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Got your own song for a beatin’ to the beat? Feel the rhythm, get free games!

The musically inclined Crypt of the Necrodancer is here, ready for you to get groovin’ to beat the baddies better with your awesome dance skills.

We want to make the DRM-free arrival even more special, and that's why we need your help with creating our unique Crypt of the NecroDancer playlist! Pick a tune that would rock some skeleton-socks off and submit it in this thread - later on, we'll take a community vote on the Top 10 awesomest tracks and reward the winners.

1. Pick a song you think would do well as the background for an in-game boss fight. If you're the musical type, it can even be your own song!
2. Post a comment with a link to the song and up to 50 words explaining why it’s the one before the deadline.
3. Win game codes!

Bonus challenge: got the game already? Record yourself playing with the song of your choosing to prove that it’s possible. It won't guarantee a win, but we'll throw in an extra bonus code if you make the Top 10!

You have 48 hours - that is until Saturday, August 15th, 1pm GMT to post your entries. We aim to pick winners from across the English, French, German, and Russian forums before the end of next week.

Get jiggy with it!
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All right guys! I made this video still in the office (obviously after working hours ;)) so please forgive missed beats, at the beginning and at the end of the run. Also not really nice ending (no time to install fancy video editor to cut it).

Loituma - Ievan Polkka <--- the link is here

And of course I'm not participating in the contest (beyond the competition anyway!). I really like the game, so I thought why not? Maybe it will inspire you to make your own videos? Who knows? Enjoy!
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Dan Terminus - The Wrath of Code (feat. Perturbator)

I think this is a very good fit but probably one of the hardest boss battles because of that. ;) It kicks your ass and challenges you to be the best or die in a fire. Roguelike, there you go.
HaaYaargh: Loituma - Ievan Polkka <--- the link is here
Always good to see someone enjoying good music ;)

White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button

The reason? It starts slow and builds up in complexity, with a continually changing tempo and even the beats change in speed.Good for catching people off guard who don't have the rhythm committed and complex enough.
Winger- Battle Stations

It's most triumphant, dudes! And the lyrics are perfect- "My guitar is my ammunition/Raise the flag, sound the mission bell" and "Six string shooter, hear it screaming/Slicing your head like a laser beam" "Pre-programmed morons
Computer sleaze". Face it- it's THE video game boss fight song.
Metallica's 1987 Cover-Version of "Last Caress/Green Hell", originally published by The Misfits

can't think of a song getting me in a better mood to kick some ass than that....
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I think this would work for this game:
Looking at the previous movie posted by HaaYaargh made me think about this song and how well it also fits the same scenes :P
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The ultimate song for every rhythmically-inclined, forward-thinking evil boss, hell bent on world domination, and what boss, however petty, parochial and pusillanimous, is anything but.;t=18
I'm afraid I'm too slow to play this game, but when I watched my friend fighting the boss to

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
I decided to get the game and try it. That was too funny.
Edit:wrong link
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It's obviously Micheal Jackson - Beat it.

There's no defeating the king of pop in a funky undead dance off to the death. It's also called Beat it, which is appropriate.

*Had to change the link to a different version.
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No doubt,Spooky Scary Skeletons.Nothings gives the feeling of creeping through a dungeon like the sound of rib cages being used as instruments.
BEWARE,link not recommended for those with heart problems
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Flux Pavilion - Scientist


Editing to explain the reasoning(s)... I was just going through old favourites of mine with either too slow or too bizarre beat structures for the game (in my opinion), but Scientist is an uplifiting, positive song. It might cheer people up... "The Age of the Scientist." - To do something awesome with science :) Like those Tesla Coils...
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When Gods War

Made by a very talented composer who excels at writing epic songs (good for the mood while playing) with fun rhythms (good for the gameplay).
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Perturbator - Perturbator's Theme -

Because it keeps you going.
Kevin MacLeod - Exit the Premises

This would fit perfectly in a rhythm game, especially since the underlining riff isn't as basic as a singular beat, constantly repeated. I view this as a very good rhythm for an immobile boss battle, where you need to come close, attack several times, and get out before the boss fixes on your position and starts attacking you.

In case people are wondering, you can legally download the song from Kevin MacLeod's official site.