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Got your own song for a beatin’ to the beat? Feel the rhythm, get free games!

The musically inclined Crypt of the Necrodancer is here, ready for you to get groovin’ to beat the baddies better with your awesome dance skills.

We want to make the DRM-free arrival even more special, and that's why we need your help with creating our unique Crypt of the NecroDancer playlist! Pick a tune that would rock some skeleton-socks off and submit it in this thread - later on, we'll take a community vote on the Top 10 awesomest tracks and reward the winners.

1. Pick a song you think would do well as the background for an in-game boss fight. If you're the musical type, it can even be your own song!
2. Post a comment with a link to the song and up to 50 words explaining why it’s the one before the deadline.
3. Win game codes!

Bonus challenge: got the game already? Record yourself playing with the song of your choosing to prove that it’s possible. It won't guarantee a win, but we'll throw in an extra bonus code if you make the Top 10!

You have 48 hours - that is until Saturday, August 15th, 1pm GMT to post your entries. We aim to pick winners from across the English, French, German, and Russian forums before the end of next week.

Get jiggy with it!
Ace of Spades by Motorhead

It's got a hard-driving tempo and a devil-may-care attitude that encourages you to leave it all on the line and go for it.
Short Bursts - We Were Promised Jetpacks

Immediately the song hits the ground running and does not stop until it's over. It maintains the beat throughout and is accompanied by killer vocals and hard hitting guitar riffs. Mix in the lyrical content, and you've got yourself a perfect boss theme!
Forest Funk - Meat Boy OST - Danny B.

Sticking with the Danny B. soundtrack theme.
You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees.

Why? How can you not dance when listening to this.
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Hot Damned from the Super Meat Boy OST.

A Danny B. work to boot; nice, fast-paced and frentic.
(won't let me put up the BandCamp link to his stuff, for some reason it's saying I'm a new forums user even tho I've used GOG for years, WTH)
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Thriller by Micheal Jackson

Thinking about several songs made me finally decide on Thriller by Micheal Jackson. There is a crazy beat, Vincent Price's voice, and Micheal Jackson's vocals to make a great combo to this game. Even when someone doesn't like the song, they enjoy dancing to it.

It was made in the '80s, but it is still great music for today. Playing a boss battle with Thriller will make a player sing along as they beat the shit out of the enemy.
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This simply because its gives the feeling you are fighting against a formidable opponent, that you work so hard to get to.
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This is the one for me.
Because : awesome song, catchy, good rythm, can't get out of your mind, the lyrics, and it's Duffman's song (and the clip is awesome too). Perfect for a boss-fight that you'll always remember. Ooooh yeah.
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I have to go with Eye of the Tiger.

After defeating a boss to this music, won't you feel as if you had taken the greatest challenge, specially if you had tried and failed a few times before.
Herbie Hancock - Chameleon

It's just you and your ride, her guns and your guts, chasing the ultimate big bad through the streets of San Francisco. It's 1973 and Herbie is jammin' through your soul while your bullets sow through the growing desperation in your nemesis' tight corners.
The song I chose is, Europa, by Globus.

I think is really good because it starts cool and slow, good for when you are analyzing your enemy's weaknesses and preparing your strategy, then it gets exciting, perfect while you are playing to the limit, dodging attacks and responding at the exact perfect points.
Shadow Of The Colossus OST - "Counter Attack" (# 21)

...because it's a piece of perfect boss fight music out of THE boss fight game!

(I don't wanna win anything, I only wanna share this GREAT music out of the GREATEST (non PC-)game containing the biggest bosses of all.)
Video Games - Ronnie Jones

Why: Because of the rhythm, the lyrics, and the disco theme. A perfect fit for the game.
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Schwarze Sonne by E Nomine

One of the best song from German band E Nomine. The song combine German voice with electric and techno elements plus Latin Chanting. Great song, great rhythm. Epic song for epic boss fight.
Protomen - light up the night

A song to really get the blood pumping, perfect for someone who's crawled through the dark, faced the evil lurking below and is now is ready to take on the final challenge with a smile and two simple words:

Bring it!