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Got your own song for a beatin’ to the beat? Feel the rhythm, get free games!

The musically inclined Crypt of the Necrodancer is here, ready for you to get groovin’ to beat the baddies better with your awesome dance skills.

We want to make the DRM-free arrival even more special, and that's why we need your help with creating our unique Crypt of the NecroDancer playlist! Pick a tune that would rock some skeleton-socks off and submit it in this thread - later on, we'll take a community vote on the Top 10 awesomest tracks and reward the winners.

1. Pick a song you think would do well as the background for an in-game boss fight. If you're the musical type, it can even be your own song!
2. Post a comment with a link to the song and up to 50 words explaining why it’s the one before the deadline.
3. Win game codes!

Bonus challenge: got the game already? Record yourself playing with the song of your choosing to prove that it’s possible. It won't guarantee a win, but we'll throw in an extra bonus code if you make the Top 10!

You have 48 hours - that is until Saturday, August 15th, 1pm GMT to post your entries. We aim to pick winners from across the English, French, German, and Russian forums before the end of next week.

Get jiggy with it!
If it Bleeds, we can kill it by Austrian Death Machine

Driving heavy music based on the line from Predator. The idea of the song is already basically a boss fight.
Heart to Heart from one of the OSTs for the Pretty Cure franchise.

Because it won't let me post any links at this moment, please add the "h t t p s://" in the front for a link.

Wild card entry. Pretty decent BGM or mellow boss music and probably no one else is going to make a similar entry of genre or locale.
I like the Japanese pop song 'Rinda Rinda' (also known as Linda Linda), a theme that it has already used in other music games like 'Ouendan' or 'Taiko no Tatsujin'. I'ts a very rythmic song and I'm sure that it will help to defeat a Big Boss Monster in the Crypt on Necrodancer. Be prepared!

I can't post a link at this moment (error), please add the "h t t p s://" in the front for a link:
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Hello everyone.

Here's my submission:

For Great Justice! - Secret Zombie Room (CLICK)

It fits the game's atmosphere and retro style, it's catchy, it has a sense of danger and urges you to think and react fast, and above all: since it isn't loud and it doesn't have lyrics, you don't get distracted about what's going on during the battle.

zazu49: The Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin']
I'll second that! Great tune!

As for my entry:
Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle with You

Another oldie but goodie... Would love for this game to be in my GOG Library. (DRM-Free of course!)

edit: corrected volume level
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This is part of one of those genius works that has an immediate feel of greatness. Its quality is what makes it nostalgic. Your slightly nodding head in rhythm while slashing monsters alone in the night is the achievement of immersion in the funky beat of the game.
Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson

is a perfect match for the game mechanics.

But if explicit lyrics aren't cool, then:



A. It's great.
B. The weird but hot necro-dancing in the video.
C. Worked for John Wick.


Light hearted, mellow, and while you're fighting a boss, the sheer absurdity of listening to a mellow indie blues rock track is guaranteed to make you smile.
I say Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
Because it's perfect for bustin' evil monsters' asses!
"Zelda Meets Metal" by 331Erock

Starts out as the Hyrule Field theme and then goes onto some Iron Maiden-esque stuff. It's driving, dramatic, and nostalgic-inducing.

(I just realized I haven't commented on anything on GOG before... Whoops. No links for me.)
I recommend the song Zombie Night by Dance With The Dead. The electronic genre matches the aesthetic of the Necrodancer soundtrack, and the strong repetitive beat makes this a great song for workouts or any rhythmic activity.

But the forum won't let me post a proper hyperlink.
This would probably make for a rather easy fight, but battling the final boss to this song would be amusing:
"Now You're a Hero" (from the Flash game "You Have to Burn the Rope")

Also, nice to see so many New Users coming out the woodwork. =) For those wondering, you need to gain a little bit of rep before you're allowed to post links.

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Battle - Dancing with the dead

This just seems perfect for a rhythm based game.Starts out slow but then gradually picks up the beat.
This may be a cop-out, but with Persona 4: Dancing All Night coming out soon, I'd like to make a case for a seemingly oft overlooked Persona 3 song... (word count in 5, 4, 3, 2--)

"Master of Shadow"

Described by a friend as "hacker music", it starts with heavy beats and rapid-fires into a mellow section, pulsating between the two. I can imagine deliberate steps and frantic attacks as the combatants pace each other out, a digital roller coaster of successive showdowns!
Triskilian - Vielfalt

I have listened to several songs while watching a Necrodancer video.
Suprisingly, this fits very well and the song and the game is someway a fun combination.