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Got your own song for a beatin’ to the beat? Feel the rhythm, get free games!

The musically inclined Crypt of the Necrodancer is here, ready for you to get groovin’ to beat the baddies better with your awesome dance skills.

We want to make the DRM-free arrival even more special, and that's why we need your help with creating our unique Crypt of the NecroDancer playlist! Pick a tune that would rock some skeleton-socks off and submit it in this thread - later on, we'll take a community vote on the Top 10 awesomest tracks and reward the winners.

1. Pick a song you think would do well as the background for an in-game boss fight. If you're the musical type, it can even be your own song!
2. Post a comment with a link to the song and up to 50 words explaining why it’s the one before the deadline.
3. Win game codes!

Bonus challenge: got the game already? Record yourself playing with the song of your choosing to prove that it’s possible. It won't guarantee a win, but we'll throw in an extra bonus code if you make the Top 10!

You have 48 hours - that is until Saturday, August 15th, 1pm GMT to post your entries. We aim to pick winners from across the English, French, German, and Russian forums before the end of next week.

Get jiggy with it!
I know this is a little shameless, but I think one of the boss tracks I've composed for an upcoming game would work really well for Crypt of the Necrodancer!

It's got a solid beat, it's sinister, and I think it exudes just enough bravado and energy for the game.
Surfin' Bird, by The Trashmen

Because the Bird is the Word
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Shovel Knight OST - La Danse Macabre (Lich Yard)

Why? First of all it suits the overall theme of COTND. Secondly, there's plenty of Shovelin' Time™ in both games.
Thirdly, Shovel Knight OST rocks it seriously... almost any song from it's playlist works well with Necrodancer.
I have you all with Beat It! Bwaahahahaaa! There's no escape! There's no possible way you can win!
My suggestion is Queen: Another One Bites the Dust:

As for the reasons, well the chorus speaks for itself:

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you, too
Another one bites the dust

It just fits the theme perfectly in my opinion. :)
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Erasure — Always

Why? Just becouse this song should be in everything.
My song of choice for this contest is Haddaway - What is love - disco anthem of the 90's., old but still gold. It fits perfectly with its age (90's = pixel graphics), simple but very clear beat and very catchy melody.

Original music video:

/end of contest post

PS. There are also soooo many different remixes of this song, that can be used by expert players (as sometimes they presents many rapid changes in beat of original song) standard example (this one starts slow) or more advanced example (this one mixes two different songs).
Queen - "Ogre Battle"

It's bombastic, varied and thematically apropriate. Also, it's Queen; you can hardly get more awesome than that.
Look no further than Carpenter Brut's Disco Zombi Italia.

The sinister intro of a coven-style chant barely prepares you for the bone-pulverizing retro synth beat that follows. It's evident the dancing undead succeeded once more in giving flesh to a greater evil you've gotta throw your moves against.


Thanks GOG for the fun occasion! :)
<span class="bold">Little V Mills - I'll Face Myself (Persona 4 "Epic Metal" Cover)</span>

Persona 4's "I'll Face Myself" is already one of the most amazing boss themes in a video game, but this amazing metal cover amps it up an extra notch. It's a catchy song that gets your blood pumping.
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Yuzo Koshiro - Go Straight Under Logic (PharaOm special gameover remix)


This is it... You've finally reached the final boss of Necrodancer and your hands are sweating after hours of struggling, now prepare to have your ass kicked and your ears having an orgasm as the music send you to the nirvana. It's 1992 all over again, baby.....
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The Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin']
The classic party song (at least, according to my Mom). I see a lot of people suggesting modern electric/dance music on here. Nothing wrong with that, but don't forget the classics!
I hope no one posted this one yet.

"Ghost" by Mystery Skulls /THNaO8pZ7c8

Probably the most funky beat to slay (or exorcise) countless of monsters on.
YYZ by Rush

Rush would make great battle music. This song is fast, frenetic, and technically complex. For even more challenge you could use a live version with one of Neil Peart's signature drum solos. Either way, good luck keeping up with this track.

It won't let me post the link, but it shouldn't be hard to find.
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Couldn't choose between Perturbator and Carpenter Brut, so going to have to go with both -> Perturbator - Complete Domination (feat. Carpenter Brut) [Can't seem to post a link, but you can find it on youtube]

Basically what do you want out of a boss fight? Half challenge, half glory, complete domination. And this song is all that.