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Got your own song for a beatin’ to the beat? Feel the rhythm, get free games!

The musically inclined Crypt of the Necrodancer is here, ready for you to get groovin’ to beat the baddies better with your awesome dance skills.

We want to make the DRM-free arrival even more special, and that's why we need your help with creating our unique Crypt of the NecroDancer playlist! Pick a tune that would rock some skeleton-socks off and submit it in this thread - later on, we'll take a community vote on the Top 10 awesomest tracks and reward the winners.

1. Pick a song you think would do well as the background for an in-game boss fight. If you're the musical type, it can even be your own song!
2. Post a comment with a link to the song and up to 50 words explaining why it’s the one before the deadline.
3. Win game codes!

Bonus challenge: got the game already? Record yourself playing with the song of your choosing to prove that it’s possible. It won't guarantee a win, but we'll throw in an extra bonus code if you make the Top 10!

You have 48 hours - that is until Saturday, August 15th, 1pm GMT to post your entries. We aim to pick winners from across the English, French, German, and Russian forums before the end of next week.

Get jiggy with it!
Just two more hours to vote and a draw between two songs to settle... Get on it, guys, gals & friends!
Oooo, I made the top ten! :)

Doesn't look like mine will win it, but oh well.
Listened to them all, but cotton eyed Joe has the right consistent beat to it! I am happy to see the majority of votes also cast for this.
I'm sooooo excited.... :)
Cotton Eye Joe - just makes me grin from ear to ear. Perfect.
Before this thread turns necrotic, may I ask if we dancers are already forgotten?
gixgox: Before this thread turns necrotic, may I ask if we dancers are already forgotten?
Nope, we're almost ready to name the winners worldwide. Just a little more patience is required:)
The results are in!

It was a very close battle - but with a mere 4% advantage over the rest, we've got our winners.

The top four songs (thanks to a third-place draw) to rock the boss's socks off in Crypt of the Necrodancer, according to forum users, are:

Cotton-Eyed Joe by Rednex (suggested by gixgox)

D is for Dangerous by the Arctic Monkeys (suggested by EtienneNavarre)

Zelda Meets Metal by 331Erock (suggested by Trevorscow)
Black Out End of World by Billx (suggested by onearmedgamer)

Keep your inboxes open, dear winners, for you'll be getting a special message with some special codes to reedeem. And everyone - make sure to add these to your Crypt of the Necrodancer playlists (along with the rest of your favorite songs to rock out to) !

Thanks for awesome participation, everybody!

And my thanks go to Joe, my granny, my nanny, my French teacher, my neighbour, Obama, Ricky, the Swedish king, my fellow GOGers, Theodor, Geralt of Rivia, and of course my good friend J who played the game to this tune.

Oh, not to forget: Thanks GOG for being phantasmagorial :)
Gratz gixgox !
Thank you GOG and a special thank to the Arctic Monkeys !

Merci pour vos votes !
Cheers !
Merci and gratz to you, Trevorscow and onearmedgamer too.
Congrats to all the winners!
I know the contest is over but I just looked at my library and I think 'kernkraft 400 - zombie nation' would work well if anyone is interested.