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Head to Kickstarter to support the sequel while downloading your FREE copy of CONSORTIUM

Did you feel that? The iDGi-1 satellite has just opened another rift in time and space. And during this fortunate disturbance, and Interdimensional Games Inc. joined forces and managed to secure a 48-hour time-pocket within which we can distribute as many FREE <span class="bold">CONSORTIUM: The Master Edition</span> copies as we like all over Earth! But this disturbance was triggered by another, equally interesting event: <span class="bold">CONSORTIUM: The Tower</span>, the sequel to the choice-driven sci-fi simulation, is on Kickstarter and you can help it become a reality with your support! So grab your free GOG copy before February 13, 1:59 PM GMT and then go for a tour through CONSORTIUM: The Tower. Or go at it the other way around. As within the games, the choice is entirely up to you.

The original CONSORTIUM was an innovative exercise in player agency through a procedurally-unfolding story. The experiment was a success and now Interdimensional Games Inc. hope to take it to the next level with CONSORTIUM: The Tower. This time, global peacekeeper Bishop Six finds himself in London, 2042, where a massive skyscraper has been taken over by terrorists while a snowstorm rages outside. Your job is to infiltrate the building, neutralize the perpetrators, and rescue the hostages in any way you see fit. Direct action, stealth, negotiation, sabotage - they are all viable options as the story will constantly change and adapt to your playstyle. The developers describe the experience as a blend between the original Deus-Ex and Die Hard. We'll hold them hostage to that promise!

Become a part of the CONSORTIUM for FREE and immerse yourself in this innovative blend of diverse gameplay mechanics and adaptable narrative. Once you have claimed your free copy of <span class="bold">CONSORTIUM: The Master Edition</span> you will need to wait a bit until the game gets added to your account. If you already own the game on you'll receive an email with a giftable code. The promo will end on February 13, 1:59 PM GMT.

The Kickstarter campaign for <span class="bold">CONSORTIUM: The Tower</span> ends February 20th.
If someone else missed the giveaway, I still have a copy. PM me.

EDIT: Gifted.
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