things I hate: zombies and twitter and hashtags. There are three things I hate: zombies, twitter, hashtags and starting a new contest when the results of the previews one are late. Four. There are four... no... amongst the things I hate are such elements as... damn, I'll post again...
I didn't expect the spanish inquisition... :D you made my day :)
#telltale a wolf solves a mystery about dead prostitutes and has to fight fairy tale characters via qtes
#telltaletale An indie dev came in to reinvent a genre, a prick dev came out to reinvent lazy development.

Here you are! :D
#telltaletale A proud lord asked who I was so I made it rain on his boys at Castamere

Created a Twitter account just for this lol :P
twitter contest? pass why dont you just have a link to their site for their contests instead of making like its a gog contest?
I shall graciously allow someone else to win. Or could it just be that there is no chance I'd get to soon play my telltale games before the competition is over.